Painting Hacks : Easy Painting Ideas for Children

Best painting ideas for children!

Everyone loves a splash of colour hare and and there. So why not let our children experiment with something new and colourful. Let us help them manage their own painting books framed pictures or even master pieces. Today we will go on a journey about ways to help and engage our children in the ways to make every place colourful and beautiful.

Marble Painting for Children

If you have small kids or toddlers then you can go for this. The level for making marbled sheets can be improved as per the age of the child. What you all need is some marbles a container with a lid, a sheet of paper (preferable some hard sheet) and some paint. Have a look at this video for further clarifications.

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Summer Activity : Salt Painting for Kids

If you want your children to play safe with colour or you fear that they might put something in their mouth then you can choose this salt DIY. All it requires is some glue, some salt and different colours of food colouring. First of all the child can make a design with the help of the glue nozzle out of his/her imagination and then put on the salt and let it dry. After that a dropper is to be taken to suck up the diluted food colouring and pour it back on the design to make it colourful. The sheet used should be thick it can be a piece of cardboard as well. Here is a example for you.

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For some advanced examples look this video.

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Cotton Swabs Painting for Beginners

You can also use water colours if food colouring is not available. You may use a dropper or a paint brush that is absolutely your take.

If you and your children want to experiment with something new then go on a painting adventure with cotton swabs and create beautiful designs. These designs look subtle and alluring both at the same time. If you by chance go wrong at any step you can easily correct your mistake under this method. It is easy to make and vivid to explore area of painting. For further information refer to this video.

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I hope you enjoy executing this sweet form of expression.

Toilet Paper Rolls Dandelion Painting Technique

We all use foils and bathroom paper. But the rolls on which they are rolled go wasted, if you wish to use them then jump on to make some bright, beautiful and delicate dandelions using paper rolls. They make a good impression and seem artistic. This type of painting is resourceful and economical as well. What you have to do is cut tiny strips on the paper roll and spread them outwards. Then take up different colours dip the bristles in them and dab them on the sheet. For further information watch this video. I hope it will help you.

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Bottle Cap Painting for Kids

Now let us move on to bottle caps. We all use bottles and each of them comes with a cap. So, going by that we have various kinds and sizes of bottle caps in our homes. Why not try painting with colours, bottle caps, and a paint brush. This provides a new definition to painting and reusing things. This way we teach our children the requirement to reuse every possible thing. Dip the bottle in colour and take its impression on the sheet. Then use a paint brush to spread the colour on the inside of the colour.We can use bottles in various ways while painting be it their caps or using them as water containers even their bases can be put to use. We can easily make cherry blossoms out of curvy bottle bases. And it is easy for your child to execute. What we need to do is just make the trunk and branches of the tree and then take acrylic paint of your choice and dip the base of the bottle in the paint and stamp it on the ends of the branches. This gives off a natural and beautiful aura. Look up this video for demostration.

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Painting Life Hacks

What is the sketch pens dry out? Or you just ended up with a single pencil colour? Or you child is bored with colouring the pictures with colour pencils? Or your child is unable to manage the set of brushes he/she has? Here we have the answers. In the end we provide you with compilation about some basic hacks for painting colouring in drawing making you ready for the most adverse situations.

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This way your child will never have to let go of his/her urge to draw or paint. This way you will have one or the other to offer whenever your child is bored. We hope all of them help you  and you have a great time painting.

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