DIY How to Make – Spring Greeting Card – Step by Step

Spring Season Greetings!

Spring season is round the corner, the buds are waiting to burst open, the birds are ready to sing songs of merriment, the squirrels are ready to go nut hunting. Every piece of nature wants to sing in harmony the arrival of beauty and colour, freshness and joy, bliss and the blessed. Let us welcome it all with warm greetings to our loved ones. So let us try out the freshness of the mother nature, the bountiful, and inculcate it in all our greetings this spring season.

Spring Greetings Card using Butterflies

Now let us make a spring greeting card. First of all, take print outs of digital flower and basket stickers.  It will be better if your print the stickers on a  sheet with a stick on base. Now design a cover with different coloured stamps. Take care that different stamps do not mix into each other. Paste this sheet onto a different coloured sheet. Start pasting your digital stickers on the base card. You need not to take care of the symmetry as it is a fun DIY project. Even your small children can do this. Now place rhinestones. Now decorate the inside of the card using various stamps. You can also write best wishes inside in hand.

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Art Card – Spring Flowers

Festivity in the spring season blooms highly. To show this we are going to make a flower spring card. Firs of all take an outside cover and use a sponge to give it a diagonally gradient green shade. Now use other stamps to create better design. Now use a flower stamp to draw a flower, using the sponge colour the flowers. Stamp the flowers to darken the edge. Now stamp on their stalks on the main front. Now cut the flowers and paste them on the front of the card. Use a glossy solution to give the flowers a nice finish. Apply rhinestones in the middle of the flower. Now write a note, you can either use a stamp or write the note yourself. Now create the back of the card. For the inside message writing, cut a nice shape and give it a gradient using the sponge on the edges.

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How to Make – Spring Greeting Card Butterflies

Butterflies are an integral part of spring season. First of all make a coloured sheet using spray paints. There must be no gaps in the blending of the different colours. Now using a butterfly puncher cut out three butterflies from this coloured sheet. Meanwhile, make a card from a white sheet and cut a spare white sheet piece smaller than the upper flap of the card. Now trace the butterfly cut-outs on the spare white. Now paste the silver tape on these trace marks. Paste the coloured sheet on this white sheet and then paste the butterflies from their midriff on the region from where they were cut. Now paste this complete ensemble on the top flap of the card. Your butterflies are ready to create a storm.

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How to Make – Watercolor Butterflies Card

As the butterfly goes by its way, we capture it. Use a watercolor sheet to create a beautiful blend of pinks, peaches and reds. Dry the sheet, you can either use air drying method or use a hair dryer for faster drying. Now cut butterflies out of this beautiful sheet. Take a card skeleton and spread drops of colour on it. Take a stamp to write a note. You can even write the greetings in hand. Now paste the butterflies on the front. After you have pasted all the butterflies, fold their wings backwards. Write your best wishes inside the card as well.

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How to Make – Season greetings card

For season’s greetings, take silicon stamps and a stamping module. Take a hard sheet in dull colour and start stamping leaves, hearts and flowers on it in different colours. Add details to them using coloured pens. Take another white sheet and stamp a chick on it. Colour it and add details to it using coloured and sharpie pens. Cut the chick out after you are done with all the details. Now stamp ‘Greetings’ on a different slip. Stamp ‘Seasons’ on the leaves base. Now stick the ‘Greetings’ on the main base and stick the chick as well on it using double-sided tape. Add rhinestones to the outline of the chick.

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Spring is the time when every bud opens into a flower. May you even bloom to your fullest and the best yourself. We wish you a very happy Spring season.

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