Crafts To Encourage Creativity Among Kids

Creativity- this word holds different meaning for different people. To some, it might mean to be able to draw, act, dance or sing in a different and good manner, to some it might simply mean thinking out of the box and to some it might not mean anything. It’s an absolutely diverse term which the dictionary defines as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. In other words, inventiveness: that’s what creativity is and it holds an important part in one’s life. It enables an individual to acquire a unique sense of identity. While some of us are born with extra ordinary creative thinking skills, others might be average with it and though we can’t force a person to think creatively, there are certain ways or craft activities that can be taken up to boost the creativity among kids. Following is a list of 8 videos related to simple but highly effective craft activities that will prove to be a booster for your child’s creativity:

13 Incredible Ideas To Boost Imagination

While sharpening our pencils, did we ever think that the pencil shavings that most of us consider to be a total waste, can be used to enhance one’s creativity? Well, certainly hard to believe but that’s true. Not just this, the use of ‘Object-shadow’ drawing technique, using pictures to create another picture depicting an entirely different scenario and mood, letting your child do free hand painting with a marker and then making out drawings out of it, making magic rolls from paper and an image, drawing one-line animals, making story telling cards on a single sheet of paper, hand painting and printing, clay molding, water painting, sand painting and carrying out different science experiments – all these ideas serve as an incredible tool for enhancing one’s imagination and creativity. To get an idea of how to implement such techniques, watch this amazing video:

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Creative Popsicle – Crafts To Encourage Creativity

Popsicle stick is the most creative and versatile material in its own way. We know several uses of it but what we don’t realize is that it can be used to enhance our creativity as well. Using these sticks to create beautiful tea cup coasters simply by arranging them in horizontal and vertical manner and painting it, making a nice photo frame from these sticks, using them for making an amazing and useful mobile stand or a pen stand, making an attractive box organizer -this video here shows these 5 different and creative ways in which we can use popsicle sticks in very simple and easy steps :

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15 Creative Best Out Of Waste Material Craft Ideas

Just think that the waste which is generated in your household, which usually you just scrap out, it can be used not just to enhance yours and your kids creativity but also to make certain beautiful things that can adorn your house as beautiful decorative pieces. Imagine carving a waste plastic glass into an attractive owl hanging or creating a perfect manager from a waste hanger and cardboard to sort your ties and scarfs, won’t that be amazing?

Use waste cardboard in multiple ways for creating spectacular flowers, mirror pieces, a toy train or a frog puppet for your kid. Use their broken crayons in an unexpected and different way, use plastic glasses to make disco lights, use waste wool to make colorful pom-poms, put that scrap newspaper to use by making beautiful flowers, paper bags, basket, cap or a boat from it. Refer to this wonderful video to learn the easiest way to creatively recycle your waste:

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Creative DIY Desk Organizers – Crafts To Encourage Creativity

With kids in your house you know that its going to be a tough job to organize things. Hence to make your task a bit easy and in order to provide you ideas so as to make efficient desk organizers from readily available materials at home like waste cans, cardboards etc., we have this video. Make use of cardboards, cans, threads, food dye or a torn shirt and the best thing-to learn incredibly useful lego hacks. Refer to the detailed steps in this video for creating beautiful DIY Desk Organizers :

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Creative Learning For Kindergarten Kids

Learning can be made fun too if done in a creative manner. The initial years are the most crucial for a child and they are very distractive with a low attention span in these years. Taking up rudimentary methods of learning are not suitable and hence various different and creative activities must be designed to teach them various concepts in a playful way to make teaching interesting. One such activity is portrayed in this video: ‘The Fish Activity’.

Take out cut outs of your hand from different colored sheets and paste it on a sheet of paper in a single and a paired form to teach the concept of numbers and also with the colors mentioned to teach the concept of colors. Watch this video for a better understanding:

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Fun with Alphabet and Colors – Crafts To Encourage Creativity

Another interesting activity to carry out with kids in order to build creative skills is the alphabet colors activity.

Draw the outline of an alphabet on an A4 sized white sheet with a black bold marker. Once it’s done, draw different lines creating various geometrical patterns within that outline and color each geometric pattern in a different color following no particular pattern. This activity can be used to teach the concepts of both shapes and colors to the children and its the most basic activity to conduct. Watch this video to see how simple this activity is:

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Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids

As it’s rightly said that learning can be a simple task if done interestingly, same is true for creative thinking. You don’t require a plethora of books to read and learn from but just a few fun and frolic activities that help to enhance one’s creativity. Different and unique activities like making jigsaw puzzle from a photo, making hand puppet players and a game field to enjoy a game of football, watching the food colors diffuse in liquid soap making beautiful illusions, creating your own DIY accessories to wear, making adorable paintings by using glue and shaving foam, making puffy paint stamps with waste bottle caps, doing sand painting using semolina as an alternate, using shadow theatre by making puppets from cardboard, making a home-made light sword, making a rainbow highlighter, making math fun with amazing tip-a-taps, creating paper wind mills and making amazing pictures from thumb painting. Interesting right? Have a look at this video to witness these activities and see the fun:

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Finger Painting For Kids

The best and the easiest way for enhancing the child’s creativity without much hassle is the activity of finger painting, learning while having fun with colors. Most suitable for children aged between 4-8 years, a lot of beautiful pictures can be created by using finger painting. This video here, shows the process of making a spectacular tree in three simple steps: Taking a plain sheet of paper and painting the basic bark of the tree, thereafter using light colored green paint and your index finger to paint the leaves of the tree and the final step of using dark green colored paint and again the index finger to give your painting a final touch. Check out this cute video of a girl enacting these steps:

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Creativity is the new trend. Every field requires a person to be creative enough in order to be successful. So, now is the right time to spare out a few minutes from your schedule and take up some of these amazing and creative activities to give your child a chance for enhancing his creative thinking skills.

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