Best Laptop Décor DIY Ideas For Glitzy Makeover

Laptops are the new best pastime after Television sets. All the gamers are hooked to their laptops. All the techie kids of your house are binging on the technicalities of a laptop. What we are looking ahead to is beautifying this experience. We are going to work on the laptop décor ideas that includes the back of the screen, which means the front of the laptop while you carry it. What is better than carrying a beautiful e-notebook in your hand, one which is envied by one and all. So, let us get started.

DIY Laptop Decor

We can customise our laptops in different ways. The easiest and cheapest way is using laptop stickers. You can easily get labels from online stores and then you can print any of the sticker shapes or beautiful shapes to print on the labels. These all will become the stickers for your laptop. Paste these on your laptop back as and how you like. You can even make a keyboard template. You can choose the design you like and lighten it so that you are able to locate your keys well. Now print this design on labels and then cut out each key individually and paste them on the keys. For wallpaper inspo and better understanding look up:

DIY Laptop & Phone Skins

We can go for a customised laptop back cover. We will be using online pictures and the vinyl sheet combined with the adhesion sheet. For a laptop skin we need to divide the pattern on two sheets so that we get the complete design on the back. For this we will be using photoshop. Now print the design on the back of the vinyl sheet. Now join the two. Use adhesion sheet, at the back. Now highlight the outer dimensions and any other positions you wish to be highlighted. Cut them out. This video also provides the idea for the phone skin. For better understanding of this DIY look up:

DIY Laptop Decor

Go to and choose your favourite template to place over you’re your keyboard. Now select the hues and the brightness level. Now print this design on a sticking paper and cut every key carefully and stick it on. Now lets get designing the back of the laptop. Cut some beautiful plant designs after printing them on A4 sheets. Now apply double tape on both sides of the design. You can but some clear casing for your laptop. Now use super glue to stick these designs on the inside of the clear casing. Your customised laptop case is ready. For better understanding of this laptop décor DIY lookup:

DIY Affordable Tumblr Inspired Custom Laptop Case

First of all get a clear casing for your laptop. Now cut the symbol for your laptop if you want it to remain prominent while you decorate the casing. Mark the logo on paper and then cut it. Be careful with the logo because you don’t want a messy logo to be showing up beneath the design. Now place your clear casing on the laptop and then place your cut-out logo on top of it. You can use double tape for perfection. You would not wish the glitter to enter the cut-out space. It will be very good if you happen to find a case with you logo cut-out already. That will save perfection and time. Get a spray glue and spray it on small sections and then pour glitter on it. This is the fun part but if you are holding down your cut-out your hands might get messy with all the glue. Your glitter laptop case is ready. For better understanding of this DIY look up:

DIY Crystal Laptop Case

Let us make a crystal laptop case. It is fun to make, moreover it comes out to be really beautiful. We want a clear case, some rhinestones (like to cover the area), tweezers, for perfection and glue. First of all decide which area you wish to cover with the crystals. Once you have decided that, remove any previous stickers or adornment. Now place your clear case over the back. Now start either by applying glue on the are or you can apply glue on each rhinestone while placing it on the place. We are here covering the logo of the laptop with rhinestones. Be careful while aligning your crystals. You should not leave any space in between. First of all make the outline, this will make your work easier and will save you time and the mess. We have also placed crystals on the outer edge, as we are going to cover it inwards afterwards. Now start filling it inwards. And fill upto where you like. Your crystal DIY laptop case is ready. For better understanding look up:

I hope you enjoyed every bit of this segment. They surely look great. Hope your hardwork pays off.

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