Homemade Gift Ideas for Brother on Rakhi

Homemade Gift Ideas for Brother on Rakhi!

With Rakshabandhan or Rakhi just around the corner it becomes more important to prepare beforehand for your special brother whether he is young or old. Even brothers are choosy when it comes to something they like. But they do have a soft corner for gifts that their loved one made which they cherish for a long time. Being a brother I do have added things that I personally would like to receive too, here we go…

Homemade Gift Ideas for Brother on Rakhi

1.Easy Quilling Teddy Bear Rakhi

The cutest rakhi there is for your little brother , do try this at home.

Material Required

  • Quilling Paper
  • Slotted Tool
  • Silk Thread
  • Pearl stickers
  • Scissor
  • Pen
  • Fevicol


  • Take Quilling paper and to lengthen the quill paste them together using fevicol.
  • Using the slotting tool start quilling and paste the end to make a circular piece. Make one circle again smaller than the first one. This will form the head and the body of the teddy bear.
  • Now we will take two different colours of quill the outer colour of quill should be same as that of the circle as they will form the body parts. Make four such quills and press them to from a bean like shape.
  • Using the same process as the previous step make two semi-circular quills to make ears.
  • Now paste the two circles together and then the ears at the top of the smaller circle, then the two shapes at sides for the arms and two at the bottom for legs.
  • For the eyes you will have to take smaller pieces of quilling strip of and take white and black and paste and quill together for the eyes. Do another small black quill for the nose, then using a marker draw a smile as well. Take pearl stickers and stick it in a flower pattern on the belly.
  • Now take the silk thread and a small piece of paper cut according to the bear and put fevicol on the back of the bear.
  • Place the silk thread between the paper and the bear to fix them together, your teddy bear Rakhi is ready for your brother’s hands.

2. Tuxedo Greeting Card

For the brother who dresses to impress, and with the amazing things popping here and there, it’s really more than just a card.

Material Required

  • Black Cardstock A3 size
  • White Cardstock 18 x 28 cm
  • Orange Cardstock 54 x 28 cm
  • Pattern paper 17.5 x 27.5 cm
  • Yellow Cardstock 17.5 x 27.5 cm
  • Decorative fabric tape
  • Red cardstock 15 x 19 cm
  • Glitter paper
  • stickers


Fun fold cards videos used in TUXEDO CARD.

Waterfall card

Squash card

Twist and pop card

  1. Take the black cardstock and fold it from both sides inwards taking care that one fold is slightly larger than the other and crease at the folds. Fold the edges at the top to form lapels.
  2. Now take the orange cardstock and divide it into 3 equal parts of 18 cm and score on the lines. Then fold these parts with one towards the back and other towards the front.
  3. Using thin double sided tape or glue on the front flap of orange paper and stick the white cardstock on it.
  4. Now to paste two different types of pattern paper of your choice in the flaps inside but before pasting the other one cut out a box in one half of the decorative paper 10 x 12 cm.
  5. Outline them with decorative fabric tape. Now take the red cardstock paper and mark 1 cm from one end and score. Now mark 9 cm on the adjacent sides and score again.
  6. Use any soft plastic material with width of at least 2.5 inches and stick the ends using double sided tape neither loose nor tight. Then choose a small card of size 7 x 15 cm and another smaller than that i.e. 6 x 14 cm. Stick the smaller one at one end using double tape and the bigger one on the opposite side. Using more double tape stick the fold inwards. Now in the empty space above and below the small card stick foam double tape and paste it on the card in one of the folds.
  7. Take glitter paper and cut out a heart to fit the red card and paste it on the front of the red card. The water fall card will go above it.
  8. Now using sparkle foam sheet paper cut out alphabets ‘happy rakshabandhan ‘in this case or anything else depending upon the event. The empty space above will be used to put a photograph inside.
  9. Now on the other side take two yellow sheets of 17.5 x 27.5 cm. Now taking a squash card (video links in procedure), paste it on one card at top end and line the yellow card with pink fabric paper tape. Take two small pink squares and paste them below the square card.
  10. Using the remaining white and black paper make banners and paste them overlapping each other at the top. Below that paste a twist and pop card (link in procedure) and write a special message on the front.
  11. Paste cute stickers to jazz up the remaining areas.
  12. Now on the side where we pasted the white paper take a strip of 2.5 x 28 cm in black and a 2 x 28 cm in white. Paste the white strip on the black strip and then on the white paper in the middle.
  13. For making a collar take another white strip 2.5 x 24 cm and fold it down to the middle from both ends. Paste it in such a wat that it slightly comes outward above the sheet, this will give it a more realistic look.
  14. To make a bow make a mask like shape out on paper and fold it on both sides then paste it, add a strip of the same colour in between. Now using pearl like stickers for buttons stick them on the strip.
  15. Finally paste it using foam double tape for a 3d effect between the Black tux shaped paper we cut out earlier and cut of small squares on the ends of the lapel. Tie your card using a ribbon and your card is ready for your brother.

3. DIY Guy Bracelet

The best thing about this DIY is that it’s so versatile that it fits all ages of brothers.

Material Required

  • Metal Nut
  • Silver beads
  • Black cord 3 times the length of wrist
  • Tape
  • Transparent Nail Polish


  1. Tape one end of the cord to the surface then taking another long cord pass it through it and start making knots around it.
  2. After making a few knots take one nut and put it in the cord then again start making knots. Now take a silver bead and fasten it taking approximately a 3 cm gap between each bead or nut.
  3. After reaching the desired length use transparent nail polish at the ends to strengthen it so that it does not open.
  4. Cut off the excess and now tape both ends leaving a certain gap then knot it again for a few centimetres. Cut off any excess cord and add knots  at the ends  and you’re done.

