15 Creative Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

Plastic spoons can open door of creativity with little imagination. You can make almost anything for home decor with these simple plastic spoon craft ideas like lamp, flower stand. You can also engage kids in creative stuff with simple plastic spoon craft ideas.

Plastic spoon crafts are one of the popular choice as gifts. You can create chalkboard wreath for Thanksgiving or you can make Diwali Diya Holder From Plastic Spoon.

Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

You need to collect few waste plastic spoons and few crafting supplies like paint, glue, and glitter to make crafts of your choice. To help you in this creative journey, we collected some best plastic spoon craft ideas, hope you’ll like them.

#1 Plastic Spoon: Chalkboard Wreath for Thanksgiving

Image Source: partycity.com

This chalkboard DIY project gives you the liberty to decorate it each time with a different vibe and feel to it. You will require lots of old spoons and forks for this DIY project. Choose a colour scheme for your project. Now use spray paints to paint the plastic spoons and forks.

You can go for a bright colour combination for celebratory occassions or can opt for dark and sophisticated colours for a formal setting. Now take a chalkboard and take it as the centre portion of the DIY project. Now align the spoons and forks around this central board. You can paste the spoons in a circular or square manner. You can customise this DIY project by adding different chalk designs, quotes or wishes on the central chalk board. This is an easy to make DIY project and can be set up in a small space.

#2 Plastic Spoon: DIY Pineapple Lamp

Image Source: sadtohappyproject.com

Lamps are a great addition to your rooms. Lamps can be made in bright as well as dull setting. They can be easily made to comply with the home decòr. You will require old used plastic spoons for this DIY project. Paint these spoons. You can either use a traditional paint and brush method or use spray painting method. Now cut the stalk of the spoon from the head of the spoon. We will be using the head of the spoon for the DIY.

Now take an old plastic bottle. Start pasting the painted plastic spoon heads along the bottom most point of the plastic bottle. Carry out this pasting activity until you reach the top of the bottle. Push the bulb inside the plastic bottle from the open end. Add green paper leaves on the top of the lamp. This way you end up with a cute fruity lamp shade. You can use it for slumber parties, your child’s room etc.

#3 Plastic Spoon: DIY Artichoke Vase

Image Source: craftionary.net

This artichoke vase is a very novel idea to keep small flowers and plants. First of all collect a lots of used plastic spoons. Now paint them all in white. Sever the spoon heads from the stalk. We will be using the spoon head only for this DIY project. Now take a glass jar which is no more in use. Start sticking the spoon heads from the upper edge of the jar. Keep on layering the spoons layer by layer. As you go on to reach the bottom, you will get an artichoke shape for this vase. This small vase looks great and you can keep fresh flowers or scented twigs in the vase.

#4 Plastic Spoon: DIY Chrysanthemum Mirror

Image Source: littlethingsbringsmiles.com

We all love big and adorned mirrors. So let us make ourselves one. First of all we need to choose the shape of the mirror. The right shape is the half battle won. Once you have decided the shape of the mirror, you need to decide which place will the mirror be placed and what colours can be chosen to adorn the mirror. When you have chosen the right colours, you can now paint the old used plastic spoons. Cut off the stalks of the spoons.

You need to be careful while cutting the mast of the spoon, the spoons might chip or break off while cutting. Now we will be using the head of the spoons. Paint the spoons in the required colour. Now start sticking the spoon heads on the sides of the mirror. While sticking the spoon heads keep the outer edge on the outside. This DIY project looks great even in your dining halls, dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc. You can take the help of your kids as well to realise this DIY project.

#5 Plastic Spoon: Anthropology vase knock off with flower

Image Source: theturquoisepiano.blogspot.ca

This is a great vase decorative craft made using old spoons. You should choose big old plastic spoons for this DIY. First of all decide the colour in which the flower needs to be made. Cut the spoons heads from the spoon stalks. Now paint the spoon heads in that colour. Once you have done this, let the paint dry. Once the apint dries, you can start with aligning the spoon heads in a circular manner. You can start with the innermost buds of the flower. As you align more and more spoon heads, you end up with a complete flower. Now you can add it to any simpke vase.

#6 Plastic Spoon: Watch Decoration

Image Source: healthywaytocook.com

We keep a keen interest in the planning of our time, so why not beautify the clock which tells us the time all the time. Take a normal clock to start with and choose the colour palette for the plastic cutlery according to the colour of the clock. Paint the forks, knives and spoons in the required colours. Once the paint dries off, you can start sticking the cutlery at the back of the clock at the same places as numbers are placed. This gives a more aethetic look to the clock. You can put this wall clock in your kitchen or dining hall.

#7 Plastic Spoon: Flower vase / center piece

Image Source: mygrowinghome.com

This is a great DIY project and is a very great center piece idea for your living hall or drawing room. this makes for a great addition to your classic elegant living style. First of all decide the base color for the chandelier/ center piece. Now take a big thermacol ball. Now spray paint this thermacol ball in gold colour. This will give a subdued sheen to the thermacol ball. You can also add golden glitter to the thermocol surface. now get some old used plastic spoons and give them a gold spray paint coat. pierce the plastic spoons one by one through the thermocol ball. this will give a very nice look to this chandelier. you can also add some sequins to the spoon heads.

