Stylish Wall Hanging Art & Craft Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Wall Hanging is one of the best way to decorate walls. You can easily create simple patterns in form of flowers or other patterns of your choice. These simple designs can be center of attraction on special days like Christmas, New Year or Birthday party.

Here we listed some wall hangings to help you in decoration of your home.

Wall Hanging Designer Flowers

Getting bore to see empty walls and the wall art is very expensive. Dont worry now your wall become attractive with in a very cheap budget. Here is a tutorial to decorate your wall with paper ceiling/ wall hanging making. Get set ready to decorate your wall with paper craft.

Material Required

  • Papersheet ( 20×10CM).
  • Pencil.
  • Scale.
  • Fevicol.
  • Scissor.


  1. Take a coloured papersheet size (20 × 10 CM) and fold it into half.
  2. Again folded paper into half ( from starting do it thrice times), crease well.
  3. At third folded paper crease well & unfold it . Fold both the top and bottom halves to the center & crease well.
  4. Open all the folds and continue folding each mountain fold and crease well.
  5. Holding the pleated paper together , cut the top of the strip in an upside down diagonally to create petal shape.
  6. Do the same procedure with the bottom of the strip. Both the side you will get petal shape.
  7. Now fold the strip into half equal parts.
  8. Now its time to make patterns on the strip. Cut small shape triangles on the top and the bottom of strip.
  9. Make another coloured paper strip with the help of same procedure. Fold the strips from the center and apply glue to join inner sides of the strips. You will get 2 semicircle flowers of different colours.
  10. Now apply glue on sides of this semicircles and stick it together to make a complete circle.
  11. At the centre you can put a small circle or use stickers for decoration purpose.

Simple Origami Flowers For Wall Decoration

 flowers are always used for decoration purpose, whether it is natural or artificial. Flowers gives us freshness and they are mood changer. Here is a tutorial of paper flower making which helps you to decorate your home and spread freshness everywhere.

Material Required

  1. Origami paper.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Scale.
  4. Stepler.
  5. Scissor.


  1. Take an origami paper/coloured paper measuring 13 CM × 6 CM and cut it.
  2. Fold this paper into two equal parts and then folded in half again. (fold it thrice times).
  3. Open the folds and continue folding each mountain fold (simple in zig zag way).
  4. Take a stepler and steple at the center of the folded paper.
  5. Now with the help of scissors cut an inch diagonally at both the ends of the paper to get a shape of petal.
  6. Open the flower in a bow shape. Bring two inner sides together and steple it. Do the same with the other side of flower.
  7. You can make this flower of different colours and as much as you required.

This flower is ready for decoration .

How To Make Paper Wall Hanging For New Year Party

Home decoration is biggest task for every body. Kids wants their room to be attractive and fresh. Paper craft is an easy way to decorate the kids room or any empty wall in the home. Here is a tutorial to decorate kids room in simple way .

Material Required

  • Coloured A4 papersheet.
  • Sketch pens.
  • Glue.
  • Circular object.
  • Scissors.


  1. Take a coloured papersheet, measuring 1CM from top and the bottom of paper and cut it into a long strip. Cut different colours of strips for making paper chain.
  2. Take 1 stripe and mark 10 CM on whole strip and cut it . You will get small pieces of strips.
  3. Do the same procedure with all the long strips.
  4. Take a piece of strip and make into a ring & glue it both the ends together.
  5. Slide your next different colour of paper strip & pass through the first ring and glue it into a ring.
  6. Repeat the process until you have a long chain of paper rings.
  7. Take a coloured papersheet measuring 1CM both top and the bottom of paper and cut it into strip.
  8. Fold this strip into half equal parts and cut it into two equal parts.
  9. Take a half strip and passes through the paper ring chain and glue the one end at the top of the strip .
  10. Take papersheet draw a circle and cut it .
  11. On the circle make smiley face with marker/sketch pen.
  12. Stick this circle at the end of the paper chain. Make this paper ring chain as many you need.

Here your paper ring chain wall hanging is ready.

Paper Wall Hanging Christmas

Home decoration is important at the time of party or any occasion. Peoples are always try to buy innovative, creative things. But some times it is difficult to get things. Here we are help you to decorate your home for party or any occasions.

Material Required

  • Papersheet ( 30×10 CM).
  • Fevicol.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissor.
  • Scale.


  1. Take a coloured papersheet (size 30 CM× 10 CM). Cut it.
  2. Fold the paper into half and then folded in half again, crease well and unfold. Fold both top and bottom halves to the center and crease well.
  3. Open the paper and do accordion fold.
  4. For 1 circle we required 4 similar pieces . Apply glue and join all four pieces . You will see a long rectangular zig zag piece.
  5. Now bring the two ends together and apply glue and join it to make a complete circle.
  6. For the center , cut 2 small circles for front and back side stick it on the circle.
  7. You can make this circular piece in different size and arrange on your wall as a wall art.

How To Make Paper Wall Hanging For Decoration

“Home Sweet Home”. We are tried to make our house into home but it is little bit difficult and expensive. But now its time to make our houses into homes with decorative walls. Decorate your walls or home in simple steps. Here we have a very simple and easy tutorial to decorate your home with paper craft.

Lets do it.

Material Required 

  1. Take a coloured papersheet and draw a circles with the help of circular object.
  2. Make circles as per your requirement. fold this circles into half equal parts.
  3. For making 3d circle we need 4 circles. Take first circle apply glue on one folded side and stick to the second circle folded side.
  4. Repeat this procedure upto fourth circle. Dont join the fourth circle folded side to the first circle folded side.
  5. You can make circles as much you can also you different coloured paper from making circles.
  6. Take a thread measure the length( as per your choice). Put this thread in the middle of fourth circle folded side and first circle folded side. Apply some glue on thread and sides of the circle, closed it carefully and properly.
  7. Sticks all the circles in the same way to the thread. You can made 5 or more than 5 layers of the circles.
  8. You paper wall hanging is ready. You can use it on windows, wall/home decoration or partition.

Hope, you liked these amazing wall hanging art & craft ideas. Keep visiting K4Craft!

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