15 Mother’s Day Crafts Ideas That She’ll Treasure

Mothers are one of the best creations of God. A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity; it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. A mother’s love cannot be measured in any way, it is just too much to be measured. Show your love toward your Mom with a handmade gift straight from the heart ♥ this Mother’s Day. Handmade gifts truly show your effort you put in while making the gift.

Mother’s Day Crafts Ideas

#1 Mother’s Day Card Idea

Image Source: umeandthekids.com

This is a beautiful card. You can easily make this beautiful card at home. This is a fold-able flower card for Mother’s Day. First of all get a cardboard base for the card with a triangular back for the main page. Now make a colorful opening page for the card. You can use different layers for the front page. Yo can add colorful flowers to add a natural look to the card. You can use stencils to write Happy Mother’s day. This would surely be a heart touching gift.

#2 Heart String Art – Mother’s Day

Image Source: sugarbeecrafts.com

This colorful heart art piece is a great work. It is easy to make and can be safely accomplished. All you need is a hard wooden board, some nails and colorful thread. Use a pencil to carve the boundary of the frame, also mark a heart shape in the middle of the wooden board. After you have set up all the nails in place, start with winding the thread around the nails one by one. You need to wind the thread once around the boundary wall nails and then through the heart shaped nails.

#3 DIY Tissue (Kleenex) Flowers – Mother’s Day

Image Source: themotherhuddle.com

This is a very innovative and real looking craft idea. This craft idea uses kleenex tissues to make some beautiful flowers. You can present them as a bouquet of beautiful flowers or place them in a vase. First of all take some kleenex tissues and fold them in an accordion fold. Secure the center with a bobby pin. Cut off the excess kleenex tissue from the edges. Color the edges of the kleenex fold with sketch pens. When you open the center and tie the centre to the top of a wire, you get blooming and attractive flowers.

#4 Fingerprint art candle – Mother’s Day

Image Source: parentmap.com

This is a cute designer twist to your homely candle. You need some parchment paper for this designer look for your candle. First of all cover the candle with the paper. Now you can write Happy Mother’s Day on it. Also add some fingerprint flowers and honeybees. Detail the flowers with a thin black brush or a sharpie pen. This DIY gift looks great and is very much pleasing.

#5 Spray Leaf Art – Mother’s Day

Image Source: myhappybirthdaywishes.com

This is a cute base for all your Mother’s Day artwork inspo. You can start with a white hard stock sheet. Pull some leaves with a branch from a tree. Now place it on the white hard stock sheet. You can tape the branch end with a double tape to ensure it does not move much. Now using spray paint cover whole of the sheet of paper. When you will remove the leaves from the spray painted sheet, you will be left with an attractive imprint of the leaves on the sheet. Now you can design this sheet according to your own wish.

#6 Family Tree Serving Tray – Mother’s Day

Image Source: homemadebyjill.blogspot.in

This is a great gifting idea for Mother’s Day. You can get such tray customized from a store which deals in ceramic painting like mug painting etc. You can also hand paint it on a big white tray. The big white tray must have a material which can stand the painting and the paint used must hold onto the tray. You can also look for paints which become steadfast upon applying heat on them.

#7 Knotted Belt – Mother’s Day

Image Source: countryliving.com

If your mother loves accessories, this would be the perfect gift for her. You can make this clothe belt very easily without much adult supervision. All you need is a beautiful scarf and some colorful ribbons. First of all fold the scarf in a triangle and then roll the triangular end till the base. Secure the scarf in the roll by using threads to hold it. Now make some loops of the ribbons resulting in a flower. Now tie this flower across the rolled up scarf using another ribbon. Your mother can easily adjust this belt by tying the belt according to her ease on the waist. Your hard work would look great on your mother’s waist. We hope your mother enjoys wearing this cloth belt as much as you enjoyed making it.

#8 DIY Sneakers – Mother’s Day

Image Source: fancylifecorner.com

These customised fashionable sneakers are easy to make and would look really cool on your mother. You need to buy a pair of white sneaker, rhinestones, superglue and also fetch an ice cream stick and a toothpick. Now pour some amount of super glue on the ice-cream stick. With the help of a toothpick, apply glue on the back of the rhinestones and place them on the sneakers. Make sure you do not leave any gaps while placing the rhinestones in series. Watch your mom turn into a glamour diva when she wears these customised DIY sneakers.

#9 Felt Flowers – Mother’s Day

Image Source: allcrafts.net

Felt flowers are a cute addition to your Mother’s Day presents. First of all mark a stencil for big and small petals on a hard stock sheet. With reference to the paper stencil cut 12 petals each of big and small sized petals. Now start aligning these petals adjacent to each other to form a basic structure of the flower. Once you are done with a layer start forming the second layer. Once you are satisfied with the layers, paste a base at the back. Now secure a safety pin at the back to make a badge of the flower. At the front portion of the flower add a button or sequins to cover up the middle portion of the flower.

#10 Mother’s Day Place Setting

Image Source: countryliving.com

Sweet morning are yearned by everyone and your mother is no different. You can lay an elaborate breakfast for your mother this Mother’s Day. All the options you have to make a breakfast are, scrambled eggs, toast, tea, fresh juice, pancakes, fruit bowl, cornflakes etc. You can teem these foods with some light refreshing beverage like tea, coffee, lemon juice, fresh fruit juice etc. You can lay down the table like a 5-star hotel with all the cutlery, napkins and the crockery. We hope your mother has a special morning this Mother’s Day.

#11 Cutting Board – Mother’s Day

Image Source: hardwood-lumber.com

This is a gift which is of great utility. You can get some strong and sturdy wooden board. Now cut up the board in regular rectangular shape. Now mark which of the boards is to be used to cut what like, veggies, salad, meat, bread etc. This way the boards can be maintained in the required manner and the taste of one food item will not infuse into the other. You will be able to keep the flavours locked.

#12 Sentimental Photo Holder – Mother’s Day

Image Source: shanty-2-chic.com

This is a very thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day. Your great and friendly mother will be overjoyed to receive such a thoughtful gift for herself. Collect some memorable pictures of you two having fun together. Take a wooden board and pin up a thought for your mother relating to your relationship with her. Print your pictures in black and white setting. Add your pictures to the board. You can also use pin boards or paper clips to give and old book feel to it. You mother will surely love this old school gift on Mother’s Day. You will also have lots of fun making this DIY gift.

#13 “52 Things I Love About You” Deck of Card – Mother’s Day

Image Source: ziploc.com

This is a great and fun DIY project. First of all take an old deck of cards. Punch through them at one edge of the length. Add different quotes describing your relationship with your mother, her importance in your life, her greatness, her love, her sacrifices. In total you need to make 52 such quotes and decorate the cards. In the end thread the punch holes or add metallic rings through it. This way your cute deck card DIY gift project is complete. Gift it to your mother with a big smile on your face. She will surely love it.

#14 Hand-print and Footprint Crafts – Mother’s Day

Image Source: littlepageturners.blogspot.co.uk

This is a very thoughtful gift. You can easily make this. First of all buy a white apron. You can make colourful flowers using hand prints and make butterflies using your footprints. This apron design turns out to be great in the end. You can make small details using a brush. Add grass stalks at the bottom of the apron.

#15 Card Art – Mother’s Day

Image Source: homicraft.com

This is a homely card for your mother. She will surely love this one. Fold a hard stock sheet in half. Print a beautiful design on the outside. Once you have printed the outer design, you can write your personalised message to your mother in your own handwriting. She will appreciate your efforts.

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