Christmas Tree quirky ideas that will Make your holiday Unique

Christmas tree quirky ideas!

The Christmas tree is the central attraction of the Christmas eve. It becomes the house of beautiful gifts the following morning. Thus, everyone finds reasons specific to themselves to decorate the Christmas tree in the best possible way. So, lets gear up for the same. Get all the decorating material which is handy. We may choose a colour theme for the eve or just go traditional all the way.

How to make -3D Paper Christmas Tree

Big Christmas trees have been there for so long, let us try out the smaller version. First of all take a coloured squared sheet, if you cannot find a squared sheet then fold the rectangular one and cut the excess sheet off. W fold the squared sheet diagonally and then half each edge wise. Now fold the sheet inwards with the middle as the pointing edge. Now we get four different polygons folded upwards. Now fold them inwards and cur slits through the folds at optimal distance. After you are done with the slits, fold the cut part inwards. Now split the folded edges and cut the excessive bottom region. You get a beautiful tree. You can make it using different coloured sheets, to go with your décor theme. For better understanding of this paper Christmas tree making technique look up this easy to learn tutorial:

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How to make an easy Paper Christmas Tree

Now let us make a different kind of a paper Christmas tree. If you are short on space fir a big Christmas tree you should for sure try this one. First of all make a cone using a white paper. Now cut the unwanted part from the bottom and level the bottom of the cone. Now take green coloured strips and cut thin frills in it. Paste it on the previously made cone in a spiral manner. Starting from the bottom end up at the top of the cone. Make a pipe from the brown coloured sheet and tape its ends. Now fix it at the bottom of the main body of the tree. Decorate the tree with red foam stars and tiny balls. For better understanding of this DIY Christmas tree look up this easy to understand tutorial video:

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How to make Paper Quilling Christmas Tree

Now  let us make an altogether a different kind of Christmas tree. We will need hard cardboard, gift wrapping paper, pastel paper, quilling strips and glue. So, let’s get started. First of all take a white sheet of paper and make a cone out of it. Now level out the base and cut a circle out of the cardboard as the size of the bottom and stick it there. Now cut a base for the green cone to suffice. Now quill green quilling strips. Stick these on top of the already made cone, starting from the bottom and ending at the top. Now decorate this Christmas tree using thermocol balls. You are ready with a bewitchingly detailed Christmas tree. For better insights and understanding look up:

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How to make Newspaper Christmas Tree

Let us recycle some old newspapers to make a Christmas tree. First of all make long pipes by rolling the newspaper. Now roll them onto each other to make a strong base. After you are done with enough girth, push the middle portion upwards to make a cone out of it. Now apply a solution of water and glue to it. Now paint this structure to nines in green colour. After the coat of green paint, apply a layer of glitter. Make a slid cylinder out of paper and paste it at the bottom of the structure. Secure it with glue gun. Now dip thermacol balls in paint to give them different colours. Now stick these thermocol balls onto the tree. For better understanding of this recycling DIY look up:

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How to make Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree -for the next unique Christmas tree, we need glue, a pair of scissors and green coloured sheet. Now first of all make a cone from the green sheet and level it at the base. Properly level it or the final piece will tend to fall. Now cut out circles of 3cm diameter. You can either use a compass to measure the dimensions or a bottle’s cap fir the purpose. Now cut long the radius of each circle and paste it in that manner. Now starting from the bottom edge of the cone, start pasting these folded circles. This will give a tree like foliage to it. Now decorate it using balls, stars or glitters. You can even add a base to the tree. For better understanding of this beautiful tree making process look up this easy tutorial:

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Christmas tree is a big attraction on every Christmas, but we might happen to be short on space to install a full blown Christmas tree, so we can surely go for these ideas, without letting our holiday spirit to die. Merry Christmas to one and all.

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