DIY Keychain

Whenever they’ll reach for their keys they will remember you and smile…

Material Required

  • Silk threads of blue and beige colours
  • Royal blue braided silk cord
  • Keychain rings
  • Jump rings
  • Cardstock
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Carabiner
  • Round nose Pliers for fixing chain

Procedure (for 1st keychain)

  1. Take silk threads of beige and blue colours and hot glue the end of the blue thread to the side of the carabiner and then the beige thread next.
  2. Wind the two threads around the carabiner and wrap it leaving the clasp and hot glue the ends.
  3. Open the carabiner and put a keychain ring. The keychain is ready for keys.

Procedure (for 2nd keychain)

  1. Take a silk Blue cord and attach it to a cardboard with tape. Tuck the other end to from a loop.
  2. Press and pass thread to form another loop and hold it in place. Pass another loop through the centre of the first loop. Make the circles equal in size tuck the cord above centre loop and then above the outer loop.
  3. Form the fourth curl, pass the loop through the central cord and then tuck it under the outer curl. Try to make the coil neat and double the loops by repeating the process. Use the video for assistance as it can get confusing.
  4. Now pull out the tape and correct the shape and pull up the cord from both sides. Then use a glue gun to fix the cord ends in place.
  5. Cut off the excess and using lighter fix the edges. You can cover it with lacquer if you wish using a brush or transparent nail paint whichever is accessible.
  6. Take clasps and rings and keychain ring and attach them carefully using a round nose plier. Hot glue the cord again to secure well. This keychain is ready to be gifted.

5.  DIY Lapel Pin

Something classy that they would love to flaunt and wear at those fancy weddings or parties.

Material Required

  • Felt Paper
  • Safety Pin
  • Earring
  • Metal File
  • Wire Cutter
  • Strong adhesive (Fevibond)


  1. Take an earring with a design of your choice and cut its backing by using a wire cutter. File the end with a metal file if necessary to make the end soft.
  2. Take the felt sheet and cut out a very small rectangle. Apply Fevibond on the safety pin and felt piece and after it is semi dry paste the safety pin onto the earring and secure it by pasting the felt tip on top.
  3. Let it dry for a couple of hours then the lapel pin will be ready to wear.

Newspaper Pen Holder

For those pens, brushes or colours they love to own they can finally keep them in style.

Material Required

  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • CD (optional)
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Scissors
  • Fevicol


  1. Place newspaper on a flat surface and fold one end till the middle. Now flip it over and fold it inwards, you will get three rectangles of the same size now cut them using scissors.
  2. Start folding one of the rectangles tightly into a small tube then using glue paste the end.
  3. Using the same process make multiple tubes, now using a scale cut out tubes of 5 cm and paste the ends from the side where you cut.
  4. Now from other tubes cut out multiple 10 cm long tubes.
  5. Now using a CD or a compass trace circles on two pieces of cardboard. Paste them together and cover the cardboard using paper by pasting on it, then cut out another paper to cover it completely.
  6. Taking the leftover long paper tubes paste it around the circle. Take the 5 cm tubes and paste them together on the circle to make the walls of the stand and let it dry
  7. Now take a cardboard roll and trace its edge on the base inside.
  8. The 10 cm tubes will be pasted along this outline to make another circular wall to keep more stuff in the stand.
  9. Now take decorative tape and put it along the upper edges of both tubes of the stand. The pen stand is now ready

7.  DIY Half & Half T-shirt

Bring out the designer in you without even using a needle. This one is sure to make your brother be amazed. And definitely something he would love to wear.

Material Required

  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • 2 graphic shirts Black and purple


  1. Take the shirts and make sure they are ironed. Take the shirt and fold it exactly in half and cut it.
  2. Do the same for with the second t shirt you will get 4 pieces.
  3. Taking fabric glue paste them together slowly from the middle first. Give a gap of at least one to two hours for this side to dry before you start pasting the other side.
  4. Now start pasting the other side together and give it at least 24 hours before wearing. The shirt is ready to be flaunted.

8. DIY Wallet

The wallet that your brother always wanted will make him feel like he has the best sister in the whole world.

Material Required

  • Old Denim
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut out a side of the denim leg and cut out a rectangle neatly from that piece of denim. You will need a total of 3 pieces of the same size.
  2. Then from the remaining fabric cut out two smaller rectangles of equal sizes.
  3. Take a smaller rectangle piece proportionately smaller than the big rectangle we cut before. And using a hot glue gun paste it in the middle.
  4. Then fold its edges inwards. Trim edges if necessary.
  5. Take another rectangular piece and fold it at one side to get a proper edge. paste it from the edges to the first piece we pasted together.
  6. Paste another piece bit smaller from above edge.
  7. Now take the two smaller rectangles and paste them side by side. Cut a small section again from the fabric for change and smaller things using glue gun.
  8. Paste the remaining sides which were left to be pasted. And make another fold at the sides to seal it properly.do the same from below, this will add more style as well to the wallet.
  9. Trim the edges coming out, this will make your wallet ready for use.

Hope you liked this article on homemade gift ideas for brother on Rakhi. Keep creating with K4Craft.

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