Amazing DIY Paper Craft Ideas (Step by Step)

We’ve gathered up 5 Step by step paper craft tutorials that spotlight paper in a big way, from paper cup lamp to lampshade. Check ’em out below!

Paper is one of the cleanest sources or raw material to make different kinds of crafts for yourself. We always look forward to some creative holidays. Kids are the most active ones at home. Holidays can be a lot more boring without some fun activities. So, we have brought to you some really pretty paper crafts step by step. The step by step tutorial will make it a lot easier for you to accomplish these fun crafts. We are sure that your kids will love making these fun crafts. You can use these crafts in different ways. The best part is that these crafts will utilise the waste you generate at home to make beautiful crafts. Let us try th see crafts out.

Beautiful Paper Crafts Step by Step Tutorials

DIY: How to Make Paper Cup Lamp (Video tutorial)

Paper cups are one of the majorly used things made of paper today. Everyone fetches a paper glass to use on the go. It makes it a lot easier to travel due to the low weight and easy disposal of the cups. This beautiful lamp craft will truly blow your mind away if you have a creative streak and lots of waste paper cups at home. You will need lots of paper cups, paper clips, glue, pencils, pair of scissors for this beautiful lamp craft. Start by marking the depth on the edges of the cups, to which they are to be folded to be glued together. Once you have cut the edges and folded them inwards, start pasting the edges with the edges of the other paper cups. Slowly you will have hexagons joined together to form a large ball of paper cups. This looks pretty. Leave space for one cup at the top and hang a light bulb from it. Your beautiful lamp is complete.

DIY:Make Accordion Ball Paper Folding Origami Decoration (Video tutorial)

Accordion balls look really pretty. They can become the centre of talk for NY meeting or get together. They will surely beautify your home beyond measure. You can easily make this using some paper and origami techniques. Start with an A4 sheet of white paper. Now start folding the paper from one edges towards the other at an angle. You have to make alternate folds like a fan. Now ope the sheet back and fold it again in opposite angle to get a nice grid on the paper. Now fold the top edge inwards and the bottom edge inwards. To form a 3D shape. Now shape the whole sheet in a sphere. This looks pretty and complete the Accordion. You can also form a base for the Accordion in a similar way. Light a bulb inside the Accordion to enhance it’s beauty. You can add this to your centre table to make it pop in the whole setting.

DIY:How to Make Paper Lamp Ball Twist Spiral (Video tutorial)

Beautiful paper ball twist spiral can be easily made with thin strips of colored paper. You can make this beautiful paper ball with the help of colored paper strips, cut on a sheet of paper and some glue. This beautiful paper ball looks pretty when used as a lamp. Use a cutter to make the thin slits on the colored paper. This sharp edged cutter must be used with care. Once all the slits have been made, curl the edges of the paper and make a bell shaped lamp with it. Seal the edges on top and at the bottom to complete this beautiful paper lamp ball twist. You can add a lamp at the base of the lamp to add more beauty to it. You can add these beautiful lamps to Halloween decorations or birthday parties or even as centre pieces at dining tables at home. These beautiful lamps will easily fit in anywhere. This will surely add to the beauty of your home decor.

DIY: Easy Way To Make 3D Paper Flower Ball (Video tutorial)

These are some pretty floral balls. These floral balls are easy to make. These make for great hanging DIYs. Even kids can make these beautiful floral balls. These can be used in different forms and ways. You can hang these beautiful balls on birthday parties, get togethers, celebrations, etc. To make these beautiful floral balls, first of all you need to draw a cloud type flower on a sheet of paper, now stack multiple such square pieces of colored paper. Cut along the edges of the flower made on the top sheet. Now you have similar floral shapes in quite a good number. Now let us make the pretty ball with these flowers. Punch a tiny hole in the centre of one of the cut flowers. Now start building the floral ball by overlapping and folding the alternate flower petals in top of one another. This ends up in a beautiful floral ball, you can hang it using the tiny hole punched in the middle of one flower.

DIY: Make Cyclone Paper Lampshade (Video tutorial)

This cyclone paper ball is very much similar to the floral ball, but a bit more complicated. Take a white hard stock sheet, some scissors, glue, pencil. Now draw some shapes like the fidget spinner on the hard stock sheet of paper. Use a cutter or a pair of scissors to cut along the edges of the shapes drawn on the hard stock sheet. Cut out different sized swirls for the cyclone pattern. Now fix the fidget spinner shapes shapes together with the help of side cuts. Glue them together. Now add the smaller cyclone additives to the top of the cyclone shapes. This completes the cyclone paper ball. Now use an opening to place the light bulb inside the cyclone paper ball. You can hang these pretty paper balls or keep them on the tables. Your kids will surely love these.

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