Easy Vase Decorating Ideas To Make At Home

Vases are an important accessory for a house. We all love the sweet fragrance of beautiful flowers in the house. But to keep the flowers we even require a beautiful vase. It would be nice if we customise our own vase according to the interior of our house. It will accentuate the beauty of the house and the flowers as well.

Smart Women Pot Painting

We will start with a simple design. We need an earthen pot, paint brushes, water, cloth and acrylic paints. First paint a base coat with a neutral shade. Paint the insides as well to some depth. Once the base coat is complete let the pot dry. Now take a darker colour and use a thin brush to paint a ring around the neck of the pot. Make various rings and use different colours to make hills designs and dots of various colours. You can make other kinds of designs which you like. For better understanding of the procedure look up:

DIY: Pot decoration with clay flower

Let s use m-seal to make beautiful flowers. First of all mix the two parts of the m-seal. Now make small balls of the mixture. Flatten the balls and make petals out of it. Paint the petals and give them a glossy finish. Now make leaves and paint them green. Make long slender cylinders showing the branches connecting the leaves and the flowers. Paint the branches dark green. Now join the petals together and make a flower of them. Now use double tape at the back of the flowers and the leaves and the branches to stick them to an already painted pot. Start with sticking the flowers. Then the leaves and connect using the branches. For better understanding of the procedure of this floral flower vase look up:

Vase Decoration with Clay

Take a beautiful vase. If you wish to paint it on your own then buy an unpainted one and then give it a coat of glossy black acrylic paint. You can either buy an already painted pot. Not take a packet of m-seal and then mix the two parts of the mixture. Take a ball of m-seal and flatten it out. Using a cutter make three cuts on it. Make four such flattened pieces. Paste the first one and while pasting make a wave from the petal, don’t paste it flattened out. Now leaving a centre paste all the petals in a wavy manner. You can use a toothpick to maintain the curves. Now take a ball of m-seal and place it in the centre of the petals pattern. Use the toothpick to make dots in the centre ball. Now take a small sized thin cylinder of m-seal and make long petals in the same manner as before but wound them around this cylinder this time. This becomes the bud for the plant. Paste it a bit higher than the flower. Now make some leaves and some more flowers. Now we are going to paste the flowers first. The flowers are more like opened buds. Now paste a long thread like piece showing a branch. On both sides of this branch paste the flowers and the leaves. It will give the complete look of the plant. You can paint the design or may leave it as it is. It is your wish. For better understanding look up:

How to decorate flower pot

Take a pitcher shape earthen pot. Now we are going to turn this pitcher into a beautiful flower vase. First of all give the base coat of white colour with a broad brush. Colour the insides as well to some depth. If you find that the earthen colour is still prevalent you can even go for a second coat. You may coat it the second time using some other colour as well. Now use a thin brush to make a green coloured at the neck of the pitcher. Now use a thin brush to make triangles at the base of the ring. Keep vary of the size of the triangles all through the perimeter. It would not look if it keep on varying. Now using the red colour make a leaf like design in the four directions perpendicular to each other. Make green coloured dots in the inside of the design. Now make flowers at the bottom portion in a combination of red and blue. Fill in the flower in yellow, only if it pleases you. Make more designs as you like. You make make polka dots in the empty spaces if you please. You can even doodle in your own way. You may join the open ends or draw leaves for the flowers. Now paint the top in a bright colour. Paint the base in various rings and dots. You can even make waves and curves. For better understanding of the painted flower vase look up:


I hope you enjoyed the vase making procedure and I wish that you will be further pleased to keep your flowers in these pots.

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