10 Old Books Repurposed Into amazing arts By Swedish Artist

We all love to play with tea sets and doctor sets as kids. As we grow up we tend to lose interest in the little things life offers us. We bring to you all that you have left behind in life. All those joys in little crafties and the smiles hidden in small gifts. We have been through so many craft ideas and DIY projects that there is little that brings joy to us at this stage of life. So here we have an artist who offers the best of the tiny packets of joy. So, let us go on a joy ride through this lovable crafties.

An artist (Celia Levy) decided rather than throwing old books or comics away, she would transform them into amazing art pieces – or well cups that will impress your friends at tea parties.

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This cute unspeckled off white tray tea set is a great addition to your collection of collectibles. The great artist Celia Levy creates such beautiful pieces using old book pages, wheat starch paste and paper mach technique. This technique makes the crafties sturdy and hard. You can use these craft pieces to adorn your living room. These craft items can also be used for gift purposes. You can even try to make this DIY project. you must take care to ensure that the paper holds well together and does not fall out on drying.

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This tea-cup is made using an old comic book. You can use your favourite comic book to create this ensemble. This comic book resourced tea-cup looks great sitting on the living room sill. You can gift these comic inspired tea-cups to your near and dear comic fan friends. If you are trying out this DIY project make sure to use wheat starch and glue in enough measure to make sure that the tea-cup does not fall out after drying. Make sure you do not hide the comic characters while setting up the tea-cup.

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These paper eggs are made from old book pages. These paper eggs are a great decorative inspiration. They look great as a decoration for the centre table or as a show case for your hall or bed room. These cute eggs have layered structure and each layer dons spikes on the ends of the layers.

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These big bowls are great to be used as a decorative piece or you can also organise your stuff in these paper bowls. These paper bowls can be made using long uniform strips of old books pages. Use sufficient amount of wheat starch and glue to seal the paper layers together so as to maintain the firmness and strength of the paper bowls. You can layer the bowls once more to increase their strength. This will ensure that your DIY paper bowls do not break down easily. You can make a set of similar bowls to make the design look uniform.

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Everyone loves kettles as they add the necessary oomph to the tea set. This old comics kettle is surely that piece of art which will induce the right vibe in your home decòr. This kettle making process requires patience and a lot of effort. One needs to take care of every move and turn while making a kettle of paper. You should start with a sturdy base. Do not cover the vomic characters while making this kettle. Add the upper sling and also a fountain of shredded sheets at the spout to show the pouring of the tea. You can teem this playful kettle with a fullfledge paper tea set.

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This cite paper bowl has been made from hard compressed chips of old book paper. This way one can recycle the old paper as well as add beauty to their home. The compression technique makes the paper hard and gives firmness to the structure of the bowl. You should seal the chips of hard compressed old books paper well with sufficient amount of glue. This will help to hold the structure together. These bowls can be very well utilised to organise stuff and also act as art pieces.

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These paper boots are surely not worth wearing but are indeed a great showpiece. One cannot easily make these great pieces of art. One needs a lot of patience and zeal to complete an art piece like this. These are a great show piece and can also be considered a gifting option for someone who is an avid fan of artwork or shoes.

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These cute wood inspired old book paper tea cup is a serene beauty. One can easily engrain values of reuse, reduce and recycle through such an art piece. The saucer is made by aligning thin strips of old books paper together in a circular spiral shape, one after the other. The tea cup is made in a similar manner by spiralling the strips upwards. You can add a holding piece by curling a thin strip of paper on the side of the cup. This way you can complete a subtle tea cup which can be employed as a showpiece or even gifted to an avid tea lover.

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This is an easy to make DIY project. All you need is old books paper and a small ball. Cut rectangular strips of old books paper. Cut triangles in the rectangular strips. Now starting from the top, start spiralling the strips. As you move downwards make sure you do not glue the triangular ends down as that can kill the beauty of it. When you reach the bottom, seal the structure with hot glue gun or a screw. You can tighten the screw up to hold the strips in place.

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This acorn DIY looks great as a decorative piece at home. The top of the acorn is made from compressed chips of hard compressed old books paper. All you need to do is glue the chips of regular size together. The acorn is made by spiraling rectangular sheets of old books paper. The acorn is given a sleek finish with lacquer pr varnish which gives it a real life acorn look. You can use these acorns as a decorative piece at home.

Hope you liked this carefully collected pieces from the collection of artist Celia Levy. We will come up with more such content soon. Do give your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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