Easy To Make Flower Art For Decor, Gift & More

We all love to see colours around us. Spring has just been rolling behind but has not gone too far. Flowers still enjoy basking in the hot summer in you gardens. This is the season to enjoy the flower beauty in its full bloom. So let us take the flower beauty a level ahead by creating some DIYs from fresh flowers. Flower art will add uniqueness to your art gallery. Flowers are fragile and unique in their own sense. Each one of the flowers exhuberates its own essence and beauty. It provides calm and composure as well. They are a powerhouse of serenity.

How To Make a Flower Crown – Flower Art

So let us first of all make a crown for ourselves. These become the best gift for your daughters and the ones who are celebrating their birthday. To get started we need floral wire, floral tape, leaves, flowers. We are going to use paper wrapped floral wire as it is easier to use. Now we are going to simply bend it like a headband. Now cover it with a flower tape and leaves. Now secure the flowers where you want with the flower tape. Your flower crown is ready. For better understanding of the tutorial look up:

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Wedding Wrist Corsage – How To make Flower Bracelet

Now take a small rectangular piece of cardboard which fits in properly on your wrist. Cover it up with white ribbon. Secure the ribbon on the cardboard with the help of double tape. Now attach longer ribbon to the white ribbon clad cardboard piece. Secure the two long ribbons with the help of double tape. Pin the ribbon on the edges with the help of pins. Now secure the fresh flowers to the cardboard piece with the help of glue gun. You have a corsage to wear to your near and dear one’s marriages. For better understanding of the procedure look up:

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DIY Fresh Flower Bouquet – Flower Art

Now let us make a bouquet of flowers. It is one of the best gifting options for any occasion. So, Let us gather some beautiful flowers to make a beautiful bouquet. We need a base, scissors, tape, flowers, some green leaves. Start by tying the leaves together. Then secure the flower stalks with this arrangement. Arrange the flowers as you please. In this video roses have been used but you may take up any flowers stalks you like or the receiver likes. Now tie this arrangement. Cut off the excessive stalks at the base. Now tie it in foil at the base to give it a bouquet shape. Use some silver wire to give it some more beauty. Now wrap it finally in the cellophane sheet and secure the sheet with cello tape. Give it a triangular form to make it look like a bouquet. Cut the excessive sheet from the bottom. Now tie a ribbon to its base. For better understanding look up:

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DIY Flower Garland Room Decor –  Flower Art

Let us make flower garlands to adorn our rooms. We need tape, scissors, and flowers. Now let us do this. We are using faux flowers for longevity, you can even use the fresh ones. Secure the flowers with the thread with the help of the tape. So it will give rise to a garland. When you have the desired numbers of these garlands then just hang them from the place you wish. They will brighten up your room or if you choose to hang them in different corners of the house then the whole house will brighten up. For better understanding of the procedure look up:

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How To Preserve a Bouquet of Flowers – Flower Art

Once we receive or make a bouquet of flowers we always wish it could stay fresh a little while longer. So, to fulfil that wish we are going to try some hack to preserve the bouquet for a longer period of time. We will be using a bouquet of fresh flowers. Keep the arrangement in mind before dismantling it. You can even take a picture of it. Now cut the stalks of the flowers. Insert a wire from the stalk side of the flowers. Now pour some sand inside the flowers then rest the flower in a sand bed and cover it with sand. After two weeks take the flowers out. Then cover the wire at their bases with the help of floral tape. Use preserved moss as the base for your artwork. Take a transparent cylindrical tube and secure the moss base in it. Secure the tube on the wooden or any hard and heavy base. Now start putting the flowers in the moss and then after all the flowers are done, start with the greens. This way try to reach your design as closely as you can. You can put it in a glass pane or get it framed from one side. It is upto you how you keep it forever. For better understanding of the procedure look up:

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