Gift Making Tutorials for Christmas

Winter doesn’t only mean cold, snow and frozen lake. It means that Christmas is here!!! We all love Christmas, don’t we? The holiday were the cold is at its peak but it still feels warm due to festive season. Decorating the house with lights, decorating the Christmas trees, prayer, the Christmas dinner and how could we forget the gifts. The believe that Santa Claus would come and give us gifts due to which we used to keep cookies and milk under the Christmas tree and the next morning waking up to find lots of gifts under the tree. Christmas denotes the birth of Jesus Christ and the reason we give gifts to our friends and family during this holiday is due to the fact that when Jesus was born, people from faraway came to shower the child with gifts. Here, I am going to tell you some amazing gifts that you can make at your home and give them to your friends and family.

Snow Globe

With cold at its best, this Christmas gift would be perfect for your friends. For making a snow globe, we need mason jar or plastic jar, glycerine, glitters, popsicle sticks, paper,clay, some colourful papers and some beads for decorations. First, paint the popsicle stick white. Make a scarf from the colourful paper, cut it out and stick it to the popsicle stick. Cut out a hat too and stick it. Stick the googly eyes on the popsicle stick. You can make santa claus and even pine trees from the same technique. Now, take the lid of the jar and put some clay on the lid. Press the clay so that it will fix properly and now insert the painted popsicle sticks on the clay. Now fill half of the jar with glycerine and then water. For snow, add glitters. Mix it properly and then close the lid carefully so that the popsicle sticks won’t come out. Turn the jar upside down, and your snow globe is ready. Watch the video for steps.

Edible Gifts

Along with gifts, giving sweets and cakes is also a tradition of Christmas. But as we know, the cake and sweets won’t last long. So why not give them such edible gifts that can stay not only for a day or two but even for a month? Yes, it’s possible to gift our friends and relatives edible gifts and it’s really simple. All we need is some mason jars and all the dry ingredients that we need for a specific recipe. Whoever gets this gift, all he/she has to do is mix all the ingredients and then they will get a tasty gift. The best thing about this gift is that, after the person has used the mixture in the mason jar he/she can reuse the mason jar for various other purposes too. Just decorate the mason jar according to the festive season and don’t forget to write the name of the dish and the instructions on the mason jar. Some of the recipes are given in the video below.

Relaxing Gifts

Christmas can be hectic too. Especially for our mothers. They get so stressed. Well, this can be a perfect gift for our mothers. We are going to make homemade bath scrubs, sugar scrub and many such gifts. For making the peppermint bath salt we need 3 cups of Epsom salt, 2 cups of sea salt, 1 cup of baking soda, peppermint oil or extract and red food colouring. First take all the dry ingredients in a bowl and some drops of peppermint extract. Mix them nicely. In another bowl, do the same and add red food colouring and mix it properly. Take a mason jar and start layering it with the white and red coloured bath salt so that it will give the look of a peppermint candy. Decorate the mason jar and your gift is ready. You can even make gingerbread sugar scrubs and bath bombs and combine all 3 and gift it. Watch the video for the steps.

Gifts for Kids

This year instead of giving the kids toys, why not give them something useful and creative? You can make pen stands, custom pencils , rainbow art paper and many more things. These gifts are not only beautiful but would also be useful for the kids and they won’t even cost much. Grab a jar or can and start sticking pom poms to it. Cover the jar with the pom poms and your fluffy pen stand is ready. For making custom pencils, grab some pencils and start painting them with acrylic paint. After the paint has dried, make designs with markers. For making a rainbow art paper, take a paper and start filing it with different colours with sketch pens. Cover the paper with cello tape and then paint it with black. The kids can doodle anything on this paper with a pen or pencil and it would come out colourful. There are so many more ideas. You can combine this and give it to you kids or niece or nephews. For more such ideas, watch the video below.

Room Decor Gifts

Why not gift something that our beloved can decorate it in their home? I am going to tell you some cute room decor ideas from pom poms. We are going to make some pom pom spheres, coasters and even a cushion cover. These decors are not only fluffy and pretty but they are even really easy to make. They will give your room that festive look too. For making a pom pom sphere, grab a plastic or foam ball and start sticking the pom poms to it. Insert an eye pin at one end at pass a string and then cover the whole ball with pom poms. You can even attach a ribbon to make it look more pretty. For making the coasters and cushion cover, watch the video below.
room decors.

Gift For Teachers

Christmas is not only for family and friends, it’s also about celebrating it with our teachers. It’s about thanking our teachers for all the things they have taught us. It’s for thanking them for encouraging us and yes showing us the right path too. You can grab a chocolate candy like poppins or coffee bite, and wrap it with paper so that it may look like a pencil and attach a tag with your teacher’s name in it. Simple isn’t it? It will surely bring a smile on your teacher’s face. You can even make some candies at home and wrap it up and gift your teacher. There are many simple yet creative ideas for gifting teachers. It will surely make your teacher’s Christmas a bit more merrier. Watch the video for more ideas.

Homemade Chocolates

Well gifting chocolates in Christmas is really nice, but giving homemade chocolates, that will really be awesome. Making chocolates is not that difficult. All you have to do is grab some milk, dark and white chocolates and melt them separately. Choose your fillings, it can be caramel, nuts, Nutella, jam, etc. Take your moulds, apply a coat of either of the melted chocolate and freeze them. Then add your fillings and freeze them again. Add another coat of the melted chocolate and then freeze them again. Your chocolates are ready. Pack them in a mason jar and gift it. For different chocolate recipes, watch the video below.

Last Minute Gifts

Sometimes due to our busy schedule, we forget to give a gift to some people during Christmas. Well, these ideas can be a life saviour during this time. You can simply grab a canvas and start painting the background and then write a quote on it and give it. You can even make a phone case by taking a transparent back cover and doodling on it with a marker. There are so many last minute ideas. For more such ideas, watch the video below.

Hope this ideas will help you during Christmas. Do try them and see how they bring a smile on your loved ones faces. Let the winter be full of happiness. Merry Christmas!! Also guys, if you want to design some Christmas Cards online with amazing templates, here is a Christmas card design link

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