Independence Day Special: Celebrating Freedom with Food

Food has always been an integral part of our culture and since it doesn’t get more Indian than binging on food, restaurants all over the country have geared up to honour 71 glorious years of Independence with much patriotic fervour.

Every year Independence Day instills a greater feeling of belongingness towards our own country. Independence Day is in the heart of all the Indians and everyone celebrates it in the best way possible. Adding to the grandeur of this occasion is the scrumptious food that is prepared specially for the day. The cherry to the cake is when it is beautifully served also.

Make this Independence Day more memorable than the previous one with the below mentioned ideas for decoration of Independence Day food. So don’t use this holiday as an excuse to laze in bed with a TV remote in hand, instead give your taste buds a patriotic spin and celebrate freedom with food. Happy Independence Day.

Unique ideas of decorating Independence Day food.

1. The Train Towards Freedom

It was not easy for our leaders to take the fore front and lead us in the path of freedom.

This Independence Day, pay tribute to the ones who decided to suffer but not trail behind with this beautiful and meaningful food decoration.

This is an unique idea of decoration and serving the food in this way will give all the feels of Independence Day to the one who is having it. And it is not any mammoth task. It is just placing the platter in an attractive way.

You can try this for your kids and family or visit any orphanage and serve the children over there.

2. The celebration should never end

A celebration is incomplete without  a cake cutting ceremony. Why give anyone a reason to complain?

Make this extra special layered cake this Independence Day. Decorate it in such a way that it takes the heart away of anyone who even looks at it. For such decoration tips, we are here, bringing you the most amazing Independence Day food decoration ideas.

You can choose the decoration according the gathering. There can be different presentation for children and adults too.

3. Let the leaves do the talking

Serving food on leaves is a traditional custom or practice of the Southern Indians. Taking this culture forward, you can have a look at our Independence Day food decoration ideas where leaves have been used for enhancing the look of the bowls and plates.

Give proper attention to the minute details. You can make changes to it the way you want but there are certain basics which can come handy while you go for any of such decoration ideas.

These patterns and textures will certainly make your guest feel special and that is something India is very famous for, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.

4. One with the starters and salads

Be it lunch or dinner, the starters set the mood and salads keep the vibe. These should be given special attention while decorating.

This is ‘the idea’ for your prefect Independence Day meet. Serve the salads and starters with such a decoration and it makes everyone crave for the main course. This idea can be used for any sort of gathering, be it children or adults, or even if it is a small family get- together or a friends day in. It will set the perfect holiday vibe.

5. The sand-which smells of freedom

This is by far the easiest of all the ideas. A perfect breakfast or snack to serve that will give the  Independence Day food feels. No whims, no fancies ,yet delicious.

It’s just the magic of your brains and hands combined and there the spell is already cast. Good-looking and delicious, and there it’s a match.

If it is an Independence Day or Republic Day themed celebration at your home and you want to make something light and fulfilling, these sandwiches will make  your day and also of others present.

Try making these kind of stuffs which are something new and fun to try.

6. Kuch rang Bharat ke

Glasses are one of the most beautiful props that can be used for decoration of food. This is the basic salad dressing idea which can enhance the look of your dining table once it is served.

This is extremely easy to prepare and can be served at all occasion whenever you wish to serve salad.

The beauty of this idea is the shots glasses that are placed in the middle of the plate. This gives it a look of the flower plate which will for sure look very beautiful once you try it out according to your taste.

7. The Tri- colour  Pie

This is such an idea which you can try at any time for any meal of the day with any kind of dish. It is  extremely flexible and easy to try out and you can do it as per the requirement of the event or the kind of gathering that you have to serve.

Anyone can be easily impressed when the food that is presented to them looks and tastes good. Take the first step to making the first impression the best impression. Try out our ideas for your occasions and let us know how you liked it.

8. Party in three colors

Make saffron, white and green the new party colors. Wondering how? It’s very easy. Come we will show you how.

You can make the ordinary glasses look fancy with these amazing three colors. Even if it is not only for Independence Day or Republic Day, you can arrange your dishes in this sequence and they will never fail to give the vibe. You can have mocktails served this way or glass puddings or any other dish of your choice. If you are designing it specially for a particular event, ensure that it is as per the requirement of the event.

9. We were looking for you

After the immense and prolonged struggle, India got to the taste the sweetness of freedom in 1947.

Similarly, the sweetness of a dessert is savored at the end. Let’s make this sweetness last for a lifetime, both in taste and memory. The beauty of a dessert is often the way it looks. Here, the pudding that has been presented looks yum enough to attract all of our attention. You can also make your dish become the centre of attraction the next time. Invite your friends home and flaunt your creativity with this easy ideas. It is extremely easy to prepare. No cooking ideas like this can  also be made by children.

