5 Amazing Summer Craft Tutorials for Kids

5 Amazing summer craft tutorials for kids

We have many of the craft ideas on the internet but when it comes to choosing them for our children the task gets tougher because we need to understand what suits them and what not. So, going through many videos we have prepared a list of the 5 best craft ideas to accomplish with your child.

1. Hacks & Crafts With Balloons

If your children love parties then you may put the balloons to various uses for them. When they are to decorate the party hall or their rooms teach them the balloon hacks they not only look cool but are easy and fun to do.

Make your own party poopers, yes you read it right use an old foil roll or bathroom paper roll to make this new thing. Cut the balloon at its mouth and cover the roll and fill in bits of paper. You are ready to go with the customised party pooper. In the same way you can fill in balloons with bits of colourful paper and when you burst them they give a flash of colour.  You can even fill the balloons with 1/4th volume of water and freeze them. This serve as your colourful and reusable ice balls.  If the schools are going to reopen or for any other reason your child seems to be under stress go for the starch solution inside a balloon it is a mess free slime thing which can be used as a play thing or as a stress buster.  For further information on these ideas, please watch this video.

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2. Amazing Ideas for Schools

If your child is a bit messy kinda child, then you must try the sharpener in the box with your child. That is a nice idea to transform a regular sharpner into the one which collects all the filth using the super glue and a matchbox.  If your child is fond of taking down notes or requires paper every now and then to jot down important stuff then you can surely make a paper slip dispensar, using a matchbox, some super glue, a cutter and slips of paper.   Look up the ideas in this video.

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3. Paper Folding Crafts for Kids

If you think that your child is good at paper folding and cutting then you can surely help your child to make this string of paper dolls, using colourful paper and a pair of scissors. For the steps refer to:

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4. How To Make a Paper Rocket that Flies

If your child has scientific flair in him/her then the man in this video will surely help them realise their dream of skyrocketing a rocket (ummmmm, a paper rocket though). This paper is realised out of two card stock sheets combined with a compressor which can reach upto 120 psi. This rocket reaches upto 250 feet.

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5. Easy Painting Projects for Kids

If your child loves the nature and loves to be with it then just give your little one a chance to be with nature even inside the house. That is by helping your children with leaves and flower painting. It is  a nice and novel idea to keep the nature as much close to you creatively. Do look up this video for ideas and tricks for the same.

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I hope you will have fun executing them as much your child has making and using them.

Nidhi Sharma: