Innovative Ideas To Recycle Old Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth twice a day is very important. One must follow this advice like a ritual. Brushing is very important for your teeth, they need the cleaning as much as your body requires it. So one must take care of the teeth in best possible way. We have diets which include high sugar content which makes our teeth vulnerable to decay and cavities, proper brushing ensures that our teeth are in good condition. We know we need a toothbrush if we want to brush our teeth but the toothbrush we use must be changed every three months. What do we do with our old toothbrush? Simply throw it away, don’t we? What if we knew novel ways to reuse our old toothbrushes.

Best Out Of Waste Toothbrush Craft Ideas

First of all take an old brush and trim its bristles with the help of scissors. Now use a sand paper to prim the bristles out. Now cover the whole brush from top to bottom with the help of jute rope. Use glue gun to secure the rope wherever necessary. Once you have a covered three or four old toothbrushes with jute start with two lengths of jute rope. Tie the ropes on top. Then start looping in the toothbrush at both ends. Secure it with a knot and glue gun. Now you can use this DIY using old toothbrushes to hang your hand towels or small clothes. For better understanding look up:

How To Paint With Toothbrush

We do not always require paint brushes to paint when we wish to. Let us paint using the old toothbrushes. First of all pour some paint on the canvass. Then spread it with the help of the toothbrush’s backside. Once you feel it has enough waves, you can let it dry kept in a tilted form with a wall. After some excess has dripped off and the paint seems to be a bit drier, dip the bristles of the brush in a lighter paint and spread the paint on the canvass. Keep on lightning the shades reaching the white. For better understanding of the galactic painting look up:

How To Recycle Old Toothbrush

We are going to use three old brushes and an old bottle of churan or any old bottle which can be reused. Now take off the bristles of the brush. Cover the brush with a designer lace. Use glue gun to secure the lace in its place. Make three holes in the bottle at the same level. Now cover the bottle with lace leaving the holes open. Cover the neck of the bottle with lace as well. Now cover the three holes with glue gun and fix the brushes in place. You can use the opening of the bottle as a vase and the brushes as the bangle holders. For better understanding of this beautiful old brush bangle holder look up:

5 Ways To Recycle Old Toothbrush

You can even use your old brush to enhance your beauty. If you have got cracked lips use the bristles of the brush, massaging your lips gently. This will exfoliate your lips and make them feel better and softer. You can use the brush to even out your messy eyebrows. If you are heading out and cannot find your comb, use the old toothbrush instead. You can easily back comb with the brush. You can tame the unruly hair by spraying hair spray on the toothbrush and then combing the hair I place. You can even use your old brush to clean your dirty shoes. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to your shoes to clean them. For better understanding look up:

Ideas To Recycle Old Toothbrush

We need three old toothbrushes, a lighter, black tape, colourful tape and scissors for this DIY. First of all cut the bristles off the toothbrush. Now use the flame of the lighter on the neck of a toothbrush. Start bending it, be careful while working with flame. Do not a child handle the flame. Then join the other two brushes together at their head. Use black tape to cover the two brushes and join them together. Now fix the third brush in the middle of the set-up from the other side of the bend, using the black tape. Once all of it is covered in  black tape, start covering the two brushes in line with a colourful tape. You can choose the colour of your choice to decorate this DIY clothes’ hanger. You can use this hanger to hang your clothes out to dry when you run out of space or clothesline. For better understanding of this old toothbrush DIY look up:

I hope you enjoyed working on these DIY projects. They are fun and you get to see your waste being utilised. So, this is a double bonanza. I wish you are able to realise them all and have fun with your children.

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