Creative Egg Carton Crafts For Kids

There’s a famous saying in India that “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao andey” meaning that one should eat eggs everyday. Eggs are not only good for health but also helpful in making amazing crafts. But this time let’s try making something creative out of egg cartons. So, instead of throwing away the egg cartons, use them to engage your child in making something creative. It won’t only be fun but would also help the child in using his/her crafting skills. So let’s try making some amazing art out of egg cartons.

Egg Carton Flowers

For making this, we need egg cartons, some paint, glue , a shoebox lid, ribbons and some green coloured pipe cleaners or straws. First of all, paint the shoebox lid with some dark colour, as it would serve as a background, and keep it aside. Now, cut out each shell of the egg carton. Trim the edges of each shell to give it the shape of a flower. After that, paint the shells with any colour you want and let it dry. Apply another coat if necessary. Now for making the stems of the flowers, take the green straws and tie them together with a colourful ribbon. Cut the stems at a length of your wish and then stick them on the shoebox lid. After this, all we have to do is stick the painted shells on the shoebox lid. There you go, a perfect homemade gift for any occasion which is not only simple to make but is also beautiful. You can refer to this video for further details.

Wreath Out of Egg Cartons

One can even decorate house with egg cartons. Here, we are going to make a wreath out of egg cartons. For this, we need egg cartons, paper plates, glue and some paint. First, cut out a shell of the egg carton and trim the edges. Make a cut on each edge of the shell and keep it aside. Take another shell and make a cut on each edge and in addition to that make a cut on each half of a side and then fold each cut inwards so that it will give an appearance of petals. Now stick this shell on the inward side of the first shell. For extra petals take unused edges of the carton and roll it and then stick it inside the shell. Repeat the steps to make more such flowers and then paint them. Leave them aside to dry. Now take the paper plate and cut the inside part of the paper plate carefully as we need the rim of the paper plate. Stick the flowers on the rim of the paper plate. For extra decoration, cut out leaves from green paper and stick them on the rim of the plate. Now you have a beautiful wreath to hang on the wall. You can even use this to decorate your house during Christmas or any other festival. You can see video tutorial for instructions.

Making toy vehicles out of egg cartons

One can easily make you vehicles out of egg cartons. For this, all we need is different types of egg cartons, some paint and imagination. Grab some egg boxes and then try to imagine it in some kind of vehicle, like a taxi or maybe a bus. Then with the help of a pencil draw the windows and other details and then paint it according to your choice. Isn’t it simple? You can make this with your child as a fun activity. For more ideas, watch this video.

How To Make Toy Animals from Egg Cartons

For making toy animals, grab some egg cartons, some paint and colourful papers. First, cut out each shell of the carton. It will act as the body of the animal. After this, paint the shell of the colour of the animal which you want to make, like, for making a turtle, paint the shell a shade of green. For making the body parts, cut out the shapes of head and limbs from the colourful paper and then stick it to the shell. You can make many toy animals like cat, penguin, etc. Watch this video for more ideas.

Easter Chicken Egg Holder – Egg Carton Crafts

For making this, take a egg carton and cut through three shells to get a complete corner. After that, cut out the extras and then trim them so that it will give the shape of the body of the chicken. For making the beak, cut out a small rhombus from the unused part of the carton and then fold it in half. Now paint the body of the chicken and let it dry. Paint the beak and then stick it to the chicken. Cut out a crest from red coloured paper and stick it on the head of the chicken. With the help of a marker make the eyes of the chicken and highlight it. Now place the egg on the shell of the chicken, simple and easy to make. You can make many more chickens and then decorate them during Easter. For more instructions, watch this video tutorial.

Hanging Birds – Egg Carton Crafts

This might be a bit tricky but it is fun to make. First take two shells from the carton and stick it on one top of the other and pass a thread through it, this will serve as the head of the bird. For the beak, cut out a quarter of circle from chartpaper and fold it to make the beak and then stick it to the head. For making the neck, take 4-5 shells and make a hole in each shell. Take one end of the thread from the head and pass the shells through it. For making the body take a egg box and stick the thread from the neck on the inside of the box. For legs, take two small  threads and stick an egg shell to each of them and then finally stick them to the egg box. Pass a thread from the box. For making wings, cut out colourful papers in any shape and stick it to the body. Finally, paint the whole bird. Now, take a stick and tie the threads coming out from the body and the head of the bird. Now, we have a hanging bird. For steps, watch the video below.

Snowman – Egg Carton Crafts

This is a fun activity for the kids. For making a snowman, cut out the shells from the egg carton. Take a shell and apply glue on the edge of it and then stick another shell to it. This will act as the body of the snowman. Now stick another shell on the top of the body for making the head. Cut out a circle from a thick cardboard and stick another shell and then paint it with some dark colour, as it would be the hat of the snowman. Now, stick the hat onto the head of the snowman. Now, paint the snowman white and let it dry. For making the carrot nose of the snowman, you can use clay or chart paper. With the help of a marker make the eyes and the face of the snowman. For making the hands, you can use pipe cleaners. Just cut them into 2 short and 2 long sizes and twist one short piece on a long piece and insert it in the body of the snowman by making a hole. You can use this snowman to even decorate your Christmas tree. Just add a thread on the hat and hang it on the tree. You can watch the video below for the steps

Toy Alligator – Egg Carton Crafts

For making a toy alligator, we need 3 egg cartons of different sizes, toilet paper rolls, colourful papers and paint. For making the body, take a long egg carton and paint it green. Glue two toilet paper roll on the inside of the shell, of the long egg carton, and then paint it green. For making the face, take the lids of two small egg cartons and stick them together in the shape of a mouth. Cut out the teeth and tongue from the colourful papers and stick it inside the mouth. For making the toes, cut out colourful paper in the shape of toes and stick it to the toilet paper roll. Paint the face green and then make eyes from marker. Add some details to make it look more attractive. For more information, you can see this video tutorial.

Hope you liked these Egg Carton Crafts.

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