Easy DIY Cement Projects for Home Decoration

If you’re thinking about adding a little curb appeal to your home, consider creating gorgeous DIY  Cement Project ideas Creatively Cool. Here what I found many amazing ways that you can turn concrete into beautiful DIY projects.

After the construction of a wall or any slab in your house, we always find the raw materials that remain and are of no use at that point in time. We always buy materials like cement and sand in bulk quantity in case of construction. In this situation, instead of placing the bag of cement in the attic for later use, you can make beautiful home decors that elevate your house. Grab some cement and water and get ready to construct your decors.

Easy DIY Concrete Project Ideas

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1. Learn to Make DIY Hand Stand

It is quite is to make. All your daily use accessories can be hung on the stand and you can have easy access to them rather than scouting around. As a mould use an old plastic hand glove. Hang the hand glove upside down by plucking the bottom part of glove onto the moth of a jar such that the glove hangs.

Take plaster of Paris in a plastic mug and add water till it becomes a slurry. Now pour the slurry slowly into glove till the rim of the jar and let it dry for 10min. Carefully remove the hand and cut the glove using scissors and soften the base using a sand paper. Decorate the hand by painting with acrylic paint and stick template of your choice. Our handstand is ready to go.

2. DIY Cushion Holders for Home Décor

This DIY is the best home décor. We can place the cushion holder on a table or in a corner of the room where we can place things on it. Before starting the DIY make sure to wear gloves to prevent drying of hands as we deal with cement. Take cement in a bowl according to the size of your holder. The size of the holder is decided by the size of the zip lock cover you use.

Add water to the cement and mix well with hands till it turns into a soft paste similar to a pudding. Fill the zip lock cover with the cement leaving some gap at top for allowing free movement of cement. Close the zip lock till the end while placing it slightly horizontally and tap on the cover so that air bubbles escape. Later completely close the zip lock and place a glass at the centre to make a dip. Place heavy object like book on it to support the glass and leave for 10 hours. After 10 hours remove the cover and dry in sun for final finish.

3. DIY Fall Cement Candle Holders with Sea Lemon

We need craft foam for making the design. Let us see fall leaf design today. Trace the leaf pattern on craft foam and cut along. Use of craft foam gives more embossed outlook and as well as makes it easy to separate from the cement after drying. Make 2 leaves out of craft foam and stick tge plain side on the inner surface of the plastic cup using a double side tape. Take the tea light candle and wrap the base and edge with foam sheet and stick it using tape.

Apply oil on the foam leaves and candle foam for easy removal. Mix the cement and water as we did for cushion holder and pour into cup. Place the wrapped candle exactly at centre and place weight on it so that it remains stable. After 24 hours remove the plastic cup and foam. File the excess cement to get the perfect shape.

4. DIY Concrete Gel Fire Pit for Home Décor

You need two plastic bowls where one fits inside another. Mix cement and water such that a smooth paste is formed. Add water a bit more so that air bubbles are not formed. Apply oil or non-sticky spray to the bowls. pour the cement in the larger bowl and press the smaller bowl in it. Place weights in the small bowl so that the bowl retains back. After a day, when the cement dries out remove the bowls carefully.

File the surfaces using a knife or filer. Cut the square wire mesh and shape it to fit in the concrete bowl. Carefully place the canned fuel at the centre and cover with the mesh wire. Cover the wire with rocks or pebbles. Take help of another person while handling the canned fuel. Light the fuel and enjoy the warmth.

5. Concrete Glass Vase

Take a glass jar like one with a square shape. Cut the cardboard in the shape of the long rectangular strip and roll it around the jar from half. Stick the cardboard to the jar using an adhesive tape. Mix sand, cement and water and prepare the slurry. Pour the slurry into mould and dap the mould to remove air bubbles.

Let it dry for a day. Later, remove the cardboard and soften the concrete using sand paper. Put flowers in the vase and decorate your centre table.

6. Instagram Photo Frame to Decorate Your Memories!

Do you take pictures a lot and love to capture every good thing that you see? Secure your memories with the photo holder we are going to make. Take an empty juice carton and mark on all the four sides squares same as the bottom one and strip of 1-inch width. Cut along the traced lines using scissors. After cutting the square strip of 1 inch stick the square on the side to make a mould. Now cut a design on the foam sheet to make an impression on the holder. Stick the stencil on the inner side of the mould and pour in the cement slurry.

Tap the mould to remove the air bubbles. Let the holder dry for a day and remove the mould. Soften the holder by rubbing it on a sand paper. Remove the foam stencil and paint the design. Make two of the cement blocks and stick magnets on the plain side at the centre such that the two blocks are attracted. Place a photo such that the magnets hold it in between the cement blocks. Place your favourite pictures and enjoy.

7. DIY Cement Planter

Different from the regular geometric planters we are going to make a randomly shaped planter. Take cement in a plastic tumbler and mix with water to make a slurry of correct consistency(a bit liquidly). Immerse a square towel that can act as a planter in the cement slurry. After completely immersing the towel in cement place it on an inverted plastic planter so that the towel takes the shape of planter. Leave the planter for 24 hours till it completely dries. Add potting mix and plant your sapling. Check out this DIY Cement Project Ideas  video below:

8. Creative DIY Project – Stool

Add cement into a plastic bucket and add water. Fill the bucket till the level that is equal to the thickness of the cement slab. Take 3 equal length pieces of wood that act as legs of the stool. Dip the legs in the slurry so that the stool stands(triangular pattern). Leave the stool undisturbed for a day. Carefully remove the concrete slab from the bucket. You can soften the edges using a sand paper. Check out this DIY Cement Project Ideas  video below:

Use the excess cement laying ideally wisely and add decors out of no cost. You can be as creative as possible with DIY Cement Project Ideas and make your designs.

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