Pressed Flowers Art Ideas To Try at Home

We cannot always find fresh flowers so some of us might be in the habit of pressing and storing the flowers. This habit is a nice habit as it helps us to keep memories and it brings colour at times when there is none in the surroundings. So, it is good to develop such habits. Collecting pressed flowers can even become a hobby for some. So, let us start with learning how to press the flowers in the first place.

Flowers Art: How To Press Flowers in a Microwave

We can use a microwave oven as well to press the flowers in place of the traditional way. Let us know how to do it. All we need is some fresh flowers, some unprinted sheets, paper towel and most importantly a microwave oven. Now fold the paper sheet in half and size it according to the slab. Now place the flowers on top of it. Make sure that the petals are all spread out well. Try to keep the flowers as much separated as possible. Now moving on to the microwave, it is believed that a minute and half works well. You may have your oven specific settings. Now fold the sheet on top of it and then cover it with the paper towel. Now press it with your hands. Now keep this system upside down in the oven for a flat, smooth finish. To know the results and better understanding look up:

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Spring DIY: Pressed Flower Bookmark

Now let us make some pressed flowers bookmarks. Let us get started. It is something which can be used for oneself as well as one can gift the bookmarks to others. We require different coloured flowers, preferably they should not be too heavy. We also need coloured paper, tape, scissors, pens and pencils. First of all cut a piece of coloured paper as wide as the sharpie tape, and write a quote on it. Take a long length of tape and spread on the table, keeping the sticky side upside. Secure the tape in its place by putting a heavy thing on top of it. Now take your flowers and paste them on the tape upside down. Make sure there are no heavy flowers or the procedure won’t work. Arrange the flowers according to your wish. You can also use leaves to adorn your bookmark. Now paste the quote at the bottom of your design. Now take another long piece of tape and put it on the previous piece. This is the toughest part in the whole DIY so you need to be extra careful. After this step snip off the extra edges. For better understanding look up:

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Flowers Art: Pressed Flower DIY

Let us make a piece of art to brighten up any room. You need some flowers, tape, scissors, tissue paper and a floating frame. Collect your favourite flowers and sandwich them inside a book keeping tissue paper on both sides. After the flowers are pressed, just arrange them on the floating frame. Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, just use the double sided tape to secure the flowers. After securing the flowers close the frame. For better understanding about such a beautiful and evergreen DIY look up:

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How To Make a Pressed Flowers Vintage Card

Now let us make some vintage flower pressed cards. We require cardstock, glue stick, school glue, disposable brushes, ruler, tissue papers, paper cutter (if the cardstock is big in size) and most importantly pressed flowers. First of all decide on the size of the card and then fold it in half. Make fine crease. Now glue on the pressed flowers on the front side, it is solely choice about which one and how many you want to paste. Now cover the flowers with a tissue paper and then apply a school glue plus water mixture over it with the help of disposable brushes. Now you may write wishes inside the card. For better understanding look up:

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Easy Resin & Dried Flower Pendants

Now let us make some resin pendants. We need colourless epoxy resin for this DIY. Mix the two solutions in a mixing cup. Now take some moulds. After greasing the moulds pour the resin halfway upto the mould. Now place some small pressed flowers and leaves inside the moulds. Make them fully dipped inside. Now pour some more resin solution. Once the resin inside the moulds is dry just take it out. Buff the rough side with the help of a nail filer. So now you are ready to wear your pressed flower pendants. For better understanding of the DIY look up:

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Hope You enjoy working with the colourful flowers and shrubbery. This will surely provide you with colour at your blue moments as well. It is going to keep you cheered up whatever may be the season or the reason. So, our motto is to keep you all our readers happy and smiling. Have fun realising these DIYs.

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