15 Simple Nail Art Designs for Lazy Girls – Step by step

To make your hands look well-groomed and beautiful, you don’t need to have special skills – just enough to have a desire and a little effort. And then those around you will notice the beauty of your nails.

1. Try using a mesh from the washcloth and a foam sponge in the design that will help create an interesting two-color effect on the nails.

2. But this chic design is actually very simple to perform.

3. This design looks amazing and gives the impression that it takes a lot of time to execute it, but it’s not.

How to do:

  1. Cover your nails with a one-color varnish. Dry it.
  2. Take contrast lacquer and, using dots of different sizes, randomly place dots on the nails.
  3. Cover your nails with top.

4. For DIY dots, just use a bobby pin.

5. As one of the design variants with dots, you can make a dotted line along the edge of the nail. It will be especially interesting to look if such lines are multi-colored.

6. Make this zigzag pattern using some tape and pinking shears

1. Cover the surface of the nails with a plain coat.

2. Take the scissors with the figured blade.

3. Cut a small piece of scotch.

4. On the dried nail, attach the scotch with a curly side to the cuticle, leaving a little space between the middle of the nail and the cuticle.

5. Paint the space with a contrasting color and allow to dry.

6. Gently tear off the tape and cover the nails with top. Manicure is ready!

7. Use scotch tape to create diagonal nail designs.

8. To create a “stone” design, you can use some crumpled up plastic.

How to do:

  1. Cover the nails with a plain coat.
  2. Crumble the cellophane bag.
  3. Put a golden lacquer on the protruding parts of the package.
  4. Print the package on the nails, leaving an interesting golden effect.
  5. Remove the varnish from the side rollers and skin.
  6. Cover with top. Manicure is ready!

9. Use reinforcement stickers to get a cool half-moon.

10. To create a gradient on the nails with sponge (via: Thenailasaurus)

1. Using the lightest of the two colours, paint your nails and wait for it to dry completely.

2. On the palette place next to 2 colors: the background color and the contrasting color of the varnish.

3. Using a wooden stick, mix the varnishes on the border with each other.

4. Take the foam and drop it directly onto the palette several times to get rid of the excess.

5. With light movements, lean foam rubber to the nail, trying to move up and down. Repeat several times for a brighter shade.

6. Cover your nails with top.

7. Remove any excess lacquer on the skin. Manicure is ready!

11. This polish changes when the temperature does, so you don’t have to do any of the fancy work.

12. But this design is made with a usual black permanent marker with a thin rod.

13. Bright natures can use instead of the usual gradient with varnish – decorative sequins that will make the nails unique.

14. Create a design, literally spraying the nail polish with a normal tube.

15. Correctly placed points can give nails an elegant and well-groomed appearance.

Hope you like these Simple Nail Art Designs!

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