#8 Plastic Spoon: Candle Holder

Image Source: delicateconstruction.com

This is a nice and sturdy candle holder. This is really easy to make and will surely help your to beautify your home for festivities. First of all collect some old plastic spoons. Either you can choose to go with the natural colour of the spoons or spray paint them after they have been cleaned and dried thoroughly. Take a base cardboard piece and start sticking the spoon heads on it moving upwards. As you move upwards sealing the spoons together you get a flatter flower. Now stick the candle on the flat surface on the top. This candle holder looks great kept on the mantle piece.

#9 Plastic Spoon: Flowers Stand

Image Source: Pinterest.com

This is a really cool ombre effect vase. You will require a large number of old plastic spoons for this DIY project. This vase DIY project is easy to make. First of all take an old plastic bottle with a thin neck section. Divide the surface of the bottle in three different sections. You can use a sharpie pen or a permanent marker to mark the sections. Cut the spoon heads off from the spoon stalks. Now paint one-third spoon heads in cream colour the other one-third in light blue and the last one-third in dark blue. Stick these spoon heads accordingly onto the jar. You will end up with a beautiful ombre effect recycled vase. Now you can place beautiful flowers in it.

#10 Plastic Spoon: Puppets

Image Source: creativejewishmom.com

This is a very cute DIY project. Your kids will surely love this one and these puppets will become their playmates. You can also make story characters using this technique to make the story telling experience a great one. You can take inspiration from cartoons or story characters to make these spoon puppets. To make these spoon puppets you can use colourful paper, ribbons, frill, thermocol balls, fur, feathers, sequins, googly eyes, whiskers, felt cloth, etc. You can also add false hair for a dramatic effect to the puppet. Big hats can be made out of paper and then placed overhead and designed to look pretty.

#11 Plastic Spoon: Artwork

Image Source: spunkyjunky.blogspot.ca

Did you ever thought that you could make a whole world of art. Now is the time you realise that pristine glory of cutlery is not in the kitchen but is in the collection of the great art work. You can make such art items on your own as well. First of all collect some old plastic cutlery and then decide what kind of cutlery do you wish to collect. Does each piece needs to have different designs or a single frame will carry cutlery of the same design or the same cutlery pieces will be grouped together. This will help you to stratify your Art work. Go on collect some precious cutlery and frame them up for their pristine glory.

#12 Plastic Spoon: Mirror

Image Source: countryliving.com

If you happen to have a great collection of used old wooden spoons then this is the DIY project to help you recycle them. You can start with choosing a big mirror polished to finish with no sharp edges. Now start planning where the mirror is to be put up and how big do we want it to be. As per the colour scheme of the interior decor we can choose the colour for the spoons to be stuck around the mirror. Here we have decided the colour to be bright pink. You will be required to paint the wooden spoons individually, as they do not fast upto spray paints. Now stick the wooden spoons around the mirror. You can even go for a double layer of the spoons for a better finish. This looks great for fancy big mirrors and also for the one used at the dressing table.

#13 Plastic Spoon: Laurel wreath

Image Source: thenester.com

This wreath DIY project is a great idea. Select some super flexible plastic spoons. Now start bending these spoons backwards for preparing them to be used in wreath making process. Now staple the base of the stalk to the previous stalk. Glue the spoon head to the base of the next spoon head. This indeed is a tiresome work but the end results for this hard work are great. You will be amazed to end with such a great wreathe design. You can even paint the spoons before making the wreath or painting the wreath afterwards is also a good idea. The wreath can be painted in different colours as per the occasion deems fit. You will have fun making this wreath with old plastic spoons.

#14 Plastic Spoon: DIY Chandelier

Image Source: icreativeideas.com

This is a great DIY chandelier project. Collect a large number of thoroughly cleaned plastic spoons and cut off their spoon heads from the stalks. Now you are ready for the sticking spree. Now you require a big plastic bottle to stick the spoon heads on. Cut the neck area of the bottle to make a cavity for the bulb. Start sticking the spoon heads from the bottom of the big plastic bottle. Move up as you keep on pasting the spoon heads on the plastic bottle. As you finish the spoon head fixing fix the bulb inside the plastic bottle. You can hang this beautiful chandelier in your living area. Also spray paint this chandelier. You can also add glitter lines all across the chandelier.

#15 Plastic Spoon: DIY Christmas Trees

Image Source: diynetwork.com

You can make this beautiful Christmas tree DIY project. First of all use a hard brown paper to make the base. Fold the brown paper in the shape of a cone. Cut off the tip of the cone. Plain the base of the brown paper cone. Now cut the spoon heads off from the stalks. Now start pasting the spoon heads on the brown paper base. You need to paste the spoon heads on the sunny side up and paint these spoon heads in green colour as well. You can also add small thermocol balls to give snow effect. This great DIY project looks great in the Christmas season.

We hope you liked these well curated list of plastic spoon craft ideas. You can easily realise these DIY projects on your own with little help. We will come up with more such content. Keep smiling and keep creating with K4 Craft!

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