10. Flavors of South India

Idli is such a South Indian cuisine that has been able to rule over the hearts of people from all over the world. It is easily available and is one of the top most breakfast go to dishes. There has been various versions of idli that has emerged and is being experimented with in the recent days.

You can give it a touch of your creativity too. Make these Independence Day idli that even looks delicious. And needless to say, you can serve it whenever you want. Be it for breakfast or for snacks or even as starters. You can even further modify it the way you desire to.

I strongly recommended to try this idea out. It does not too much of effort and if you make it, it will give you a feel of an actual Master-Chef.

11. Dine in saffron, white and green

Oh my goodness!

Just look at the precision with which the table has been set up. This is the perfect look you would want your table to have if you are inviting someone or have been invited to any Independence Day or Republic Day function. It will set up the perfect vibe and mood will escalate just by looking at it. Both the barbeque and the plates have been arranged in the tricolor pattern and it is interestingly pleasant to look at them.

You need not wait for an invitation to witness this beauty. Call your friends over and try it as soon as possible.

If you think it is difficult to make, I would like to tell you that it is not difficult to. I will require time and patience but with it you can master this art of food decoration.

12. Beauty in simplicity

This is the simplest of all the ideas that been discussed yet. All that you need is a proper tray and arrange the food in it properly. Suppose you are fitness freak, you can have this and make everyone jealous with both your fitness and food.

This can be served to children and they will willingly complete the entire platter in no time. Same goes with adults also. You can serve this to your friends who come over. Even children can make it themselves. It is no big deal at all. Feel like a Chef whenever you cook food and without garnishing all the efforts goes waste. Decorate it with your love and few of our ideas too.

13. The Tricolor Discs

Another form of decoration could possibly be discs pattern of arrangement. You can prepare cakes, dhoklas or any sweet dish in 3 layers forming a circular disc pattern as shown. Further garnishing can be done as per the requirement. Presenting the food in a properly decorated and arranged manner makes a huge difference. Be it any simple dish, once it is presented in a proper way, it enhances the look of the dish and makes it fancy for every occasion. Similarly, instead of just serving your dish simply on a platter, try making changes in it, like shape , color or texture and your job is done.

Give this idea a shot and revert back to us with your experience.

14. Tricolor Biriyani

If you are also bored of eating the plain rice, we have got something that will take your worries away. You can make colorful rice. Given the occasion, you can try this tricolor rice, an Independence Day food decoration idea. This will not just make your plate look beautiful but also will perfectly blend with the purpose of the gathering. Such theme based dishes and decoration are easy to make, all the require is a bit of patience. And then you have an amazingly decorated plate that can make a statement in itself. Rice is the basic item that is served at every occasion. Make little changes to it and see the magic yourself. If you are the host, this is a must try dish for you.

15. Pasta comes in three colors

The very name of the dish can make the mouths water of many of the children and adults as well. A majority of us love pasta and it is also available in many flavors to cater to the wants of the different strata of people. So what is it that makes you step back?

You can create your own flavored Pasta and arrange them in layers like this. This is a great Independence Day food decoration idea. The once to whom it is served can enjoy three flavors of Pasta in one plate and what could be a better deal to make people happy.

So try them out for you friends, family members and their friends too.

16. The Taste Of India in the colors of India

These colors of awesomeness make every dish look great. Especially this picture, this idea represents a combo. You can send this combo to your loved ones as a token of love on a special day or you can prepare a meal for your family gathering. It would be a perfect meal with a combination of various nutrients. If you too look forward to enjoying such a combo meal with your friends and family, give this idea a try.

This might sound too much of work, but actually it is not. You just have to arrange the food in patterns that you like. You can amend the shapes and texture as per your liking and it would be a great combo to serve.

17. Favorites from 1947- till date

This is the fantastic start that you should give to your day. From nutritious fruits and vegetables to the delicious pasta , burgers and sandwiches, this is the dish that you should think of preparing on a national holiday morning. Independence Day food decoration ideas could not get  better without this one.

On a dull lazy morning, this is the go to dish. Or if you are in an absolute party mood, this will serve your taste buds in every possible way. With such flexibility, this combo demands your attention and makes you want to try it out.

With this, we come to the end of the post. But let not your ideas and creativity end. Try making these dishes and decorating them. Wait not for a special day to decorate accordingly, you can make any normal day special with such a decoration. So go forth and give it a try.

Call on the food enthusiasts of your group and make these delicacies with amazing decoration along.

Let us know how you liked it after trying. So let out your passion and creativity and try these out. You will certainly be satisfied with the results.

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Hope you like this Independence day special themed Food Festival. Let’s feel the freedom 🙂

Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Thank you for visiting our website. Keep Creating with K4 Craft!

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