World No Tobacco Day Art To Promote Quit Smoking

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Tobacco is harmful for everyone. The people who smoke put the people around them as well on risk. Passive smoking is altogether a grave issue. Prolonged use of tobacco and its products gives rise to mouth cancer or lung cancer and other related issues.

We must prevent people from using these products. We as a nation need to work towards it. We should make all the people around us aware of the hazards of smoking. So, this World No Tobacco Day let us make it our mission to spread awareness about this serious problem to one and all. We can surely make a difference through art work or maybe a dedicated art exhibition.

Drawing No Smoking!

Let us start with a simple poster spreading awareness about the hazards of smoking. We will make a hand holding a cigarette butt, But the change we bring in is, we replace fingers with cigarettes and in the place of a cigarette we place the finger. This shows that we are placing our body at a vulnerable position by indulging in such a harmful practice.

In the end we write No Smoking at the top of the art work. We will use cigarette butts to write the slogan wherever possible. Now colour or paint it accordingly. Make it eye catching using colours, you may even add some other details in the background to make it look appealing. For better understanding watch this video.

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Stop Smoking – Drawing & Coloring

Draw two concentric circles. Then draw two parallel lines in between. Then just make the ends(meeting points) a bit curved. We will draw a cigarette inside this sign.

Mark some details on the cigarette butt which show that it is angry. Show the cigarette butt to be burning. Now start colouring accordingly. Use shading technique to make it look appealing. Colour the circle in deep red, so that it shows danger. For better understanding look up:

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World No Tobacco Day – World No Tobacco Day Art

Make a big circle either using a bowl or a pair of compasses. Use this circle to make the Earth, draw various continents and the water bodies on it. On the top of it, we will write “World No Tobacco Day”. On the top of the circle just write World and then draw a small circle to denote a “No” . This circle must be coloured in deep red, so that it clearly denotes hazard. Then write Tobacco and then comes the day. Now just fill in the gaps to make it look complete. Make it look appealing and appeasing by using good colour schemes and you may even use glitter or coloured tape to border your poster. For better description watch this video.

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How To Draw No Smoking In Calligraphy

Let us take up another format. In this one we are showing a cigarette butt and the smoke coming out of it. The smoke coming out of it shows a dieing man. The man is shown to be dieing due to the smoke. Use shading technique to make it surreal. Show proper shadows to make it look attractive and mesmerising. You can even try splattering the blackness around to show the gloom associated with it. The smoke makes up his whole body. The smoke ahs filled up his body like a weight which is now weighing him down. It shows the irony that what once was started as fun but now is making fun of the person. For better understanding look up:
Let us learn some calligraphy ideas related to No Smoking. We will utilise triangles, straight lines and circles to write down No Smoking effectively. This puts emphasis on the topic and makes the motive more profound. The art installation helps to spread the message more effectively. Our main motive behind celebrating this day through art is to make everyone around us aware of the hazards of the act of smoking. For better understanding of the calligraphy look up:

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No Smoking Day Poster – World No Tobacco Day Art

First of all we will start by writing “No Smoking” , then we will draw an anguished cigarette butt. Make it broader at the bottom. Then start colouring the art. Colour the written part in bright colours, red, yellow, orange of the likes. We can even use two colours in unison to create a better effect. Colour the cigarette but in its natural colours. Create some shading effect and create some smoky effect as well. Mark the outlines to make the art well defined. For better understanding look up:

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Our sole motive behind making such art forms is to make people aware of the hazards of smoking. We can even point out the hazards and ill-effects of smoking in any of the posters we have made. This will further help in the cause. We should all understand that smoking is not a good habit and we must refrain from it. We must dissuade others from it as well.

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