Wall Hanging Craft Ideas using Woolen

Everyone likes beautiful wall hangings in their rooms and everywhere else in the house.  We all love to adorn our houses with beautiful objects. What if we made our own beauty pieces. It would be fabulous right, like making masterpieces for our own home sweet home. The home gets personalized this way. We can mould our home’s design and adornment in any manner this way. So it gives us a double advantage. So let us get on the work to make some wool wall hangings and chandeliers.

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First of all we are going to use an old plastic bottle and  different bright coloured wool to make a beautiful wall hanging. First of all cut off the neck and base of the plastic. Now slice circles from the plane plastic circles. Now fold these thin circles in half and then bend the one end backwards to make a heart shaped plastic shell. Once you have moulded the circles to the heart shape, secure one end of the wool to the plastic heart shape and then start winding the wool thread on it. Do not leave any loose spaces. Keep on winding until you reach the same point again. Use glue gun to secure the thread in place. Make as many such shapes and cover them with coloured woolen thread. Now attach these wool clad shapes together using the glue gun. Make pom poms using the wool,  now stick the pom poms at the base of the heart shape. Now string the wall hanging at the top. You are ready to go with your wall hanging as the centerpiece at your house. Look up the provided link for better understanding:

Now let us make a dream catcher using a hoop and woolen thread. First of all take the hoop and cover it in a dark coloured thread. Start by knotting it at one place, you can use a glue gun to secure it in one place. Now wound the thread around the hoop. Do not leave gaps in between. Now use a light coloured thread and start knotting from one point. Loop it in a manner taking the ball of thread come out of the loop every time you loop it. Keep on looping until you reach the center of the hoop. Knot the thread at the end and cut off the excess thread. Secure it with glue gun. Now you can beautify it with pearls. Use pearls at the center and also at other knots as well. Now attach threads to the base of the hoop and thread in some pearls, you can paste the feathers at the end of the thread. For better understanding look up:

Make a circle of 10cm diameter on a cardboard sheet. Then make a circle with 7.5cm using the same center. Now cut along both the markings. Using the same technique cut two more cardboard circles. Now take two different coloured woolen threads. Wound the threads alternatively on the circles. Like we used the red and black coloured threads, so we did the first circle in black and the second in red and then the smallest one again in black. Now let us make pom poms of both the colours. You can use either of the two methods. You can wound some thread on your hand and then tie it in the middle and then cut its ends. Or you can tie a long spool on the legs of the chair and tie at multiple places and then cut it. Paste the pom poms in an alternating fashion in a curve on the circles tied together. For better understanding look up:

First of all mark a circle of 10 cm and using the same center mark a circle of 7.5 cm. using the same technique cut two smaller circles. Now wound woolen thread around these circles. Secure the thread well and do not leave any gaps in between. Now take cardboard circles, and cover them in coloured sheet. Now paste these circles at the back of the woolen wound circles. Now draw some eyelets on white paper and cover them in white woolen thread. Now cut these eyelets. Take the ends of the cotton swabs and make the inner bulb for the flower by sticking them together. Now paste this bulb near the edge of the inner circle. Now paste the eyelets around the bulb. Join the three circles using the thick thread. Secure it with the glue gun. Now thread in some small balls or beads in the thread. Now hang some beads at the base of the hanging. Now this wall hanging is ready to be hung and adorn your room walls. For better understanding of the DIY look up:

I hope you enjoy this DIY segment.

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