15 Creative DIY Crochet Patterns For Beginners

If you want to start creative journey with crochet patterns, go through this article on DIY Crochet Patterns For Beginners for a perfect beginning.

Crochet patterns are one of most attractive things. With our crochet step by step tutorials, you can learn to crochet amazing items. There are several crochet patterns that you can make easily like heart shaped basket, flowers, coasters, scarf patterns among others.

DIY Crochet Patterns For Beginners

These crochet pattern tutorial will help you to create beautiful craft and guide you at each step in beautiful world of crochet.

#1 Crochet pattern Ideas :DIY heart shaped storage basket

Image Source: indulgy.com

This is a very cute heart shaped utility pouch made using crochet technique. If you hold a little bit know how of the crochet techniques, you will be able to make this project very easily. First of all choose the base colour of the yarn to be used to make these heart baskets. Now start with your yarn and start knotting it. Make a circular loop with the knots made. Keep on making spirals in two dimensions until you get three spirals for the base. Now start building the high walls on the sides of the heart basket. This will make sure your stuff does not fall out of the heart basket. for the last loop make it a bit smaller than the rest of the basket so as to avoid spillage of small things from the basket.

#2 Crochet Patterns For Beginners : DIY Flower Power Valance

Image Source: howtoinstructions.org

This flower power valance is a great idea to beautify your home. It adds another dimension to the windows of the home. It brings out the beauty of the curtains or the blinds which have been already installed. Start with simple knotting in the shape of a flower bulb. Make a semi-circle. Use a different coloured yarn to make the next layer of the bulb. You can make as many layers as you want. This half bulb makes for half the flower which can easily fit on the sides of the valance. Go for the full circles to make complete flowers. Sew these flowers together to complete the valance. This will surely be the center of attraction of your home decor.

#3 Crochet pattern Ideas : Modern Vintage Coasters

Image Source: mamainastitch.com

These crochet coasters are a great idea to add a vintage touch to your cutlery set. They provide a sturdy and colourful base to your cups and saucers. They are easy to make. Start with a chain of crochet knots and join the chain together to make a circle. Now keep on crocheting around this circle. This spiral goes on until you wish to stop. You can add more colours whenever you want to change the colour. You can also make the coaster out of a single colour. Choose the colour scheme based on your tea set or your home decor.

#4 Crochet Patterns For Beginners : Handmade Mandala

Image Source: howtoinstructions.org

This is a great idea to adorn your home with beautiful table covers or single craft pieces. Start with a circular loop and keep on crocheting around it. Use a different colour to make the next layer. You can also use different kinds of loops to distinguish the layers. Choose different colours based upon the colour scheme you wish to realise or the one which will look good with your interior colour combination. You can make the mandala as big as you want. It can be used as a table cloth, carpet, telivision cover, etc. Go on let you creative juices flow with this mandala craft and make beautiful matching mandalas to put in your home.

#5 Crochet pattern Ideas : Pansy flower

Image Source: fabartdiy.com

This pansy flower is a great idea to beautify your home with flowers. You can add these flowers to your centre table or even sew them together to make a curtain or a table cloth. First of all use a bright yellow coloured yarn to make the central bulb for the pansy flower. Now starting with the dark purple shade, make the two big petals and a small petal of the flower. Now for the bigger petals make raised structures on them. These raised structures will become the base for the light purple petals. Now start looping the light purple petals on the small dark purple petal and the two raised structures. The flower once completed looks really pretty. These flowers can also be put in a vase after being attached to wooden dowels at the base.

#6 Crochet pattern Ideas : Baby Booties

Image Source: xn--kadnmoda-vkb.com

These crochet booties are the cutest gift to your little one. These booties are easy to make by knowing some crochet hacks. You can choose from a wide array of colour combinations to make these booties look awesome. First of all make the base for the booties. The base must be strong and should not have any loose loops. Start making the outer boundaries for the booties. Slowly give the boundaries the shape of the boot. Adorn the booties with heautiful contrasting coloured flowers made with crochet. You can add different kinds of designs to these boots. These booties look cute while your child wears them. These make for great gifts for a child.

#7 Crochet Patterns For Beginners : Maybelle Flower

Image Source: myrosevalley.blogspot.com

This beautiful flower is easy to make and can be used to decorate the house. First of all make a small circle of crochet loops. Now start making loops around the main circle. Let the circle grow. Once you get a decent sized circle, make different small circles all around the main circle. Now fill in around these circles. This way you will get a neat and beautiful crochet flower. You can use different kinds of loops and knots to heautify it further. Make such flowers in different colours. Sew them together to make a big curtain or a table cloth or use them individually. There can be numerous ways to use this beautiful crochet flower.

