Make Your Sports Day Special With These Easy Crafts

Sports are very important in our life. It is rightly said that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body. One must inculcate sports as a habit in their life. It keeps the body fit and mind sharp. Health is wealth, we all know but how to maintain that wealth. We need to ingrain this importance of sports in the lives of one and all so that they are able to maintain their health. This importantly is really necessary for the students. We celebrate Sports Day every year on August 29 to mark the importance of sports in the life of an individual. It is our duty to spread the awareness about the cause of celebration of sorts day. We can surely use art for the purpose.

Cartoon Stick Figure – SPORT

Let us start with having fun with the word ‘sport’. Start by writing the word ‘sport’ with appropriate spacing on a white sheet. Now make a face and hands for the letter ‘s’. Hand him the hockey stick. Moving on to the letter ‘p’. Use the letter ‘p’ as the face and the body of the batsman in cricket. Use the letter ‘o’ as the face of a body builder. Transform the letter ‘r’ into a tennis player. Change the letter ‘t’ into an archer with an arched bow ready for the target. The video is easy to understand and interesting to watch the transformation of the letters into sports symbols.

Football Playground Drawing For Kids

Let us make a football scenery. We will be using pencil colours in this drawing but you can choose any other medium you like.  We will draw the football goal first of all. Use a ruler to draw the lines to scale. Now start drawing a few children. Be cautious with the body proportions of the players. Draw them wearing proper sports kit. Draw a football near one of the players foot. Draw a goal keeper. This is a very important step. The goalkeeper must be in the saving position. Now colour the whole scene. You can choose two different types of clothes for the players, showing two different teams. Once you colour the football scene your sports day drawing is ready. To get a better understanding of the sports day scene look up:

Easy DIY Sports Crafts For Kids

We can design the summer sap with sports word or their favourite game on top of it. We can design creative medal designs. We can use colourful sponge to design medals or the caps. We can use origami to make an Olympic sign. This can be put up on the notice board or can be used as a decorative piece in the class or home for the day. We can even go for designing various balls we play with. This will be an informative activity for the kids. Different coloured sheets can be used for the purpose. We can make trophies or design Styrofoam cups in the sports colours. For more ideas look-up:

Sport Day Special Paper Card

We can even make a thankful or invitation card for the sports day. We can use bright coloured sheets in this DIY. First of all fold the sheet lengthwise. Now make a rectangular cut in the middle of the fold. Press this fold along the lines on the outside, then open the sheet and press the fold on the inside, making a rectangular projection on the inside. Repeat this procedure with more sheets. You can even have two rectangles cut, one longer and one shorter. This way we will be able to fit in two pop-ups. Now take some sports pictures and paste them to the rectangular projection on the opening side. Now when you open the card you see this picture facing you. Paste more pictures around it. Now stick more such folded sheets together, adjacent to each other. This will ensure continuation of the card. Now use another sheet, which was not cut and place all the cards inside it. Paste this sheet on the first and the last sheet respectively. You can decorate the cover sheet in any way you like. You can either write a message or stick more pictures on it. For better understanding look up:

DIY Sports with Lip Balm

We can even make sports based lip balms. Take some circular lip balms. For the basketball lip balm, take out the balm. Put the balm in the bowl, now put in some orange lipstick with it. Place it in the oven or a hot plate. Now fill in the case and place the grate on top. Let the liquid dry in the mould. Once dried open it and mark the lines as of a basketball using a toothpick. Now melt some black lipstick and use it to mark the lines using a brush. Clean the excessive paint using a cotton bud. Take a fresh circular balm to make a baseball lip balm. Melt some red lipstick. Mark the lines and threads as on a baseball using a toothpick. Now use a brush to stain the marked lines on the balm. For a soccer ball take a new balm case and then mark the lines and even scour the alternate hexagons, as on a soccer ball. Now melt some black lipstick and paint the required areas. For better understanding of these sports based lip balms look up:

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