Indian Independence Day Craft Ideas To Express Patriotism

Suddenly when the entire area around you is imbued with the shades of Orange, White and Green- it’s certain that either republic day or independence day is round the corner. The festivals marked by parades, speeches and most of all our tricolored national flag, gets along a zeal of patriotism with them and suddenly all the TV shows are about an independence day celebration and all the schools, colleges and other institutions start arranging  for special flag hoisting ceremonies and other activities related to the theme of patriotism. We see people singing our national anthem, children carrying small national flags made of plastics and some even show-offing their tricolored tattoos especially made for the occasion.

This independence day, celebrate the patriotic festival in a unique and crafty manner with these unambiguous things that can be made easily at home in no time.

1. DIY Independence Day Foam Flag

If you are in a mood to decorate your walls with a beautiful foam flag, check out this video that depicts how to create one just by using white and blue clay, foam sheets, glue and a thread. Take out a template design of a flag and draw and cut out the orange and green colored foam sheets as per the template design. Make a flat disc of the white clay by pressing it with your palms to make the base of the ashoka chakra and use the blue colored clay to make the spokes of the chakra. Border the white disk with a thin coil of the blue clay and arrange the spokes to complete the chakra. Now, arrange the foam sheets as per template design and place the ashoka chakra in the centre using a glue. Pierce a hole on the top part of the orange foam and tie a string for it to be dangled and your independence day foam flag dangler is ready.

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2. Tricolor Badge – Indian Independence Day Craft Ideas

The most decent and the most basic craft to celebrate independence day is the tricolor badge. It can be used by people from all ages of life, be it a child or an adult in all kinds of celebrations whether happening at the school, institutional, corporate or national level. Rather than buying these badges from markets at a high cost, you can make them easily in a short span of time with basic materials like tricolored paper strips, glue, white circles and other stationary materials.

Paste the three strips one over another, leaving a little width of the previous strip in equal measures, making a tricolor band. Now, make a mark at a distance of 1 cms and fold the strips inwards and outwards just like we do while making a paper fan. Stick both the ends of the band and push it down from upwards creating a circle. Glue all the ends together in the middle of the circle thus formed and paste small white colored circles with the ashoka chakra drawn on both the sides. Attach a safety pin on the backside and three ribbons on the bottom completing the badge. Follow this video:

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3. Tricolor 3D quilling flower

Quilling is an art that very few of us know but most of us admire pieces made out of quilling. Initially its a bit difficult to get, but once you get your hands skilled in it, its an addictive art that yields in beautiful and intricate designs. From flowers to jewellery, you can create almost anything and everything with quilling . So, this independence day, try your hands at quilling and gift yourselves a new skill set if you still haven’t. You would require a quilling kit for the same that includes quilling paper and board, slotted tool, scissor and fevicol. Watch this video for the complete process and remember “Practice makes a man perfect” –

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4. Tricolor accessories – Indian Independence Day Craft Ideas

All the fashion freaks out there for whom dressing according to the theme and occasion is a must, we have ideas for easy to make accessories that will be best suited for your independence day celebration.

From rings to hair pins to bangles, you can make almost anything that suits your mood and outfit that too too without any hassle.

For making tricolor bangles, simply take a bangle of your size and wrap it in tricolored ribbons. Now glue over it some readymade stones and your beautiful bangle is ready to be worn. Similarly for making a ring, just draw a small flag on a white sheet of paper and pour over some transparent glue over it making a glue bubble. Let it dry and then cut it out. Then, using the same glue, draw a thick strip of it on a metal scale, let it dry and then unscramble it from the scale softly and carefully. Measure and cut it according to your finger size and paste the ends together. Stick on the flag on it and your ring is read! Refer to this video for the detailed process:

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5. Tricolor floating boat

A beautiful craft that you can either use as decorative item or as a model too. All you need is just rectangular tricolored paper strips, a piece of thermocol, toothpicks, thin wooden sticks, scissors, plastic cap of a bottle and a marker. Amongst the three strips, green should be the broadest followed by white and orange. Using a toothpick, prick two holes on both the ends and at the same points of in all the three strips and using the bottle cap, make a circle in the centre of the white strip depicting ashoka chakra. Now use a thin wooden stick and get it amidst the holes of all the strips just like sliding a shoelace and prick the stick onto the thermocol piece. Watch this video to get a fair idea of how to do it and your beautiful floating boat will be ready.

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6. Handmade card – Indian Independence Day Craft Ideas

Whatever be the celebration, whatever be the occasion, nothing is better than a handmade gift. It is often believed that greeting cards are a perfect medium to convey our feelings and wishes. So why not celebrate independence day with a beautiful handmade greeting card? For all those who like to keep it simple yet effective, we have this video right here depicting some easy steps to create a sweet and simple independence day greeting card with an adorable design :

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7. Tricolor Bird – Indian Independence Day Craft Ideas

What can be a better craft for independence day celebration than making a bird? A perfect ideal for freedom and an apt symbolism of independence, create an astounding tricolor bird in a few easy steps.

Get a cut out of a bird’s body on a white sheet. Cut out four feathers of orange, green and white colors, two for each side, and carve small cuts on its outer side for giving a nice effect. Paste the feathers in the tricolor sequence. Cut out small pieces of white sheets with similar cuts on the end and paste them in the abdomen region to complete the bird’s body. Make the bird’s peak and eyes using paper and marker and your bird is ready to fly !

Have a look at this video to watch the entire bird making process :

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8. Easy Indian Independence Day Craft Ideas

To sum it up all, if you are looking for some typical and easy DIY crafts related to independence day, this video here has three of the most easy to make crafts viz. a tricolor badge, a tricolor badge placard and a flag from a straw.

The steps for making the badge and the badge placard are quite similar and common. The unique craft that this video holds is teaching to make a flag with just a straw and tricolour paper strips. Isn’t it wonderful to think that in just a few easy steps, such beautiful crafts can be made. Refer to this video to know how to make these 3DIY easy and simple independence day crafts :

Whenever independence day or republic day approaches, you don’t have to struggle for ideas and crafts so as to celebrate the occasion. We have it all here for you- a gamut of some easy, simple, beautiful and cost efficient DIY independence day crafts videos to choose from.

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