DIY: Decorative Stones & Gravel, Paint Craft Ideas

Stones are used for decoration in several ways. Stone rings, colorful pebbles, gravel and other rockery pieces can be used in multiple ways. Here, we listed few ideas to add beauty to your home with beautiful stones.

Decorative Stones: Step by Step Tutorial

Things You May Need

  • Black or gray stones
  • Metal Ring Pads
  • Paint pens
  • Colored Tape
  • Glue
  • Spray

You can start with basic shapes like dot, lines, triangles, circles and other similar shapes.


DIY decorative stones formations

Painting is the favorite pastime for any kid. And stones is one of the basic material which is readily available everywhere and that too in different shapes and sizes. You can start by telling your kids to paint the stones in shapes and forms. This way they will beautify the stones and also learn how to paint in a free manner. Let us look at some of the ideas to paint stones.

Tortoise as a decorative stone

Image source / Tutorial: Bleu

A tortoise made of decorative stones is easy to make if you have good painting skills. You can increase the detailing according to your skillset. For this DIY idea, start with finding the right shapes of stones. The middle one must be large in size and the hands, legs must be curvy. Also, for the face, try to go for somewhat oval shape.

Decorative stones lady birds

Image source / Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda

You can use the flat stones in your backyard for making ladybirds of different colors. Here we have painted them such that they have only the face and the body. The eyes and the dotted pattern on the body are key characteristics to make this Decorative Stones look like ladybirds. You can choose the color of the stone with black according to your preference and suitability with the backyard.

Beautiful shoes painted on stones

Image source / Tutorial: Rock Art Attack

There various types of painting. Snicker painting is the most appreciated one. But you can also paint on the stones to make them look like shoes for decorating your garden. Try to copy and paint the real shoes on the Decorative Stones for this DIY idea. Don’t forget to make the outlines as this will improve the beauty of the stones.

Beautifully painted cat Decorative Stone

Image source / Tutorial: Happy Rocks.

Drawing & Painting this cat on the stones requires a high level of skills. But with practice, you can improve your capabilities and focus more on detailing. For this idea of painting Decorative Stones, you will need a large stone. As the weight of the stone will also be heavy, it will be more difficult to move the stone and thus paint it. But once done, it will look astonishing near the Main gate of your house.

Cacti Decorative Stones

Image source / Tutorial: El Nido

If you love succulents and want to have your own set of these, you can craft an artificial set of cacti as done in the image. Start with searching for stones that will be best suited for this idea. Then paint these stones with green color completely and at last give shade and patterns with the help of white color. Keep them in a small pot with small stones in the end for the best contrast.

Snow season owls Decorative Stones

Image source / Tutorial: Yogisowl

These owl stones have a basic color of the stone for the body. The eyes, hat, and hands are drawn and painted with fine detailing brush. Try to use warm colors for the eyes and the rest. For the shelf, you can use any old cabinet or try to give thee antique look to a new one. Add snowflakes to the shelf to represent snow season.

Froggy frogs Decorative Stones

Image source / Tutorial: The Garden Glove

These Decorative Stones are a mix of different sizes. The face is a long one and the stomach is of nearly rounded shape. For the legs, you can use two stones for each leg as done in the image. The paint must be such that it looks as they just came out of the forest into your garden. You can cut the plastic balls in half and paint them black for the eyes.

Beautifully painted hen and the eggs and chicks Decorative Stones

Image source / Tutorial: Living Rocks.

Just like the cat idea, this hen also requires high detailing. Whereas the hatched eggs are much easier to paint. You can keep these Decorative Stones with some hay to give it the appropriate resemblance. You can start by first making a simple hen on the stone and then increase the detailing, thus making 5-6 hens with different levels. This will improve your skills and control on the hands.

Big toad Decorative Stone

Image source / Tutorial: Cores Com Arte

This frog Decorative Stones idea has more shades of colors than the previous ones. Start with first choosing the big stone and paint them with green and yellow. The small pits on the stones are for the surface and the design. Then you can go for two equal size stones for the eyes. And at last for the legs. Try to keep it near the grass and the shrubs to increase the beauty of the big toad

Comic painted stones

If you are planning to keep your Decorative Stones indoors, you can go for this idea to entertain your kids too. In the image, we have used the drawings and the quotes from the cartoon series “Winnie the Pooh”. For this, first, draw the characters and the background scene and write the quote with the permanent marker. You can use small and medium-size stones and do remember to leave the right amount of space for the quote to fit.

