How does a candle burn? #EducationWithCrafts

Everyone knows, we need a heat source like a match box or a lighter to burn a candle. But how does it keep is flame for a long time, you may not know.

Actually, when you light the candle’s wick with the match sticks, wick melts and vaporizes a small amount of wax of which candles are made of.

Once vaporized, the fuel (wax) combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to ignite and form a constant flame.

This flame provides sufficient heat to keep the candle burning via a self-sustaining chain of events:

  • The heat of the flame melts the top of the mass of solid fuel;
  • The liquefied fuel then moves upward through the wick via capillary action;
  • The liquefied fuel finally vaporizes to burn within the candle’s flame.

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