DIY: Make Simple Ribbon Flowers – Step by step

DIY: Make Simple Ribbon Flowers – Step by step Tutorials

Making Simple Ribbon Flowers-Step by Step Tutorials

Flowers are colorful and bright. Everyone loves fresh flowers for the pop of color they provide along with the sweet fragrance which lingers in their surroundings. Flowers are one of the most preferred presents for all age group and genders. We always love some fresh sweet smelling flowers in our backyard, our drawing, dining rooms set up in beautiful vases. Ribbons are one of the craft items which find most utility in everyday life. It will be great to explore the world of ribbon flowers. This tutorial article covers some really beautiful flower designs made from satin ribbons. Satin ribbons are really easy to work with. You can get satin ribbons in different widths to suit your usage and finish of the flower. If your children want to make these floral crafts’ they can easily make them. You just need to supervise them with the scissors and hit candles whenever and wherever required in the crafts.

DIY: Make Pretty ribbon rose flower (Tutorial)

This ribbon rose is really easy to make. It uses layers of colored satin rectangular pieces. Start with cutting regular rectangular pieces from the satin ribbon. Fold the top corners inwards and set them at the base with a pin. Use a pin to set the corners at the base. Stitch it with the help of a needle and thread. Pull the thread to gather the satin cloth in the middle at both of the triangles. Now form a bulb by curling the folded and gathered satin cloth. Keep on curling the next and next gathered satin pieces onto the bulbs. Go for larger satin pieces as the central bulb keeps on growing. Keep sewing the base of the bulbs together to form a complete flower. You can use multiple rose flowers to make a complete bouquet. This will look great when set in a vase. You can also make a brooch with small sized ribbon roses.

DIY Pretty Flower Hairpin (Tutorial)

These floral hangings look pretty. You can make these floral hangings using satin ribbons. Cut out rectangular pieces from satin ribbon. Now fold the rectangular pieces of ribbon into petals. Use a plucker to help in sealing the base of the petal. Now stick the petals adjacent to each other in a circular manner. Add a small satin circular path at the back of petal ring. Make smaller sized petals. Stick the petals in clusters of three petals. Make multiple such three petal clusters. Now join these three petal clusters and the flowers with the help of a thin cotton thread. Add a pearl in the centre of the flower. These ribbon flowers will look great. You can make a beautiful brooch from this. You can even add these hanging ribbon flower to the stash of your dress. These ribbon flowers are really easy to make and look pretty. You can even add these ribbon flowers to the edges of the bed sheets or table cloths. You can even make a choker necklace using these ribbon flowers.

DIY: Make Satin Ribbon Carnation Flower (Tutorial)

This is a pretty pastel floral brooch design. You can make this ribbon flower with any combination of colors. Start with two rectangular pieces of satin ribbon in different colors. Fold the pastel pink colred ribbon piece in half and seal it at the edges. Now pass the white ribbon piece through the hole. Fold the white ribbon in the front and seal it with hot glue gun or hot plucker. Now hold the base and fold the petal backwards. Your one petal of the flower is complete. Make several such petals by cutting rectangular pieces and folding and sealing the the base of the petals. Now stick all the petals on a circular base of satin. Now layer one more line of petals on top of the previous layer of petals. Now adorn each petal apex with a pearl sequin. Add a pearl and sequined central bulb to the flower to complete this ribbon flower. You can use this beautiful ribbon flower as a brooch or as a decoration at your home.

DIY kanzashi ribbon flower (Tutorial)

This is a beautiful petalled flower designer brooch. Start with different colored satin ribbons. Start with square pieces cut from peach, pink and white satin ribbons. The pieces should be cut in ascending pattern of size. Arrange the pieces of satin in succession of their size. Use a needle to fix them along the mid rib of the satin squares. Fold the squares inwards and use a plucker to set the petal in shape. Use a hot glue gun or candle to seal the folds. Now set the smaller petals inside the larger petal. Stick the petals in a circular manner. Take a circular satin piece and stick it at the back of the circular pattern of the petals. Now take some small sized beads and a large sized pearl or gem to adorn the central bulb of the flower. This floral broock looks really nice. You can add it to the sashes of the frocks or dress. You can even make brooches using this satin ribbon flower. These flowers are easy to make.

DIY Bright Satin Ribbon Flower (Tutorial)

This is a really beautiful red and white combination ribbon flower design. You can make these ribbon flowers with the help of scissors, a plucker, hot glue gun, candle, red and white ribbons. First of all cut small rectangular pieces of red ribbon and fold them according to the tutorial of the ribbon flower making steps. Once the pieces have been folded in shape, use hot glue gun to seal the edges. Now start holding the folded pieces using a plucker and stick the pieces together in a circular fashion using a hot glue gun. Now add a circular satin patch at the back of the circular design. Now cut out white ribbon rectangles and form similar pattern by folding and joining the leaflets together. You will get a smaller circle in white. Stick this circular white ring on top of the thread ring. Add a sequins or beads in the middle of the red and white ribbon flower. This looks really pretty. You can use it as a brooch or even add it to a laid table to beautify it. You may even add it to sashes and dresses to make them look prettier.

We hope that you liked all these floral crafts made using satin ribbon. These floral crafts will look great adorning your home. You can put these beautiful flowers anywhere you like. We will come up with more such interest content for you. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We would live to hear from you. You can leave your opinion and feedback in the comments section given below. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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