#8 Crochet pattern Ideas : DIY Flower Hook Rug

Image Source: imgfave.com

This warm and fluffy rug DIY is the ultimate summer DIY. This rug will very much be your companion in everything. From being the soft foot rug to being the soft foot blanket to keep warm. Start with a chain of loops and start making a flower out of it. You can take guidance from the image provided. Make the flower floluffy enough. Make many such flowers in different colours. Sew them together. You can keep a specific colour scheme or sew them in an unorganised manner, it is upto you and both look cute. After you have sewn enough flowers, your crochet rug is ready to be used as you please.

#9 Crochet Patterns For Beginners : DIY Flowers Crafts

Image Source: beadandcord.com

This DIY rose flower is indeed a neat creation. This beautiful flower seems quite easy to be made. Start with a single chain and make loose loops out of a single crochet loop chain. Decide the length of the chain as per the requirement of the volume jn the flower. Once you have a long chain of loose loops, start building one side of the loops. Build one side of the loops, all through the length of the chain. Once you have build the side of the flower, start turning the chain in a loopso as to give shape to the flower. Slowly the flower will come into shape. Sew the layers together. Add a stem and a leaf to the flower to make it look more realistic. You can also add this flower to beautiful dresses. They look really cute on fridge covers, television covers, table covers, etc.

#10 Crochet pattern Ideas : Lip Balm Holder

Image Source: favecrafts.com

Lip balm is a necessity and this lip balm cover is a very handy thing for you. This will keep your lip balm safe and in place. Make this cute lip balm case with crochet techniques. First of all make a sleek cylidrical sleeve as per the length of the lip balm tube. Make a flap cover for the lip balm case. You can go for decorating the lip balm case by using colourful yarns. You can also use a key chain with this holder to never lose track of your lip balm.

#11 Crochet pattern Ideas : Mary Jane Baby Booties

Image Source: hopefulhoney.com

These cute mary jane booties are a rock star for your baby. The beautiful white and blue combination looks great. These booties have a beautiful lapel which makes it secure for active babies as these won’t get kicked off in action. First of all make a sturdy base for these booties. You can use a harder yarn at the bottom base for strength. Start building the higher edges of the boots. You can use a bright colour for this purpose. Build the shape of the bootie as you go up. Make a lapel for the boots. Add a button to secure the lapel in place. Add beautiful contrasting flowers to the boots to make them look more beautiful.

#12 Crochet Patterns For Beginners : Bright Yellow Jar Topper

Image Source: willowyarns.com

Jar toppers are a great thing to add drama to the mundane jars. These jar toppers look great on picnics and casual outings. They even make for a secure option for carrying semi-solids in jars. These jars look great when made in the right colours. You can use the jar covers in colours which look good with the filled in stuff. These jar holders are easy to make. You need to make a circular base in unison with the size of the lid. Build the required height for the jar cover. You can add waves at the bottom to beautify the jar cover. You can add a ribbon tie when you place it on the jar to secure it tight and it also adds beauty to the jar cover.

#13 Crochet pattern Ideas : Lace ribbon rose flowers

Image Source: naztazia.com

These lace flowers look great. First of all make a long chain of crochet loops. Build some bigger holes adjacent to each other in succession. In the end of the width of the lace, give curvy ends to the lace. You can use different colours of yarn or different loop designs. Once you are satisfied with the lace, you can start winding the lace in a shape of the flower. Sew the base of the flower, as you move it in. You can add these beautiful flowers to your dresses, add them to table cloths, television covers or make a bouquet out of them.

#14 Crochet pattern Ideas : Flower Hairpin Craft Idea

Image Source: wonderfuldiy.com

This hairpin craft is an adorable one. This hairpin flower DIy is easy to make. First of all loop the yarn on a hairpin. This will help you to make a loop. Make multiple loops of this kind. Make a string of such loops. Start winding the lopps inwards. Start sewing the loops together. Stick a blackbacking paper at the base of the flower. This will provide the extra support to the flower petals. You can add leaves and stem to this flower to make it look more attractive. You can also add it to your beautiful summer dresses to make them spring up a notch. It will also look good in a bouquet.

#15 Crochet Patterns For Beginners : Hair Clips

Image Source: repeatcrafterme.com

We all love our hairclips and so they do. We can always try to make our hair clips a bit better by adding beauty to them. You can start with looping around a single chain of loops. Start forming the flower by adding more and more loops one over the other. You can add layers to the flower. You add fluff to the flower at the edges of the petals. Secure the edges of the flower. You can add fluffy knots at the end. It is upto you how much big you want to make this cute hairflower. Add a hairpin to the back of the hairflower.

Hope you liked this cute list of DIY crochet patterns for beginners. We will come up with more such DIY projects soon. Until then keep smiling and Keep creating with K4craft!

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