Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Home This Diwali


Manasa Priya here from Upcycled bringing you four easy ways to decorate your home this Diwali 🙂

Ever since childhood, Diwali has been my favorite festival.. As the house gleams with lights, the aroma of sweets and favorites, new clothes, gifts that we exchange and spending time with family and friends.

Live the light,  spread the light and be the light ✨

Each year, I try to decorate the house innovatively with lights and props. Here is my take this year.

1⃣ Tea light holders using Pistachio Shells

All you need is two cardboard cut out into circles, some glue, pistachio shells and you are good to go.

I marked the place for the tea lights and covered the rest with shells.. Making it into a beautiful flower kind of look.

2⃣ Candle Votives using Shot glasses

I had few unused shot glasses that I wanted to upcycle.

For this you would need some thermocol balls and glue.

I just randomly glued some thermocol balls of various sizes to give it a bubble pop effect.

3⃣ Decorative frames using Pistachio Shells

Looking for a cool Indian table setup for this Diwali? This one is for you..

All you need is a frame of any kind, some pistachio shells, glue and liners.

I added the shells all over the frame and lined it using fabric liners to create a faux shell kind of effect and create some interest.

4⃣ Solid Candle Pillars using white cement

We had some plumbing work going on at home earlier and was left with a bag of white cement. So I quickly mixed it over with water to form a thick paste.

Poured the batter into disposable glasses.. While they are semi wet.. I placed steel glasses over it with stones to make a slot for putting tea lights.. And voila, the pillars for candles are ready.

Paint and decorate them to your fancy.

I hope you enjoyed reading these 4 quick ways of decorating your house Diwali.
Please let me know how you liked it in the comments section below.

Do share it with your friends and family. Would love to see what you have created this season.

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Until next time.. ❤

Manasa Priya: