Try These Amazing Edible Makeup Pranks

“Glossy lips, Rosy and Sparkling cheeks “.Makeup is beauty right of every women. Every one from teenage girl to an old women, surely spend a lot of time and money for looking good. We spend a lot of money on cosmetics. A women’s bag always have the basic beauty care like lip balm, mascara, lipsticks, bronzers and eyeliners. We use them regularly. Change the makeup bag with one filled with edible cosmetics and have fun. The ones we buy are packed with chemicals. Therefore, making our own edible cosmetics is fun and give us many options to choose from too. Enjoying your delicious lipstick and lip gloss before your friends make them crazy. Ha-ha!! Doesn’t it sound fun?! So what are we waiting for!!Let us see how to make edible cosmetics . the edible cosmetics are very cheap and ingredients are easily available.


This is the most essential cosmetic required while we go out. It gives the shine to our lips and add colour like lipstick also. So here is a best way to fool your friend by drinking the edible lip gloss. the only thing we need  is a squeeze candy. Take pink colour squeeze candy and squeeze the candy into a bowl. Add dark red food colour to make it more vibrant. It is completely optional. Mix it properly. Now thoroughly clean the lip gloss bottle and fill in the home made mixture. You can also make different colours of lip glosses.  Carry this lip gloss with you and enjoy the yummy candy when hungry and have fun.


Bronzer is must for a special glow on face. There are people of different complexions and different people use different colour bronzers. Today we are going to see bronzer commonly used that is the natural cocoa  brownish shade. Similar to lip gloss you only need a single ingredient that is cocoa powder. Take an emptied and cleaned bronzer box and  place the cocoa powder in the box. Using a spoon uniformly pack the powder. If you want lighter shade add some corn starch.Cocoa powder give a beautiful look to your face. Dust the bronzer on your ice cream and enjoy the delicious cocoa dusted ice-cream. This would surely make your friends mad.


Mint lip scrub exfoliates dead skin on lips and make your smooth. The scrub has refreshing effect due to mint we are using .It is not only refreshing but also delicious. Start making the scrub by first mashing the mints in a plastic bag using a hammer. It is quite is as they are fragile. Take the mashed mints in a bowl and add castor along with honey that nourishes the skin. This scrub is a lifesaver when in need. Check out video for more details:


we can make eye shadow using cookies too. Take an oreo cookie and separate the cream part from the cookie part. Crumble the cookie and pack it in the empty slot of eyeshadow box. For next slot take the cream and pack in the slot and dust edible pearl powder on top that gives look of a shiny eyeshadow. Next is waffle eyeshadow . Crush the waffle and add edible green colour to the powder and pack in the box. Mix nutella to remaining crumbs and pack it. Our brown and green edible eyeshadows are ready. Take the eyeshadow brush and remove the handle. Using a black coloured sugar fondant make the brush handle. These are perfect to trick your friends.


A concealer gives you flawless and young looking skin but the one we are going to make now pleases your taste buds. Take nougat and remove all nuts from it. Mix the nougat with liquid green paste and fill it in empty concealer tin.
Check out the video for more details:


Take a clean foundation bottle and fill it with sauce. Paint the top of bottle with acrylic cream colour and stick label of foundation cream company on top. Cut cheese and bread into circles of size if sponge using a cap of bottle. The cheese and bread perfectly resemble the makeup sponge. Apply sauce on bread and cover it with cheese and enjoy the foundation sandwich.


Grab a chewing gum out of your lip gloss when you are bored with this chewy gloss. Take a lip gloss tube and cut the seal at the end. Remove the lip gloss and clean it properly. Fill in the gloss tube with liquid chewing gum. Seal the end of the tube using parchment paper and iron box.


Let us turn the top of mascara into a sweet treat. First remove the top of mascara tube. Take the white sugar fondant and add liquid food colour of your choice. Do not forget to wear gloves .Meld the paste well so that the colour fuses well. Now apply it on the mascara tube and shape it. Remove the excess fondant using a knife and harden it. Our sugary mascara top is ready.
Check out the video for more details:


You can make your eyeliner of any colour at your home if you have condensed milk and food colour of your choice. The thickness of condensed milk is perfect for an eyeliner. Take the condensed milk into bowl or cup and add liquid food colour to it. Stir it well and load it into syringe. Inject the liquid into clean eyeliner bottle and have fun.


The pencils we are going to make are used for highlighting our beauty and also to fill our stomachs. Grab a makeup pencil when you are hungry after a long day. Take a licorice candy and skew a wooden stick to hold the candy. Place in freezer to harden. Sharpen the edge using blade and use it.


Lipstick as soft as  and tasty as marshmallow  makes to slip through lips to mouth and enjoy the delicious taste. It is surely a feast to our soul. Take marshmallows and microwave them till they melt. Take equal parts of starch and powdered sugar and mix well. Add the mixture to the marshmallow and blend well. Add liquid pink lipstick colour and knead well. Roll the late and cut into the shape of lipstick . Brush the paste with oil to give glossy finish. Clean an old lipstick holder thoroughly and insert the prepared lipstick. Exact replica of your lipstick is done and ready to trick your friends.

Check the video below for more details:



Never throw away the old lip balm bombs after using. Make it edible using marmalade candy. Remove the remains of lip  balm and clean the container .Cut the glittery marmalade candy into 2 halves and place one half on top of the half and press along the edges to fix it. Edible bombs are all set to have fun.


Lipstick palette are quite amazing as they come in more than one colour. It is definitely a must to reuse it and amaze your friends. Take milk in two glasses and pink and red food colours in each one of them and stir well. Now add equal parts of gelatine and powdered sugar to it and mix well. Pour the liquid into moulds and refrigerate .our lipstick palette is finished.
Check out the video for more details:



Give yourself a treat with the sweet meringue blush. Take a pink meringue and crush it into smooth powder and mix it with pink gel food colour. Stir the mixture. Clean the blush box properly and pack the meringue powder. Rosy meringue blush is done.


Take a spoon of Nutella and add cocoa powder to it . Add water and mix well till we get a smooth paste. Open the old mascara tube and fill in the mixture into the emptied tube using a syringe. Close it tightly and replace it with original one to fool your friend. Gorgeous and chocolaty mascara is crazy.


Take honey and mix it with dry food colouring powder and stir well. Microwave the mixture to get clear thick consistency and pour it in the nail polish bottle. Place this among your friens’s nail polish collection and have fun.

Check the video for more details:



Condensed milk has the perfect consistency that matches exactly with the foundation cream. Therefore , it the best tactic. Take condensed milk and add cocoa powder. Stir it well and more cocoa powder to match the complexion. Finally fill it in an emptied bottle.


Take icing into a bowl and mix cocoa powder. Add cocoa powder according to your choice of shade. Add icing till you get the perfect consistency. Press the powder well until there are no lumps and even. Take an empty counter and press on paste till it cuts out. Using a brush press it into the counter. It is absolutely ready.
Check the video below for more details:


The next time you prank your friends remember to use these tricks. These tricks are completely harmless and after having fun you can enjoy the sweet along with your friend. Hope you have fun with your friend and make memories.

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