Papercard Ideas For Every Occasion

It may be any occasion, a paper card greeting can deliver your feelings  very clearly. From kids to adults in case of a festival or a celebration look out for a best card they can present to their loved ones . We plan to make a great greeting card for are loved ones according to our imagination but due to lack of time or some other reason we end up in a gift shop looking for the card we imagined. On the other hand the enthusiastic  spirit of kids always thrives to make something creative and surprise them. The pleasure we get when we make it on our own is out of words . So here are a few ways of making different types of paper cards quickly and easily.

1. Simple greeting card – Papercard Ideas

Here is the first greeting card that is very easy to make and present with a sweet message inside. Let us see how to make it. Take a colour paper and draw a square at the centre of the paper of side about 10 to 15cm using a scale and pencil. Using a compass draw semicircles on the sides of the square such that the diameter of semicircle is equal to the side of the square.  Now cut along the boundaries of the shape that is along the circumferences of the semicircle along all the four sides.  By cutting a patterned paper of the same dimensions as that of the card paste this on the outer part.

Next step is bend along the sides of the base square such that the semicircles will overlap at the centre of square. Open the greeting card and place a square piece of colour paper on which a message is written. Using a ribbon close the card and there it is ready to present.

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2. Happy birthday cards – Papercard Ideas

I think birthday cards are the  most popular greeting cards and the only greeting cards we tried most to present to our friends and relatives.  To bring the spirit of celebration into our cards it has to be colourful enough. There are simple ways to make these. Initially take some colour papers and cut these into small balloon shapes and triangles. We also need some threads too. Using either a stencil or stickers print “HAPPY BIRTHDAY “in the front cover at the middle of the page. Now above the words on the front cover place randomly the balloon shaped papers to give a natural effect.  After attaching the balloons connect threads from each balloon tat join at the bottom corner of the page.

These cards can also be made as popup cards. Take a suitable colour thread and attach the colourful triangles in line and make 2 to 3 rows of these. Connect one side of each row on one side of greeting card on the inner side and the other end on the adjacent side. Write the letters on each triangle.  Decorate the edges of the card with a broad border of pattern paper that highlights the card.

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3. Popup card – Papercard Ideas

Popup cards are the ones which surprise the receiver. We generally seem to be very complicated to make bur they are quite simple. Let us see how to make a simple flowers popup card. First, let’s make the flowers. For this initially fold the square paper diagonally to form a triangle and then fold into half vertically so that a smaller triangle is formed. Repeat the process once more so that it is made into a small triangle. Now the triangle has a closed end and open end part. Cut a curve on the open end part that resembles a petal of the flower. When we unfold the paper we get an 8 petal flower. Isn’t it easy! Make 7 more flowers using the same colour or a contrast coloured paper. Decorate the flowers as per your taste. Cut a single petal and stick the petals adjacent to the removed petal such that they overlap each other. Repeat the same all the other petals.

Now the final and crucial step of a popup card the assembly of these flowers. Fold all the flowers flat such that 3 petals are present on each side. Take a petal and mark on the extreme petals of one side. Using glue overlap the petal of another flower on one extreme pointed flower .Make sure that you glue only the top section but not the whole petal. Repeat the same on the other side also. Now to place the centre flower of the popup card, mark points on the middle three petals of the resultant flower. Take the flower which you wish to place as middle one and stick on the middle section where we marked. For the next 2 flowers mark point on the 2 petals leaving one on both sides of the open gap. Stick the flowers as usual such that the gap remains constant. For the final flower repeat the procedure of the middle flower which we stuck at the middle section. Next attach this to the paper card that is folded into half by sticking the central petal of both the sides of the flower on both sides of the card and let it dry. As we open the card now we get a beautiful flower popup card.

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4. Spinner card – Papercard Ideas

These cards are quite amazing. The things you need are a uniformly patterned paper, a compass, scissors, pencil, glue, sketches and a thin metallic thread o r fishing thread. First step is we have to create a spinner. Create two identical figures like a heart or a teddy as per your choice. Now placing the metallic thread in between the two figures exactly at middle and glue them such that they look the same when we flip around. Take the patterned pater and fold it into half. Again fold the front cover of the paper card vertically. Now take a compass and draw a semicircle on the folded front cover in the upper middle section of diameter about 6 cm and cut the semicircle. If you open this part we get a complete circle.

Take the metallic thread to which the spinner is placed and attach this at the folded corner of the front part so that the spinner lies inside the circle and cut the excess thread. After folding the front part you can write a message along the circumference of the circle on the right side. Before placing the card inside the envelope close the front part into half and ensure that you twist the wire so that when the receiver open the card the figure spins and give an excellent effect.

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5. Shaker cards – Papercard Ideas

This is the easiest and fun card to make. All we need are some stars or beads for the shaker, a transparent plastic sheet, glue, scissors, double sided tape and a thick paper suitable for the paper card. Let us see how to make a simple shaker card. Take the paper card and cut a square of side about 8cm such that a frame is present around the cut part. Now cut the transparent plastic sheet of dimensions slightly greater then the square and stick on the card. Cut the double sided tape into thin strips and place them around the square on all the four sides one over the other so that a vaccum is created. Place the stars or beads inside this space. Take another paper that is folded into half which make the main paper card greeting and stick the previously made shaker onto front portion. We have to ensure that the dimensions of the previously card paper is same as the front part of the greeting card. We can write message inside a card and it is ready.

Therefore, we can conclude that a paper card doesn’t mean a simple rectangle piece of paper , also there are many more ways through which we can make a better card rather than buying. Not only kids but these ideas also inspire teenagers and adults to make these cards.

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