Summer Art Ideas To Have Fun This Summer

Summer Art Ideas!
Let set get ready for the summers, let us enjoy the summers in its full bloom this year round. Let us utilise these summer holidays in a breezy way.

Summer Activities For Kids

To make glow in the dark chalk we need 1 part glow paint, 2 parts water, and POP. Now put this mixture in ice cubes tray and let it dry for 24 hours. WE have glow in the dark chalk cubes. We need water soap solution, glycerin and corn starch to make huge bubbles.

Now take a wooden dowel and attatch a hook to it and make another one like this then run a thin rope through it. Add some weight to the rope. Now put this loop inside the solution to make the big bubbles you love. Now let us make edible play dough. Take flour, some salt, Now add water and oil to it and mix it after adding some food colouring of your choice. Now let us try spray bottle painting. Put the paint in a spray bottle and add some water to it. Then let you and your children create masterpieces with this new painting technique.

Now let us visit the dollar store and get some colourful sponges. Now cut it in thin strips and cumulate two coloured strips with the help of a rubber band. Then you may enjoy the summer heat with some sponge water games. For better understanding of these DIYs visit:

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Edible Helium Balloon

We all love balloons, but what if they are edible? Now let us make something edible to play with. We need 7 grams of gelatin and 2 tbsp of water now mix it and on a hot plate heat a mixture of sugar, light cor syrup and water. Add to the hot mixture the mixture of gelatin and water. Now take a helium tank and blow as many balloons you wish to blow. For better understanding look up:

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DIY Rock Candy

We shall make a hard sugar candy now. Savour it whenever you wish to. They look attractive as they are colourful. They make a good candy to offer as they are really tasty and would be loved by all candy lovers. We need water and sugar and a cake popsicle. Dip the popsicle in the water and then in the sugar to get a thin coating on the popsicle. Then warm a large a bowl of water bring it to simmering temperature. Then slowly add sugar to the boiling water. Now put some edible colour in this solution to make it look attractive. Now place the already light coated popsicle in the bowl and let it crystallise. After crystallisation let it hang dry. Now you have beautiful hard rock sugar candy to savour this summer. Enjoy your lot of colourful festivities. For better understanding look up:

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Stunning Rainbow Projects

Let us go rainbow this summer. Colours is what we all love so let us dive into them. One of those ideas is sugar rock candy, which has been described earlier. Now let us do some colourful tye and dye. Take water and soda ash.

Now dip the pillow case in this solution. Then drain off the solution. Take a grill and place it on top of the empty container and place the pillowcase on it then cover the top with ice cubes and pour cold dye on top of it in rainbow sequence. Leave the apparatus overnight. Then wash the pillowcase the next day. So your rainbow tie and dye pillow case.

Let us make a rainbow coloured palette. We need baking powder, vinegar, corn starch and corn syrup. Mix them in the required proportions. Then part them in 7 portions and add colour to each portion. Now mix it with the colour. Take a small circular box and align the different portions inside it accordingly. Let it dry and set overnight. Now you may use It with a brush to paint rainbow colours at once. Now let us make rainbow mason jars to light up your evenings and campsites.

Take  glue and colour to it and add gliter to it. Mix the colour with the help of few drops of water. Take different colour for each of the 7 portions. Now take a glass jar and paint it on the inside. You can blend the colours or colour the jars individually. Once painted now place it upside down until it stops dripping. Then bake the jar to make the colours stick to it. Your bright jars are ready to light up.

Now let us make shimmer drinks. Take club soda and add vodka to it. Now add water flavour to it and add edible pearl dust as well. Now pour it into the drinking jar. Before serving add a cube of dry ice. Avoid direct skin contact with dry ice. Consume the drink after the vapours subside. For better understanding of the DIYs discussed look up:

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