DIY Handmade Gift Ideas for Friends

Friends are an important part of our life. They are like our second family. There are many things that we learn from our friends. We laugh, cry and enjoy the special moments of our life with them. Giving such friends gifts, is a tough job. One has to think so much before gifting something. But let me tell you a secret that, handmade gifts are such gifts that a person who receives them, can never forget you. Handmade gifts shows the effort you have put for making something for your friend. It shows that you care for them. It becomes a precious thing for your friend. Here, I am going to tell some cute handmade gift ideas for friends.

DIY Potion Pendants – Gift Ideas for Friends

For making a potion pendant, we need clear glue, liquid dye, a miniature bottle, eye pins, jump rings, chain kit and some charms for decorating. First add the colour dye in the clear glue bottle and mix it properly. Nowz pour this coloured glue in a miniature bottle. Take the cork of the bottle and insert an eye pin in it. Place the cork on top of the bottle tightly, so that it won’t come out. Add a jump ring on the eye pin and then insert the chain through the jump ring. You can add charms for decorating the bottle even more. Don’t forget to write the name of the potion. And now you have an awesome pendant to gift your best friend. The link for the video tutorial is below.

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DIY Notebooks – Gift Ideas for Friends

If your friend is a writer or a poet, then this would be a perfect gift for your friend. Making a notebook is really easy. Here, I am going to tell you 3 ways to make a notebook. First would be making a miniature notebook. This type of notebook can be used for making notes. Take a printed paper and cut out the size you need for the notebook. Make 3 folds out of which two should be of same size and the last one should be shorter as it would be the flap. Take some papers and cut it out according to the size of the notebook and staple it to the printed paper and your miniature notebook is ready. You can even make a notebook out of cereal box. Just cut out the cereal box according to the size you need for your notebook and then staple the pages in it. This is the second method. Third one is known as paper notebook. For this, take a wrapping paper or printed paper for the cover. Fold it 3 times, and then staple the pages in the cover. You can decorate the notebooks by threads, pictures and stickers. Here is the video representation.

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Memory Jar – Gift Ideas for Friends

We have numerous memories with our friends. How about gifting them some memories? Yes, we can gift them a memory jar. All we need is a mason jar and some strings and laces for decoration. Write on a printed paper ” memory jar” or any nice quote and stick it to the mason jar. Get creative and decorate it. You can decorate the jar by adding glitters, ribbons or maybe just paint the mason jar. Tie a string on the neck of the mason jar with a tag for more effect. You can write anything on the tag, like the initials of your friend’s name. Take pieces of papers and write down some of your inner jokes or some specific memory, roll it and put it in the jar. You can even take your pictures and put it in the jar. Do add some chocolates or mints for your friend. There you go, a memory jar is ready. Add as many memories you can. Watch the video for more ideas.

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Creative Gift Ideas – Gift Ideas for Friends

Why not get a bit creative while gifting something? Like, rather than wrapping a gift with gift wrapper, why not wrap it with colourful paper and write the starting letter of the gift in it? You can even give gifts starting with the letters of your name, like a pendant if there’s a P in your name and so on. You can even wrap the gift and write down the time when you want the person to open it, in the paper. Or, you can write letters and put it in envelopes stating “open this when you are sad” and many such things. You can take pieces of printed paper or thick paper and write down the things which you like about your friend. The number of pieces of paper can be the age of your friend. Or maybe wrap the papers around some chocolates or small gifts, and write the things you like about your friend in the paper. For more such amazing ideas, watch the video below.

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Money Pouch Keychain – Gift Ideas for Friends

If your friend is one of those persons who doesn’t like to carry wallets and bags, then this is the perfect gift for them. You can even make this pouch from those old jeans. Take a piece of fabric, it can be printed or you can decorate it according to your choice. Now, cut out the fabric according to the measurements given in the video below. You would have a rectangular shaped fabric for the zip. Take the piece of fabric, make a slit for the space of the zip. See the zip with the fabric and keep it aside. Now, take the oval shaped fabric piece you have cut out and mark the base for the pouch in the middle. Now, take those two small pieces of fabric and sew it to the base of the pouch, inside out. Take a piece of fabric, roll it and pass it through the jump ring, and sew it to the pouch. See the zip on the oval shaped fabric as shown, inside out. Don’t forget to open the zip before sewing it, and your money pouch is ready. Now turn it out and pass the key chain through the jump ring. A cute little money pouch key chain is ready. Watch the video for steps.

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A Happy Box – Gift Ideas for Friends

Okay, this one’s really interesting and can cheer up anyone. You can give this to your friend when he/she is having a bad day. All you have to do is take a shoebox and wrap it up in colourful papers and collect things that makes your friend happy. You can give a coffee mug, some chocolates, a cute little toy or a cushion cover or even a book. You can even make this happy box based on the favourite colour of your friend. Put some streamers or shredded colourful papers on the box first, as it would help the gifts to not break. Now, put all those gifts in the box. You can even make it a fandom box, like if your friend loves Harry Potter then you can add a time turner pendant, a harry Potter cushion, some bookmarks and maybe a small cake just like Hagrid had made for Harry. It’s really a sweet gift and would obviously cheer up your friend. For more ideas, watch the video below.

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Silhouette Lamps – Gift Ideas for Friends

Friends light up our world. They fill up our life with laughter even during the gloomiest times. So, why not gift them some light? Yes, I am talking about making a silhouette lamp as a gift for friends. For making a silhouette lamp, we need an empty plastic jar, a thin white chart paper, a black chartpaper and glue. Wrap the white paper around the jar and see if it fits in perfectly. Now, make the sketches you want as silhouettes for your lamp in the black paper. Cut it out and then stick it to the white paper. You can sketch your friend’s favourite superhero character like batman or maybe favourite Disney character like Tinkerbell. For more effect, take a earbud and dip it in baby oil and dab it in the white paper as it will give the effect of pixie dust. You can add details in the white paper with a black marker. Now, wrap this paper around the plastic jar and stick it with tape. You can put fairy lights in the jar for your lamp. You can even remove the jar if you want to and you can get a paper silhouette lamp. Watch the video for more ideas.

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Aesthetic Gifts – Gift Ideas for Friends

If your friend is aesthetic or loves things that denotes peace and calmness then these gifts would be a treat for him/ her. First, I am going to tell you how to make crystal elixir. You can use this elixir as a face toner, a room freshener or even for meditation. For making this all you need is some crystals of your choice. Search for the crystals you want in you elixir. Now, take bowl of water and add the crystals in it and leave it under direct sunlight for a day. Take an empty spray bottle and pour the crystalled water in it. You can even add essential oils in it. Your crystal elixir is ready. Second gift is a book of wishes. For making this all you need is a long piece of chartpaper and pictures of the places or goals that your friend wants to achieve. Fold the paper just like you used to fold it as a paper fan. Now cut out the pictures and stick it on each side of the folded paper. Write some words of encouragement. Decorate it with glitters and then you can tie it up with a string. This cute little book can be a real motivation for your friend. Third would a crystal wall hanging. For this, you need a long crystal, strings and some dried flowers for decoration. Cut out two pieces of strings according to the size you want and make a loop to hold the crystal in it. The steps are shown in the video. Then tie the flowers to the strings and your wall hanging is ready. Watch the video below for steps.

We hope you liked these handmade gift ideas for friends. Keep reading for other amazing craft ideas to gift your friends.

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