Amazing Clay Models To Make At Home

Clay modelling is a nice method to relieve stress but we can surely adopt safe play dough by making it at home.

We all have played with the clay when we were small children. We loved it, adored it. Now let us start working on the clay and play doughs we have made so far. We feel mesmerised with the beautiful colours and shapes it took up. The way it moulds in any shape is so satisfying. Let us rewind the time film and go back in the clay age. Let us relieve ourselves of all the stress using play dough. Shall we be children again to gain that child-like smile on our faces! So, let us start with the basic shapes, making them, moulding them, breaking them, destroying them and then again making something out of the ruined and the demolished. This will provide with a sense of execution and completion. The sense of completing a task fills us with immense pleasure and contentment. This contentment in turn helps to relieve stress.

Rare Pastel Dough Popsicles Ice Cream Modelling Clay

Now let us start making a big rainbow spiral using the different play doughs. Take up one colour and make a cylindrical wire out of it. Taper one end to make it pointed then start spiralling it. Now cut after one circle has been completed. Now take up another colour and join it to the end of the previous one and cut it after one round from the same position using a clay knife. If you are doing this activity with your children make sure of the safety with the knife. Now take up the next colour and join it to the previous one’s end and go on in this manner until you get desired number of rings or the desired size of the disc. For better understanding of this clay art look up:

DIY How To Make Play Doh Flip Flop Rainbow Modelling Clay

Now let us make colourful clay slippers. First of all roll the clay balls with uniform thickness. After each one is done now cut rectangular shape from each rolled sheet shaped clay. Now join these rectangles one ahead of the other. Now roll this structure into big sheet type structure. Now take a slipper stencil and cut the two slipper shapes out of it. Remove the excessive clay from the surroundings. Now use the removed material to make thin strips which will become the straps of the slippers. After you place the straps in place your colourful clay slippers are ready. Now let us make a soft drink bottle with rainbow drink coming out of it. Now take an empty soft drink bottle and remove its cap and sticker. Now cut it in half lengthwise. Now take brown modelling clay and fill it up on the inside of the empty bottle and remove the excess material. Now pull the plastic halves away. We get a brown clay bottle model. Now place the sticker and the bottle. Now take a rainbow coloured cylindrical wire and place it as if it comes out of the bottle. We can make the bottle in different colours. Using different types of clays can have different effects on the model. If you use sand based clay, the bottle module can also be used for ASMR. It will act as a good stress reliever. For rainbow bottle idea and better understanding of these art works look up:

Play Doh Making of Doraemon Cartoon

Doraemon is quite a famous cartoon character. Let us make a doraemon character by using clay modelling. Let us start with the face of doraemon. Make a big blue ball. Then take up some white clay and make a flat round circle out of it. Now stick this white flat circle on the blue sphere. Now take smaller white balls for eyes and flatten them and place them on top of the previous white big one. Now place two black balls for eyes and take a red ball for the nose. Then use a brown patch for the mouth and then a pink one to define the insides of the mouth. Then take a Blue ball to make the body. The lower sphere is to be a little smaller than the face sphere. Now make the feet using blue and white balls. Make a pink sash using light pink or red clay for doraemon’s neck. Make the arms using blue clay cylinders. Then place white small balls for its hands. Use a yellow ball to make the neck ball of the doraemon. Now use a tiny black ball on the bigger yellow one as the detail. Now take thin black clay wires to make the whiskers of doraemon. For better understanding look up:

I hope you enjoy your stress relieving clay modelling sessions. You can even enjoy these sessions in unison with your children. They will be happy to share clay modelling tips with you. You can even look up my previous article for safer play dough options, which you can easily make with the material available in your home.

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