DIY Repurpose Mason Jar Craft Ideas

When it comes to craftiness, DIY Mason Jar Crafts Ideas are best. There is so much that you can do with mason jars! These simple little containers are often used as everything from piggy banks to candle holders.

The beautiful shape of the empty coffee containers, sauce, jam, etc. can be reused. Apart from storing groceries and gathering dust at a corner, we are going to make use of old jars to make stuff more useful. Upcycle the old into brand new items using these DIYs.

DIY Mason Jar Repurpose Crafts Ideas

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1. DIY Brush Holder

Turn the regular mason jar into a cute little brush holder through this DIY. We can make any kind of face on the jar. You can take inspiration from the emojis that are available. Let us see how to make a moustache face today. Start with completely painting the mason jar with white acrylic colour. Apply 2 to 3 coats of white acrylic colour using paintbrush or sponge brush. Use of sponge brush results in even painting. Make sure to let the paint dry completely between each coat.

Applying multiple coats make the mason jar opaque. Paint the outer part and the bottom part of the jar. Now using a pencil draw the outline of eyes and moustache. Paint the features with black acrylic colour completely. To give a natural and lively effect, using a dot tool and bottom of pencil add a white colour to eyes and using pink colour add blush to cheeks. Our cute brush holder is ready. Remove the centre part of lid and add the rim to the jar. Place your stationery and decorate your table with this beautiful DIY Mason Jar Crafts Ideas.

2. Snow Globe for Christmas Decoration

Grab an empty mason jar and get ready to make the snow globe. We need distilled water, glitters of your choice, glycerine, the clay of various colours and toys for decoration. First, start mixing clay of your choice and make a circular base that covers the inner side of the lid. Using superglue stick the clay on the bottom side of the lid and press the toys onto the clay. Use super glue along bottom lines of toys so that they remain intact.

Add glitter on top of the clay. Now fill the jar with various colours of glitters, then add water and glycerine to it. Add glycerine according to your choice. The more glycerine the more time the glitter takes to reach the bottom. Now close the lid very tightly. Apply super glue along the rim of the jar. Snow globe DIY Mason Jar Crafts Ideas is ready and perfect for Christmas times.

3. Fairy Lantern Tutorial

Fairy lantern is a perfect lamp that can be placed in a kid’s room. Take the mason jar and paint it with white acrylic paint using a sponge on the outer side. Then paint the lid of a mason jar with a light colour like lux green using a sponge. Use of sponge gives the effect of snow. Cut the template of fairy and colour it black sketch in order to make it opaque. Pass a pendent through the rope and tie it around below the rim of the lid. Stick the template on the inner side of the jar using glue and place the tea lights inside. Then close the lid and decorate it with artificial flowers. Check out the link below for DIY Mason Jar Crafts Ideas Fairy Lantern:

4. Make You Own Organizer with Mason Jar

Apart from gifting and storing jars also play an important role in organising stuff. Begin by applying wood varnish to a rectangular piece of wood. After the varnish is dried fix the picture hanger to the back of the wood. Using a measuring tape mark points on the wood where you want to hang the mason jar. Make sure that the points are at regular intervals.

Measure the circumference of the top part of jar(just below the rim) using house clamp. Cut the excess part using a plier. Fix the house clamp at the marked points using a screw. Pass the jar through the clamp and tighten the clamps so that the jars remain intact. Hang the organiser on your wall and stay organised.

5. Message Box – Mason Jar Craft

Encapsulate the love for your loved one in a jar of messages and shower it on an auspicious occasion. You just need immense love and patience to make the message jar. Begin with tracing the lid of jar on a paper and write the main message on it. Start decorating the jar now. Cut a heart shape and pierce a hole. Pass the thread through hole and tie a knot. Stick the thread to inner part of lid such that it hangs.

Write your messages on rectangular strips of colour paper and roll them and number them. Place a gift inside the jar and decorate it with some stars and place all your messages. A jar filled with love is ready to explode.

6. Planters DIY Mason Jar Craft

Are you a plant lover but do not have enough space to have your own garden? Here is an amazing trick to make your own mini garden full of supplies that you can make at your home. You only need large mason jars, rocks, charcoal , potting mix and plants. Take the mason jar and add rocks as the bottom layer.

Add charcoal layer around 2 inches in order to drain excess water. Now add the potting mix and place the plant in it. Properly set the soil so that it is uniform. You can plant saplings of mint, cilantro and many other plants that elevate your special dishes. Place all the jars in a planter and find a spot that gets ample of sunlight.

7. Frosted Mason Jar

These make a good wedding gift. First, stick the template or design on an adhesive or vinyl and cut along. Now remove from vinyl and stick on the inner surface of the jar. Place the jar inside a covering such that when it is sprayed with frost spray only the inner part is sprayed but not the outside. Apply 2 coats of spray on the inner side one after other with a gap of 20 min. Remove the template and outer coverings. Spray the rim of the jar with metallic copper as additional embellishment. Place the tea light inside the jar and enjoy the classic frosted view. Check out the video below:

8. Dish Scrubber

This is the DIY that makes your work easier and quicker. Punch holes on the lid of the jar using screw and hammer in a pattern. Trace the lid on the sponge and cut along it using hot glue gun stick it to the rim. Add dishwasher in the jar and make cleaning easier and fun.


9. Nail Polish Remover

Colourful nails are what every girl wants. We change nail polish according to our dressing style. Removing the remains of nail polish is a difficult task. Today the nail polish remover we are going to make remove polish in no time. Place the sponge in the jar completely and pour nail polish remover onto it till it seeps completely and it is done.

Make these DIY Mason Jar Crafts ideas a part of your room decoration. Upgrade your life with these DIYs.

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