Cool Science Crafts & Projects for Kids To Do at Home or at School

Science Crafts

We all know that some children develop a scientific streak at a very early age. We should always be helping these kids to unleash their potential and reach the desired platform they require to showcase their talent and knowledge. Such children grasp things faster than others and have a tendency to open and discover the insides of just every possible thing. So today we are going to discuss some of the scientific craft ideas so that we are able to satiate the wizkids around us. If your child is curious about science then just go through this list and choose the best for him/her. This way they learn the basic concepts of chemistry and physics at an early age and in an easy way.

19 Super Cool Science Experiments for Kids and Adults

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Just go through the various small tricks and experiments in the video, it is one of those which covers a wide variety of background. These tricks can be used as magic events at birthday parties or just do them for fun and satisfaction. This is even useful for study purpose as it covers chemistry equations, equilibria, rotation, magnetism and even moment of inertia. But you must be cautious that the experiments including hazards like fire and dry ice must be performed under parental guidance.

Kids Science Projects for Summer Science Crafts Project

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If you live at a place which is hot and humid. Then you require fans, ACs and coolers more often. Then let us make these summers fun for your child by making a table fan using some creativity and science. We use one jar lid and one bottle lid, glue gun, fan wings, battery holder, wires and a small motor. You can get to know how to put it together by referring to video. Hope you enjoy the project. This science project can also be used as a summer science project or science fair project.

Scientific Experiments on Paper Airplanes for Kids

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We all want our children to be curious and inquisitive about everything around them. So, I just sifted through the most common things of interest for children and the ways to make them more interesting and scientific. We all used to fly aeroplanes in our childhood and our children must even would love to make and fly the paper aeroplanes. So, we tried to make it more fun by experimenting with different weights and those even at different positions of the plane. You may refer to above video for further lookup.

How to Make A Electricity Generator at Home?

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Electricity is a vital part of our lives. So, why not just teach our kids how can electricity be generated. There are obviously many ways it can be generated. So we can take up few like generating electricity from mechanical work done. We can perform an activity using old CD’s, some wiring, a rubber band, some nuts, soldering iron, glue gun, bottle caps and wooden base. We will generate electricity by rotating the wheel created by using the CD’s. We even require a dynamo for the project. You can look up above video for further information. It requires parental observation especially while working with the soldering iron. We can easily teach our children the conversion of mechanical work to electricity in this manner and this is easy to understand as well.

Free Energy Light Bulbs using Potato

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We can even use potatoes to generate electricity. We require two potatoes, nuts, wires and a bulb. We can easily generate electricity from potatoes due to the presence of salts inside the potato. This can actually make the child aware of the energy present all around him/her. This can actually make them inquisitive to search for more of such energy sources. You can look up for further information at above video.

9 Awesome Life Hacks and Creative ideas

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We can compile some of the scientific crafts in a single video then this one should be the one. We hereby get to see a new way of making table fan using syringes. We also have a few other crafts. We even make a pincushion using a table tennis ball. We can even accomplish phone holders using various things like spinners and pencils or eraser and toothpicks. We can even make a catapult using a clothes line holder and the elasticity of the elastane. Using the soot of unburnt fuel can be used to clean your mobile phone as well.

Hope you enjoy going through and accomplishing these scientific crafts.

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