DIY Fruits and Vegetables painted stones

Image source / Tutorial: West Valley.

Apart from the characters and animals, you can use the stones to represent vegetables and fruits. As they will not look real, thus you can mention the name on the top with white crayons. You can refer to the above image for the ideas of how to make the drawings according to the size and shape of the stone. For example, on the long stones, we have drawn carrot, jalapenos and on the large oval-shaped, we have used it for watermelon.

Beautifully painted fish Decorative Stones

If you are also a fan of aquariums and fishes, you can use this easy DIY for Decorative Stones in your house. The fishbowl can be filled with small stones and you can draw and paint a few of these stones into fishes. Try to search for oval stones for this idea. At the pointy side, use it for face and you can use the round side of the egg-shaped stones for the rear. You can use various shades of paints and draw patterns on these fishes with silver and golden colors.

Lady birds and frogs Decorative Stones

If you happen to find big flat stones as shown in the image, you can use these Decorative Stones for making the base of the ladybirds and frogs. The larger the size of the stone, the more it will accommodate.  Try to paint these flat stones with green shades for showing the leaves of the riverside view. You can craft new frogs, ladybirds or use the previous ideas. Here we have crafted a new style where only one single stone is painted for one figure.

Beautiful owls painted on stones

Image source / Tutorial: Painted Rocks by Shelli

If your skills have become advanced now with practice, you can use a large size for Decorative Stones to paint Mumma Owl and Baby Owl. Or you can save this idea for later use if you are not confident enough that you will be able to pull it through. We will suggest you go with the simple figures of these and then go for details. You will automatical realize where you have to stop. Increase the detailing with time. For example, if you think you can draw these eyes then start with that after the simple figure. Then go for next part.

Floral Decorative Stones

The small stones can be painted white in color and used as petals of the flower. Try to find a perfectly round stone for the center of the flower. And you can use twigs for the stems. Try to make two to five flowers in one scene as a single flower will not look that appealing. You can use the grain-sized stones of mix color at the bottom as done in the image.

Beautifully painted dog on a Stone

Image source / Tutorial: Painted Rocks by Shelli

Here we bring another idea for highly skilled artists. All you have to do is search for large stones and get started with your brushes. We will recommend you to draw the outlines with a pencil or marker first before going for the paintbrushes.

Fruits and Veggies painted on stones

Image source / Tutorial: Ernesona Gillina

The stones can be found in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can use these to your advantage by decorating a fruit and vegetable basket by these Decorative Stones. Make various eatables one by one individually and then keep them collectively in the basket. Try to go fo the veggies which are general and nearly everyone loves to eat. This will help them to identify the name of the figures easily.

A sleeping cat painted on a rock

If the size of the stone is 2-3 feet, you can paint the upper portion as any animal such as a cat or dog. These will look like the cat is sleeping on the stone. Try to cover all the upper areas in the drawing such that no portion above the cat is seen as part of the stone. You can refer to the above image for the cat design for this Decorative Stones idea.

Beautiful Decorative Stones Showpiece

Image source / Tutorial: Dekoartikel_linkart

Do you want to decorate a craft such that you can keep and light a candle in between? Then this is the best idea suitable for your plan. All you have to do is draw the eyes of the stones and make them stand with glue on another large flat stone as done in the image. Try to cover the major region except for the place where the candle is to be kept. Keep one side of the boundary-free for easy keeping and removing of the candle.

M&Ms Decorative Stones

As we know that M&Ms and Gems are the representation of stones made of chocolate, you can reverse the game by making these Decorative Stones. Now, the stone represents M&Ms with faces on them. You can make it look like that the M&Ms are half bitten and their face is sad. The trick for the sad face lies in the eyes of these figures. Try to use different colors for different stones to make them colorful.

Red and Bright strawberries Decorative Stones

Image source / Tutorial: Image Event

We all love strawberries, don’t we? At least the majority of us do. They are good in nutrition and have a lot of benefits. You can use the stones to craft these beautiful fruit figures and keep them together as a bunch. This idea will be definitely loved by your guests and also, it is simple and easy to make.

