Independence Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Independence day is just round the corner. Better get geared for the preparations in advance. Let us try getting hold of some Independence Day related art and craft ideas. We all know Independence was won by our country by sacrificing many men, women and great leaders. We should remember them and thank them for their great gift to the future generations. We must be thankful to their grit and their attitude of never settling for less. Let us get started.

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3D Wall Decoration Paper Craft Idea for Independence Day

Let us make the tricolour, a brooch and a spiral wind fan in tricolour. We require coloured sheets in the shade of the tricolour, two ice-cream sticks, blue Styrofoam sheet and glue. Now start folding the sheets in zig-zag manner. Once you have folded all the three sheets in the aforementioned manner, start pasting them together. First of all join the orange sheet at half, then glue the white sheet with the ends of the orange sheet at the end join the green folded sheet as well. Now stick the ice-cream sticks to the end of the green sheet. Cut a circle out of the blue Styrofoam sheet and paste it at the center of the formation using the glue gun. Your tricolour fan is ready. Now let us make a brooch for Independence Day. First of all cut one inch wide strips from each colour. Now fold them in a zig-zag manner. Now join these strips at the breadth side. Now curve them in a circular fashion. Provide support at the back using a circular sheet of paper. Add blue Styrofoam sheet at the front. Now add a safety pin at the back. Add tricolour ribbons at the back to adorn the brooch. For better understanding and an idea for tricolour flag making process look up:

Let us make a beautiful badge on the occasion of Independence Day. First of all cut 2.5×2.5cm square pieces from each colour of the tricolour. Now make cones from these squares, secure the cones with the help of glue. Make 6 green, 4 white and 6 orange petals. Now take a circular base and make a centre line on it. Now apply glue on the circular base and paste the four white cones two on each side of the circle and the middle line should pass from the middle of the two cones. Now paste the six orange cones on one side and the six green cones on the other. Now cut a circular piece of white paper and make twenty-four spokes on it. Now paste the circular piece on top, secure it with the help of glue gun. Take a strip of each colour of the tricolour and cut a triangular piece at the base of the strips. Now paste these strips at the back. Secure a safety pin at the back. For better understanding look up:

Let us make a tricolour windmill. Take coloured sheets of the required colour, glue, scissors, pencil and wire. Now cut four triangles out f the sheets, by folding along the diagonals. We are going to use three triangles of each colour. Now start pasting these triangles with each other with alternative sides of the triangles. Keep in mind the tricolour colour scheme. Now cut three dark blue circles. First of all paste one circle at the base. Start folding the triangles towards the inside. Once done paste another blue circle on top. Paste third blue circle at the back. Now pass the wire through the circular portion. Cut off the excessive wire. Tie the stick with the wire. You get a beautiful and sturdy windmill to don at this Independence Day. For better understanding look up:

We will now make a peace bird with tricolour background. Take a white sheet and fold it in half twice and cut it along one line. Now take the half sheet and keep it folded and draw the half body of the dove. Now cut the outline and open the fold. Now take the orange sheet and cut out two orange feather shapes. Now cut along the edges and give the feather shape a feathery touch. Now make such feathers from the white and green sheets. Now paste these feathers at the front of the bird. Now cut small white feathers from white sheet and cover the body of the dove with them. Now make eyes for the dove. Take a triangular piece of white sheet and use a marker to blacken it. This black triangle becomes the beak of the bird. You can use this dove individually or even paste it on other pieces, like a shopping bag or a chart paper. For better understanding of this peace bird DIY look up:

We all have the responsibility of taking this legacy of the nation forward. We all must put in our efforts to make the nation great. Work for the welfare of the nation and for oneself as well.

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