Creative Use of Plastic Bags for Art & Craft

Plastic bags have been banned from the country. So, it means you cannot use them anymore even if you have some plastic bags left at home. So, better reuse them in any other way. It is better if we reuse them in an artsy way rather than sending them for disposal in the landfills.

DIY basket out of soda can and plastic bags

Let us make a beautiful and handy basket using old tin cans and old plastic bags. First of all cut the can radially and then start making adjacent cuts lengthwise. Now place double-sided on both sides of a single tin can flap. Take two different coloured plastic bags and cut thin strips from them both the bags. Start twisting the strips individually and secure one end of the strips, one on each side of the flap. Now Alternatively fold the strips to and fro each flap until you reach back at the start. When and where the strip ends secure it with the help of double tape and start with another strip from the same place in the same way. Secure the end with the hep of double tape and keep on twisting and alternatively folding. Keep on doing this until very little tin strip is left. Now fold these tin strips towards the inside. To keep the plastic strips in place. Now take a rectangular tin strip and cover it with alternative turns of plastic strips. Now fix this strip in the basket base from the inside. Make a bow of plastic strip and secure it on the handle of the basket. For better understanding of the procedure of this beautiful basket look up:

DIY: The Basket Bag| Recycle Plastic Bags

Now we are going to use 15 garbage bags to make a beautiful purse. Fold the garbage bag multiple times and cut thin strips out of it. Now we are going to braid the black garbage bag strips. Take three strips of the black strips. Now secure them with the help of a rubber band and tape it on the base. Now start braiding from the base it till end and decide the length of the braiding according to the length and width of the purse. Now cut strips from the white plastic bag. Take a big sewing needle. Put the white strip in the needle and start sewing two black braids together. Sew all the black braids together when your purse size dimensions are fulfilled. Secure the ends with the help of black tape. Now sew in strips of black plastic strips at the middle of the length of the rectangular braided piece. Now braid all the black strips on the side and sew them again. Now fold the length and give it a shape and secure it by sewing it with the help of needle and white plastic strip. Now make handles and sew them in place. Now make a cloth inner pouch and glue it on the insides using the glue gun. Your plastic bag reuse purse is ready. For better understanding look up:

DIY: Unbelievable reuse of old Polythene

Take a few layers of plastic sheet and place it in the folds of a newspaper. Now use an ironing press and iron the plastic sheets using the layer of the newspaper as the barrier between the iron and the plastic sheets. Once done cut thin strips of this fused plastic mass. Once cut, start curling the strip. And join the ends. Now beautify the curve and it will start looking like a bangle. You can even put sequins, pearls and different shaped shiny stuff. For better understanding of the procedure of bangle making from the old unused plastic sheets look up:

Plastic Cover Flower Making Designs

Now let us make some beautiful flowers using the old plastic bags. Fold the plastic bag in half lengthwise. Now cut the base and the hand strings from the main body. Throw the base away. Open the main portion and cut one side. It becomes a plain sheet. Now use a single hand string to make a ball of it. Now use this ball, to place it in the full sheet and curl the sheet around it and cut the edges after some length and then continue this process again. After first curl place it again in the sheet and curve the sheet again and cut the edge after some length. Repeat the process again and again until the sheet gets exhausted. Now tie the base circular portion using a needle and thread. Now cut the unwanted edges off the flower. Unfurl it a bit. For better understanding of the procedure of this beautiful flower look up:

I hope you enjoyed realising all these fun art ideas. I hope we all become responsible towards the Mother Earth and our duty towards keeping it clean and pollution free. We must try to mitigate all the factors which pollute our environment.

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