Halloween Decorative Stones

Do you wish to have your own Halloween figures which you have crafted on your own? You can definitely go for this idea as it is easy and signifies creativity too. All you have to do is draw and paint monstrous faces on the big rocks to have your own  Decorative Stones pieces. You can change the face color as done in the image before drawing the faces.

Beautiful Decorative Stones Formation

Image source / Tutorial: Deep Art

Are these all ideas so easy for you? Then why not you go for this one where you can use the stone formation of various sizes and shapes of the stones to pop up any animal or bird image (here in the image is a cat).  If you are finding difficulty with the shades of the stone then you can choose cream-colored paint to make the outers of the animal figure. You can see this example in the upper region easily. Depending on your skills, the body parts can be crafted with these Decorative Stones.

Beautiful Decorative Stones formation

This is a pretty huge formation of and insect with Decorative Stones. The formation uses no colors but only different sizes of stones in round and flat shape. You can arrange the stone in the descending order of their size to form the body and tail as done in the image. Then use the large flat stones for crafting the wings of the figure. You can add antennas with wooden sticks if you like.

Ornated Decorative Stones

The main motive of this idea is to decorate the stones and also maintain the symmetry of the art piece. As you can see in the image, all the patterns are round in shape and properly aligned to the stone. This requires a lot of time and patience with a stable hand.  You can use any combination of colors and patterns or use the above ideas too.

Ice Age Penguins painted on stones Decorative Stones

Penguins are sweet and adorable birds that are found near the ice and snow. Thus, you can craft your own collection of these lovable figures with the help of Decorative Stones. At the start, craft a few numbers of penguins on the stones with the help of drawing and paints. For the ice or snow, you can use the translucent slabs or you can also color the cubicle stones to white. Keep them on the huge rocks for the best aesthetics.

Mandala and other doodles Decorative Stones

If you have a taste of doodling in this era of Art & craft, you can showcase your skills with the help of this Decorative Stones idea. Just find medium size stones and wash them properly in water. Then get started with the permanent marker and pens. You can also use a fine brush and black paint if you have the required expertise in this area.

Fine arts Decorative Stones

If you are a good painter, you may go on with this beautiful skyline painting on the sides of a flat stone. Start by sketching the skyline on the sides of the stone. Paint the buildings and give a proper gradient at the back of the buildings to give it the right feel. Display this beautiful artform as a show piece in your drawing room. This will surely be the centre of attraction for your guests.

Bright Neon Painted Decorative Stones

This abstract art form looks pretty. You can take some smooth stones and clean them. Now take out the brightest of the paints you have got. Paint the stones in the bright colors. Lay these colorful and bright stones in your drawing room to add a splash of color to the interior of your home. They would also look great exhibited in your child’s room.

Beautifully doodled Decorative Stones

Sometimes we have got some extra time and we love to doodle away. You can use this doodle knack on some stones. First of all collect some stones. Now clean them and dry them. Take out your brushes and paint and paint on some doodles from your inagination. You can even take some help from the internet or from this article itself. You can even write some quotes or the names of your family members on the stones.

Citrus fruits Decorative Stones

Citrus fruits are loved by one and all. You can collect some flat shapeless stones. Clean these stines and dry them. Now as per the shapes of the stones, paint some fresh and juicy citrus fruits onto them. This will surely brighten up your summers and add a punch of color to your winter.

Detailed patterns painted on stones

You can make this beautiful set of mandalas painted on a set of slate grey stones. You can collect some smoith and flat shaped stones to make these beautiful stone crafts. Clean the stones with water and let the dry. Once they are dry, take out your brushes and white paint to create this spectacular artform. You can use them to decorate your home or nursery.

Painting on stones

These are some beautifully painted stones ideas. If you have a knack for painting and fine arts you can surely go for this syone painting activity in the form of owl eyes, human eyes, different sorts of mandalas and doodle painting. This way you get a beautiful let out for your stressed out mind and peace prevails.

We hope you loved all these beautiful decorative stones. We hope you will be able to realise them easily. Do leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below. Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We will come up with more such crafty articles soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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