15+ Best Handmade Rakhi ideas for Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a day for brothers and sisters and is celebrated with greater joy across India. This festival celebrates and strengthens the bond between brothers and sisters.

With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, Rakhi season has begun!! Street shops are now filled with colorful rakhi designs and choosing one among the huge variety is not an easy task! But you don’t have to go through the trouble of haggling and pushing through crowds to find a Rakhi that you’ll love. You can make one yourself, sitting in the comfort of your own home!

Best Homemade Rakhi ideas for Rakshabandhan

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The festival of Rakhi defines the eternal bond between a brother and a sister and the sacred tread of rakhi secures this pure bond of selfless love and care. India is a land of festivals and Rakhi is one of the most famous festival which brings with itself a lot of happiness and enjoyment, Sisters pray for their brothers and tie a rakhi on their wrist this marks the purity and stands as a sign of protection from all the evil. Brothers and sisters exchange gifts as a token of love and altogether this festival turns out to be a moment of great joy and pleasure.

What is Raksha Bandhan, Why do We Celebrate Rakhi Festival‎?

Raksha Bandhan popularly known as the rakhi is a festival which strengthens the bond of brother and sister, sisters tie a the sacred thread of rakhi on their brothers wrist which signifies protection from every evil on this earth also they pray for their brother’s long and healthy life.

When is Raksha Bandhan in 2021?

The festival of Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month Sravana and this year it will be celebrated on 22nd of August.

What material can be used for making Rakhi?

Rakhi can be make of basic stationary items as well as some really gorgeous stuffs but the minimum requirement is a tread and some decorative items to construct a small structure in the middle of the thread along with some basic stationaries such as a pair of scissors and a glue-stick.

How can I make Rakhi at home?

We can very easily make rakhis at home, you can start with the most simple art of just sticking some readymade design on a thread to make a basic rakhi or customize your own design by creating some delicate paper work, acrylic work or even some delicate design with stone and other decorative.

Easy and Best Rakhi Making Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

Woven Dream Catcher Rakhi

Image source / Tutorial: Youtube

This beautiful rakhi is indeed a masterpiece made up of woolen threads, the pink threads are finely knitted in a designer pattern and is finally given a base using a bangle or any circular materials wrapped with blue thread. The thread which is actually tied around the wrist is also beautifully decorated with golden beads and finally this beautiful creation is topped off with a white pearl like stone in the middle.

Detailed and Customised Rakhi for Rakshabandhan

Image source / Tutorial: Aarti Gupta

The above rakhi designs are the exact definition of art and delicacy. Very detailed art work is done on a circular base and is very attractively colored, the finest detailing in every piece enhances the beauty of these customized rakhi designs and they are finally attached to the thread which is also beautifully decorated with stones and other decorative.

Funky Rakhi for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Monika Jain

This colorful creative rakhi is just the perfect one for all your younger brothers this particular one is going to fascinate a child the most. The colorful funky design of the rakhi picturizing a car with clouds on top, also the thread is beautifully decorated with pearl like stones.

Portrait Rakhi to Express Love of Brother & Sister

Image source / Tutorial: Rupanwita Goswami

The above rakhi designs portrays the love and the pious moment of a sister tying a rakhi in her brothers wrist, the attractive paints and the fine detailing has added beauty to this piece, also the tread is beautifully pleated and is even multicolored.

Quilling Rakhi for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Pandp Arts Paintings

This creative rakhi is a neat work of paper folding technique and is really colorful and attractive. The concept of using anime character like the angry bird will be loved by every young sibling and they will simply be mesmerized with your effort, also the flower shaped rakhi is an unique yet colorful creation.

Special Rakhi Combo

Image source / Tutorial: Kavita ladiwal singh

This special Rakhi platter is just perfect for the celebration round the corner. The tray is beautifully decorated with white colored beads and consists of the important element for the ceremony namely the rakhis and a pouch of rice and sindur which is used as a sign of blessing also there are small attractive bowls provided to pour the materials.

Tri-color Rakhi to express Patriotism

Image source / Tutorial: Sandhya Mishra

Independence Day just went by and we Indians celebrated our glorious 75th Independence Day with pride and just after that Rakhi sets in and this tri-color customized rakhi made up of color grains of rice and the bank consisting of tri-color ribbon is just the perfect piece to steal the show.

Simple Floral Rakhi for Beginners

Image source / Tutorial: Sangita Chhugani

This simple paper rakhi can be made with lots of love by the sisters for their brothers, the attractive color combination along with the thin fringes at the circumference is adding a lot of beauty along with the tiny circular and flower shaped decorative.

Indian Flag Rakhi Design

This beautiful tri-color flag will win the hearts of all the brothers and sisters of India, the band is even beautifully pleated in tri-color enhancing the beauty of the rakhi along with the detailing with golden beads along the Ashoka chakra is adding to the beauty.

Best Out of Waste Rakhi Designs

We are always left out with various decorative from our dresses, this rakhi lets start a trend to make DIY Rakhis out of the left over material and try hard to make them as attractive as possible. The above displayed rakhis are very simple yet attractive made up of easily available stuffs in everybody’s home.

DIY: Rakhi Making – “Woolen + Foam sheet” Rakhi video

Tools are required for making (Woolen + Foam) Rakhi:

  1. Woolen
  2. Foam Sheet
  3. Stone
  4. Ribbon
  5. Fevicol
  6. Pencil
  7. Scissor

DIY: Rakhi Making – “Jute + Stone” Rakhi tutorial

Tools are required for making (Jute + Stone) Rakhi:

  1. Jute rope
  2. Stone
  3. Circular object
  4. Thick paper
  5. Color Spray
  6. Pencil
  7. Scissor

DIY: Rakhi Making – Paper Quilling “Pair Rakhi” – Bhaiya Bhabhi Stone Rakhi

Tools are required for making (Pair) Rakhi:

  1. Quilling Strip
  2. Slotted tool
  3. Stone
  4. Ribbon
  5. Fevicol
  6. Scissor

DIY: How to make Silk Thread “Rakhi” for Raksha Bandhan at Home

Tools are required for making (Silk Thread) Rakhi:

  1. Silk Thread
  2. Ganesha Idols
  3. Tape
  4. Fevicol
  5. Scissor

DIY: Rakhi Making – Paper Quilling “Pearls Rakhi” video

Tools are required for making (Quilling + Pearls) Rakhi:

  1. Quilling Paper
  2. Slotted tool
  3. Quilling Board
  4. Pearls
  5. Card board
  6. Ribbon
  7. Pencil
  8. Scissor
  9. Fevicol

This Rakhi season instead of buying expensive Rakhis try making out some with your own creative skills and love for your dear siblings. Express your love and care through your art and customize your Rakhi just the way you want it to be and enjoy.

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