25+ Patriotic Fourth of July Party Ideas to Celebrate America

If you’re looking for ideas & inspiration to celebrate American Independence Day, then try our selected collection of Patriotic Fourth of July Party Ideas.

We all have that patriotic streak inside us and want that flare to rise up and up. As the 4th of July nears we all start thinking about the greatness of our nation and the great history we share. It is a good time to make our kids understand the importance of our rich heritage and culture combined with the new art and craft ideas. It becomes easier to teach children with a splash of colour. So, here we go on a joy ride of beautiful crafties viable for 4th July parties.

25+ Patriotic 4th July Party Ideas

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1. The colourful paper flowers

Image source / Tutorial: Live, Laugh, Rowe

This is a very simple patriotic flower making DIY. First of all collect some colourful paper and cut them in different sizes of circles. Now glue the smaller ones on the bigger ones. This gives a layered structure to them. Do not add more than 3 layers to the flower base. Now cut in four perpendicular directions upto the edge of the innermost circle. Now fold the portions in alternative manner. This forms the petals of the flower. Now using washi tape, stick on the holding stick to the back of the flower. Make lots of such patriotic flowers to make a complete vase.

2. The flag cake

Image source / Tutorial: Glorious Treats

This is a very interesting addition to your 4th July party. This cake will be a total surprise for your guests. Look up the link provided to get more info on this cake making technique.

3. Fourth of July Patriotic Medallion

Image source / Tutorial: I Heart Nap Time

This is a very simple DIY and very suitable for 4th July parties. You can easily get coloured printouts of such designer pieces. They can be easily assembled and threaded together to make beautiful crafties.

4. Party patriotic flower pots

Image source / Tutorial: Mom 4 Real

These are a great addition to the environment as well as to a party decòr. We are going to use some old tin cans. Now paint the cans in patriotic colours, stripes and stars. After the cans are dried, put in soil in them and plant your favourite plants. You can even use the tin cans as vases for flowers. They will be a great patriotic addition to your party decòr.

5. Party cushions

Image source / Tutorial: Kathy’s Cottage

You can get yourself big party worthy cushions or make some of your own as well. You colour coordinate the cushions in the flags colours, stripes and stars. This would truly show your patriotic side. Happy Freedom.

6. Outdoor patriotic tassels

Image source / Tutorial: Scrap Shoppe Blog

If you are holding the party in the outdoors with all that barbecue. You can surely go in for these tassels. Get yourself a thin rope. Now get ribbons in white, red and blue colour. Make tassels out of the ribbons taken three in a group. Now secure these tassels in place by tying them up at their own place. This makes for a great party addition.

7. Vintage table decorations

Image source / Tutorial: Lia Griffith

These are the ideas one can vouch for an outdoor party. These ideas include napkins, poppers, plates etc with the matching colour theme. You can also shape the food in stars. Serving the food items which can be given the desired shape or conform with the colours of freedom are welcome. You can also hang buntings in red, blue and white colour.

8. Ice cream sticks flag

Image source / Tutorial: A pumpkin and a princess

You can easily make these flags. They also make a good play mate in the party for the kids. You can even take the help of your kids to make it. Collect some ice cream sticks and start forming a flag shape. Make the American flag on the flag on the flag portion and decorate the holding stick with stickers in red, blue and white colour.

9. Party decòr ideas

Image source / Tutorial: Golden Sycamore

You can inculcate the smallest of the things in the home decòr for a party. Using the slates or black boards to write messages for the freedom and the bravery. You can use small flags to show your patriotism.

10. American Flag

Image source / Tutorial: Where the Smiles Have Been

You can get a stencil for America and then take out some bake clay. Roll the bake clay and flatten it. Now place the stencil on the flat clay. Cut off the excessive clay. Bake the clay shape. Now paint the clay map in red and white broad stripes. Write any quote or the country name on top of the painted map.

11. Jar covers

Image source / Tutorial: Sadie Seasongoods

We all need those jar cover and bowl cover to cover the food kept in the open. We can easily sew them. It will be better if we sew them in colour coordination with the theme. You need to cut the cover in circular shape, a bit larger than the rim of the bowl. Now add elastic to the base of the cloth and measure the elastic according to the size of the rim.

