10+ DIY: Beautiful Ideas for Room Decoration with Simple Crafts

We all are living a quite bland life and wish to spice it up at the drop of the hat. Why not try some off the counter DIY hacks. An idea of digging some cool tricks to make your room prettier would be a cool choice. You won’t have to do much work and it will still be able to create magic. So, let us go on a whirlwind journey of these homely hacks which help to brighten up your room and home. These cute craft ideas include all ideas including a wide array of craft ideas.

Room Decoration with Crafts!

1. Create Your Custom Marquee Sign

Image Source: apartmenttherapy.com

This is a very dreamy type 3-D craft idea. All you need to do to make this dreamy craft idea. This craft idea can be changed every month as per the name of the month. First of all cut out the alphabets from a thermocol piece. Paint the letters in vibrant colors. Add fairy lights to define the art work more. This adds an oomph to the art work. This artwork will surely define your art sense and your creative side. This craft looks great at night when all the fairy lights glow.

2. Add Some Nature

Image Source: mihangallery.ir

You can make these cute kitten pots. You can make these cute pots using quick setting cement or strong felt cloth. These cute kitten pots are sweet and help you to add greenery to your house. These cute kittens with closed eyes look cute beyond measure. The cute ears of the kittens give them a realistic appearance. You can grow small succulents in these cute kitten pots.

3. Make Your Own Jewelry Display

Image Source: ippinka.com

This earring holder is a great way to help you organise your earrings, bracelets, etc. This holder is easy to make and store. First of all get a sheet of steel, remove the rust if the sheet is old. Fold the edges of the steel sheet. Use an oxydising torch to make punch holes in the steel sheet. These holes will serve as the points to hang your earrings. This DIY project will help you to organise your stuff and to find your earrings easily.

4. Light Up Your Pictures

Image Source: karaellarayner.wordpress.com

This is a very bright DIY project for your room. First of all tie the Polaroid pictures on the fairy lights. Or you can go with first forming the fairy lights design on the wall. After you have made the design on the wall and then tie or staple the polaroid pictures. you can also stick pictures below the already tied up pictures with the fairy lights. This will add your memories and lights to the walls of your room.

5. Word Wall Art

Image Source: melissasheartandhome.blogspot.in

This is a very attractive kind of Word Wall Art. Customise different words for you dining room, drawing room, bedroom or even your living room. You can choose different alphabets from the internet which relate to the word to be written. This gives a literary feeling to your home and reflects your taste in fine arts. You can even choose a specific color theme for the word you want to put up. These will unify your home decor.

6. Paper Crane Curtains

Image Source: indulgy.com

These paper cranes are easy to make. You need to fetch some colourful paper at first. You can also choose patterned paper for the purpose. Learn the origami technique to make these cranes. Once you know how yo make these cranes, start threading the cranes bodies. This will form a layer of cranes. Once you have got many cranes, you will eventually have many threads of cranes. Thus, you can form a crane curtain for your home. It looks very cute and adorable. You can use such a curtain to fill up open areas in the home.

7. Ping Pong Lights

Image Source: news.buzzbuzzhome.com

This ping pong light DIY project is easy to make and at the same time looks incredible. You need lots of ping pong balls and some electrical know how. Your knowledge about electrical components will help you to realise this DIY project in a better way. First of all collect the white ping pong balls and then make a hole at the bottom of the ping pong ball. Pass the led light through the hole. You can use fairy lights for the purpose. Seal the led bulb inside the pibg ping ball. Complete the whole length of fairy lights with ping pong balls and you will get a beautiful and novel pin pong light for your home.

8. Power Strip Organizer

Image Source: notedlist.com

This is a high utility organizing DIY project. We all are aware of the mess created by wires of the chargers of all the devices create at home. So let us try to assemble them all inside a box with the help of an extension board. You need to get an extension board, the next step is to find a box which is almost the size of the extension board to be used. Now make holes for the wires in the box. Once you have made the holes, decorate the box as you do not want it to look bland. You can use colourful paper, glitter, sketch pens etc. To decorate the box. Once you have decorated the box, place the chargers in the extension board and pass the wire through the holes. Mark the holes with the names of the devices whose wire has been passed through that hole.

9. Curtain Rods With Wooden Branches

Image Source: lifehack.org

This is a beautifying hack. When you are about to put up some new curtains, you can surely look into this DIY project. Take a ‘Y’ shaped pipe, modify it to look like a branch. Paint this branch type looking pipe. Make two of these branch type pipes. Secure these branch type looking pipes on the two opposite sides of the window or door, where you wish to install the curtain. Now take a a long lightweight pipe. Place this long pipe on the branch type pipe holders. String a lightweight curtain through the long pipe.

10. Pocket Memo Board

Image Source: virtudeeformosura.com

This memo board follows the ideal of reuse and decorate. All those old pants you do not want to wish to wear will come in handy for this memo board DIY project. First of all find a suitable sized wooden board. You can get one from a scrap dealer or may find one in  your garage. Now cut the pockets out of your old jeans. Make sure you do not cut up the pocket rims as the rims are sturdy and will be helpful in the memo board DIY stability. Once you have cut the pockets, use super glue to stick the rim of the pockets with the wooden board. Now you can store different things in these pockets.

11. Create Bottle Lamps

Image Source: crafthubs.com

Let us light up the dark. If you are a lover of alcohol I am sure you will be having a lot of old wine bottles. We can use them in ab appropriate manner. First of all scrub off the labels off the bottles. Clean the bottle inside out. Dry the bottles after cleaning them. Once the bottles are clean we can move towards lighting up the bottle lamps. Take some fairy lights and fill up the bottle with the fairy lights. You need to stuff them up. Leave the plug end out from the top. If you wish to cork the top, then you can make a hole in the bottle near the bottom and pass the plug through that. Thus, you get beautiful wine bottle lamp.

12. Create Paper Streamers

Image Source: honeybeevintage.com

These paper streamers are a dream come true. We have seen a lots of dream catchers, unicorns and other things but in this pursuit we left behind the beauty of the simplest paper hangings. Let us make some of the paper streamers for ourselves. First of all decide on a shape you wish to make the streamer for. It can be a heart, star, smileys, squares, etc. You can either go for a straight hanger, loop hanger or even a crescent shape hanger for the streamers depending upon the space you wish to put up the streamers in. Thread the shapes through a thin string and hang these strings on the hanger.

We hope you liked this well curated list of room decors. We wish you good luck for trying these out and having fun your beautified rooms. Do give your valuable feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such content. Keep creating with K4Craft!

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