How to DIY Pom Pom Tree Skirt Video Tutorial

Pom Pom Tree Skirt!

Tree decoration is an important, we never forget but in haste of all the work and festivity do not forget your Christmas tree’s tree skirt. We are taking up pom pom tree skirts in general as they are sweet and playful. So let us get started with making pom pom tree skirts.

Light Up Tree Topper & The Cutest Tree Skirt

Sourcing the pom poms is a big task. We can make our own pom poms using a pom pom maker kit. You can even use lots of yarn, a pair of scissors and your hands. Now when we have enough poms poms, we are going to work on the base. Fold the cloth in half and then mark a circle of 17” radius. Use a pen and a string to draw a circle of the given measurement. Keep a steady hand while sketching the circle. Now cut this circle and glue the pom poms on top of it. Secure the pom poms to the cloth using glue gun. You can also get a lighting tree top[per ides on this easy to understand tutorial video:

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Pom Pom Tree Skit Video Tutorial

Now moving on to the next DIY pom pom tree skirt. First of all cut a piece of clot in a square shape. Now cut a circle out of it and make pom poms of specific size using a pom pom maker. Even out the pom poms. Now glue these pom poms using a glue gun. Now cut along one of the radii of the cloth for ease during installation. Use a rope, to add weight to the tree skirt. Place the rope all along the cut as well as the inner circle. It looks very good after installation under the Christmas tree. Now get excited to find your Christmas presents under the Christmas tree. For better understanding of this beautiful tree skirt  look up this easy to understand tutorial video:

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DIY Plaid Tree Skirt With Pom Pom

Now let us make a reversible tree skirt. First of all take a plaid cloth and cut a semicircle of the required radii. Now cut another semi-circle to complete the complete circle for the tree skirt. Make pom poms using a chair and yarn. Wind the wool around the legs of the chair and then tie the spool at different places. Cut the spool in between. Even out the pom poms. Thread these pom poms onto the side edges. Sew the inner half of the two semi-circles. Now cut another, two semi-circles out of another plaid cloth, as we are going to make a reversible tree skirt. Now sew the two halves of this second plaid cloth. Now sew the inner sides of the tree skirt, using a needle and thread. Turn the tree skirt inside out. You will get a plain and sophisticated reversible pom pom tree skirt. For better understanding of this easy to understand DIY project look up:

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How to DIY a POM POM Tree skirt

We all swear by the fluff and warmth in the cold season. Let us bring it on for tree skirt as well. First of all cut a full circle of the desired dimensions. Cut a hole in the centre for the tree pole. Now make pom poms using the pom pom maker and yarn and a pair of scissors. After you are done with many pom poms of different colours. Start sticking them on the cloth you have previously cut. You can either use thread and needle to secure it or use a glue gun for the purpose. Do not leave any spaces. Huddle the pom poms together for a fuller look. You can even try pasting more pom poms, on top of the first layer. For better understanding of this DIY look up:

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Dip Dye Paper Serviettes (Napkins) DIY

Now we are going to make a faux fur tree skirt. First of all choose a faux fur cloth and measure a circle on it accordingly. Trace the circle’s centre for ease in the next steps. You can use a pencil or chalk for markings. Now make a small circle in the middle for the pole of the tree. Now find the middle seam and cut it from one side until you reach the inner circle. Cut the inner circle as well. Now start sewing the edges of the tree skirt. Here a zig-zag sew has been used, but you can opt other options. You can even give your tree skirt a base cloth to increase its longevity. Once you are done with sewing, brush off the loose fluff and you may even wash the tree skirt. At the radial cut, you can either leave it as it is or sew in ribbon to tie it. For better understanding of this fluffy Christmas tree skirt making process you may look up this easy to understand tutorial video:

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We hope that you will enjoy your holidays with all the fun, fervour and festivities. Keep warm and keep celebrating.

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