12. Patriotic ruffles

Image source / Tutorial: Anders Ruff

Cut rectangular pieces of red, blue and white cloth. Cut the strips thin and of the optimum size. Now thread these strips in continuation one after the other. This forms the ruffles in the thread. You can add fairy lights to these ruffles to make it more beautiful.

13. Patriotic buntings

Image source / Tutorial: Chic California

Get a thin rope. Now cut shapes to be put up on the bunting. Make the doubles for the buntings and stick them onto the rope across and stick them together. This way you get a beautiful bunting to be put up anywhere in the party house.

14. Firework “ROCKET” Prop

Image source / Tutorial: Spark and Chemistry

This is a very easy DIY. Your kids can actively take part in this DIY. All you need is old toilet paper roll, craft paper, wooden dowels and some thin rope. Now paint the toilet roll and the paper. Now make a cone out of the coloured paper and glue it onto the top of the toilet paper roll. Stick the wooden dowel at the side of the toilet paper roll. Now tie a piece of rope across the toilet paper roll.

15. Patriotic cushions

Image source / Tutorial: Simply Kierste

You can buy such cushions or make some on your own. You can look up the provided link for further info.

16. Patriotic photo booth

Image source / Tutorial: I Heart Naptime

You can also devise a patriotic photo booth for the occasion. You can use wooden dowels for holding the masks. You can make all sorts of masks. You can make flags, soda bottles, beards etc. Just have fun with the patriotic photo booth. Look up the provided link for more information.

17. Patriotism filled cookies

Image source / Tutorial: I Heart Nap Time

The first step which goes into these cookies is lots of love for one’s country. First of all bake the cookies. Now use two different coloured cookie creams to fill in the cookies. This will be a true eye catcher for the event.

18. Patriotic bourbons

Image source / Tutorial: Freutcake

You can easily make the bourbons look patriotic easily. When your bourbons are made, keep the filling broad. Now get red, blue and white sprinklers. Cover the cream with the sprinklers. It will get all the 4th July feels and will sing the anthem with you.

19. Patriotic lanterns

Image source / Tutorial: Made with Happy

These lanterns are easy to make and give all the right patriotic feels. First of all get a big rectangular sheet of paper. Now fold it in half and cut it till some length. Then open the sheet and curl the whole rectangle into a cylinder. It will become a lantern. Add frills at the bottom of the lantern to beautify it. You can choose the right colours to give it the patriotic touch.

20. Marbled patriotism

Image source / Tutorial: Rhapsody in Rooms

You can marble various items in red, blue and white colour. First of all fetch all that is white and you wish to marble. Now take a trough and fill some water in it. Now pour red, blue and white nail polish in it. Spread the nail paints with an old pen or wooden stick. Now marble the stuff by dipping it in the solution.

21. Colourful mason jars

Image source / Tutorial: crafty morning

You can beautifully colour the mason jars to show your patriotism. Choose different patterns like stripes and stars with blue and red base. You can use these mason jars to store cutlery, pens, etc.

22. Patriotic pin wheels

Image source / Tutorial: Between Naps on the Porch

You can easily make pinwheels in the American flag colours. Either you can choose to make one out of solid colours of the flag or make it out of patterned paper. You can look for red striped paper and blur paper with stars. Now make the pin wheel with alternating folds of each.

23. Fourth of July Party Quilt

Image source / Tutorial: Cluck Cluck Sew

This is an easy sew project. It has all the colours of patriotism and would look so beautiful on your bed. You can add this to your list of 4th July decòr.

24. Star buntings

Image source / Tutorial: Hawthorne and Main

This 3D star-gala is a true winner. just cut stars out of hard coloured paper. Fold them as instructed in the link given. Punch the two sides of the top fold. Now thread the baker’s twine through the punch holes.

25. Traditional wall hanging

Image source / Tutorial: The House That Lars Built

This wall hanging exuberates the right feelings at the right moment. You can buy it or make it at home. Just look up the given link to get an insight of this DIY.

26. Table frames

Image source / Tutorial: Eighteen25

These are beautiful patriotic frames. Design your base with beautiful stars and then mark the ‘U’ ‘S’ and ‘A’ on the sheet. Fill these letters with glitter. Now get these letters framed together or in different frames. They will become the ice breakers for any party.

Hope you liked this beautiful curation of artworks worthy of 4th July party decòr. We hope to come up with more such content. Give us your valuable feedback in the comments section below. Let us know if you like more such content. You can also check out other related topics at K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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