DIY : Christmas / New Year Candle Holder Decoration

Why waste orange peels? Ever thought to make your own candle holder instead of buying them? Here is a DIY to help you make awesome candle holder for Christmas or new years to light up your home with the addition of its fragrance. It is simple and fun and all you will need is basic supplies lying around in the house. Try it out.

Materials needed

  • Tea light candles
  • Orange
  • Cookie cutter (preferable shape)
  • Cloves
  • Pointed nip pen
  • Knife
  • Spoon


Step 1

Place the orange on the tea light candle. Take a fat book and place it at least 2 inch away from the orange. Place the pen on the book with the pointed nib touching the orange. Now just keep rotating the orange along with the candle until a line is drawn around the centre.

Step 2

Take the knife and start cutting the orange peel only from the central line drawn.

Step 3

Take a spoon and gently slide the spoon into the cut just made and move along the cut, carving the top half of the orange peel off and do the same with the bottom half of the peel. Now you will have to round orange peels.

Step 4

Take the cookie cutter and place it inside the orange peel (i.e. on the white part). Gently press it hard to cut through the orange peel. You can use the bottom of a cut to apply force for the cookie cutter to cut through the peel.

Step 5

Now you have a beautiful round peel with a star shape centre but its missing something. That’s right, it needs some decorations to make it look presentable. So, take some cloves and simply press it down from the outside part of the peel around the star.

Step 6

Take the other round part of the peel and place a tea light candle inside it and just cover it up with the decorated peel. Just light the candle and you’re all ready with your Christmas candle holder.

This is great to just keep all around the house especially during the festive season of Christmas around the corner it is a good way to light up your home. You can try many different decorative ideas with this. Don’t just stop at this do more and experiment more, obviously without burning the house down. Have fun!

Hope you like our tutorial. Thanks for visiting our website.

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