DIY : Learn To Make Cute Origami Mini Notebook

Origami Art specializes in making cool crafts with the help of a single craft supply of an Origami paper. The fact that this Origami Notebook is such an awesome idea for kids makes it an innovative. DIY Craft Ideas for Kids.You can make this easy DIY Origami Mini Modular Notebook, as a handmade gift idea for your kid’s on occasions like their birthday or even use it a small gift for their stockings on Christmas. Attach a bunch of keys to your cute little DIY Origami Mini Notebook and you can have a key chain for yourself!

Material you will need

  1. Construction paper.
  2. Printed paper.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Scale.
  5. Adhesive.
  6. Scissors.


Step 1 –

Take the plain colored paper and cut it measuring 20 cm × 20 cm making it a square.

Step 2 –

You will need 4 colored paper for the pages of the book and 1 printed paper measuring 20 cm × 20 cm respectively, for the book’s cover.

Step 3 –

Fold and cut the colored paper in two equal parts.

Step 4 –

Fold a paper in half & divide  the folded paper strip in 4 equal parts by folding it further.

Step 5 –

Fold all the remaining strips in the manner.

Step 6 –

Join these folded paper strips with one another by inserting the corner of one paper strip into another.

Step 7 –

Add more strength to the points where the strips join by pasting them with glue in the long strips.

Step 8 –

Open & lay flat the long folded strip & apply glue & join them together to give you page for the book.

Step 9 –

Take a printed paper square & fold it in half to cut it.

Step 10 –

Fold both the edges of the paper inside.

Step 11 –

Place the notebook in between of that strip & wrap the book inside the printed paper.

Step 12 –

Paste the bunch of pages for the book inside the cover of the book & chop of the remaining paper.

Your origami mini notebook is absolutely done to be gifted to your kids or special one. This origami mini notebook works magically !!!!

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