10 DIY: Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Summer is the best time to have all the fun. The weather is light and the children are in full fervor and enthusiasm. And the sweltering heat forces the children inside even in the summer holidays. Summer holidays are finally here! Kids are highly excited for the holidays. To keep the children engaged and happy summer craft ideas are best take to involve them in. You can easily involve your children in making cute craft items which can be used to adorn their bedrooms, the living room, gardens etc. Here are 10 easy summer craft ideas for kids. Let us start on a journey with these easy to make DIY craft projects.

Get ahead of the heat with a few creative craft products to make your holidays more fun in the sun!

Simple Summer Craft Ideas

#1 Boat in Coconut Water

Image Source : homicraft.com

This is an easy to make playful craft idea. we all love to eat dry coconut but who knew this great snack can also be made into a great craft item. this craft item requires very less effort. You can either use this craft idea to design the snack or use it as a showpiece. If you have got some stale coconuts, you can make some showpiece out of them. Take half of a coconut, pierce a stick in the middle. now using a colourful printed cloth make a flag for the boat. If you want to use this technique to make a delightful snack, you can use edible coconut and then pierce a stick through it and then place a flag over it. This way you can add fun to the summer snacks.

#2 Stars Hanging for Kids Room

Image Source: tipjunkie.com

Stars are loved by all the children. you can add stars buntings to your children’s room with their help this summer. Start by choosing colourful paper to make stars for the bunting. now trace the star shape by making two stars in the opposite directions. Make sure you draw the stars on the backside of the coloured paper. Cut these shapes out. Now punch holes at one of the corners of the star. Now pass  a thread through the punched holes. String these loops through a main thread. You can use twine as for the threading purposes. Now you hang this star bunting in your child’s room. Your children will be more than delighted with this addition to their room.

#3 Beautiful Flowers

Image Source : homicraft.com

These cute felt flowers are a great craft idea for the summers. First of all mark and cut stencils in paper for ease while working with felt. Make three layers for each felt flower. The bottom layer will consist of a big flower. The next layer will have a smaller felt flower. The last and the top most layer of the flower is circular disc of felt preferably in a bright colour. Now you can combine these three pieces of the felt flower to complete the felt flower craft. You can add these felt flowers to pin boards or to small art projects to beautify them.

#4 Decorate Your Breakfast

Image Source: celebrations.com

Breakfast decoration activities can be carried out once a week to entertain the kids with food. This will make the children more aware about the food they consume. you can either use all edible stuff for decoration so that the children can consume their artwork afterwards or use some non-edible stuff for decoration but in the latter case the food will be rendered inedible. You can choose either way of food decoration drive.

#5 Fish Swimming at Your Wall!

Image Source: stagetecture.com

This easy fish simulation artwork is great and easy to accomplish. First of all collect some paper plates. Now colour these plates in different colours. Mark a quarter in the paper plate and cut the quarter out. This will signify that fish has an open mouth. you need not to cut the quarter in every paper plate. You can draw smiles for all the fishes with closed mouth. Now draw the eyes and other features for the fishes. You can add fins at the back with the help of the cut out quarter from the paper plate. You can also add bows for the cute fishes.

#6 Your Fan in Hot Summer

Image Source: mrprintables.com

These cute fans are a great respite from  the heat in summers. First of all design your cute fans on the paper base. You can either buy a patterned page to make a fan or design the fan on your own. Once you have designed the fan base, you should start with folding the fan in a zig-zag manner. Seal this fold at the top of the holding stick by winding thread at the base. Make sure the fan is not loosened by moving in a to an fro motion. You can also add tags at the bottom such as “I am your fan”, “Use me”, “I will fight heat”, etc.

#7 The Lion

Image Source: fabartdiy.com

This is an easy to make lion method. This way you can teach your children about a lion as the king of the jungle, its eating habits, etc. First of all mix the right colours to get the lion fur colour. Now get your child to make an imprint of his hand dipped in colour on a hard stock white sheet. Turn the  sheet upside down. Make the lion’s paws on the four fingers of your child. Use the thumb as the tail of the lion. Add the face of the lion at the base of the palm. This will result in an easy to make perfect lion.

#8 Worm at Your Door

Image Source: greats.cf

This easy to make worm at your door DIY is a great playmate for your children. you and your children can easily make this worm DIY. First of all cut thin and small strips of coloured paper. Now make a circle out of these strips and staple the rings in place. Use alternate colours for the rings so as to make the worm colourful. Keep the last ring a bit broader. It will act as the head of the worm. Add googly eyes to the head and also draw a mouth of the worm. Make antennas for the worm, which will complete your worm at the door.

#9 Apple Badges

Image Source: handydandystudio.wordpress.com

These cute apple badges are great presents for your kids. They will surely love these badges and wear them around each and every day. You will also be delighted to see your children wear these cute badges around. Start with a red felt base which has been cut in the shape of an apple. Add a white base on top of the red one, sew the two felt pieces together. Add two black sequins in the middle. Attach a twig in brown felt on the top. Also sew a green leaf on the twig.

#10 Home Sweet Home for Birds

Imge Source: coolmompicks.com

These sweet bird homes are a true summer vibe. You can keep water or grains for the little birds searching for food and water. You can build this bird house using plywood. You need to be careful while working with nails. You can also use super glue to seal the pieces together. You can ask your children to paint the bird houses. You should add a rope loop at the top to help hang it on a tree branch.

We hope you liked this list of cute craft ideas for kids. Do leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such content. Thanks for visiting our website. Keep creating with K4Craft!

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