Top Awesome Ideas For Home Decoration With Potential Garbage

“Who doesn’t want to have a dream room with full of photos on one wall that gives you flashes of memories and DIY stuff on the other with lighting all around that brighten up the room. “ Oh! I want one such room. Whenever I watch teen movies their rooms always inspire me to do something with my room. I would always postpone the idea of recreating my room to summer. Summer comes and goes and my room stays the same. Does the same happen with you? This summer this is not going to happen. Let us make something new to make it a better place. A house becomes home when it has that homely kind of nature around you. Although we get a lot of stuff in stores that are used to decorate our houses we do not find that one piece that we are looking for our house. There are many things that lay around us that can be reused but we just ignore. There we are when start looking around our room to find the right material to create “THE ONE” we are looking for.


A photo wall hanging can be made by using a branch of tree. Yes, you heard it right using a broken tree branch that we find in our garden. Along with a medium sized branch which is thick enough to hold things we need clear varnish, decorative beads in shape of diamonds ( or of your choice) , twine, transparent tape , photos of equal size about 5×5 around 25 as per our convenience. So let us start. First, paint the branch with clear varnish in order to seal it. Mark 5 points on the branch using a chalk which are at equal distance. At the marked points tie the twine by making a loop and extend the twine so that photos can be placed. Now, place 5 photos in row along the twine and seal the end of the first column of photos with a diamond shaped bead. Using the transparent tape, stick the back part of the photos to the twine. Repeat the process at 4 other marked points on the branch. Ah! We are done. Hang the branch on the wall and flip all the photos properly. Whenever you look at the wall, memories flash through your mind.Check out the video here:

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Here is our next room decor that we are going to make using plastic spoons. Whenever we organise parties at home or order food, these plastic spoons always remain back and are of no use. An art piece can be made using these plastic spoons. All we need is a cardboard piece, a simple clock, metallic gold or silver spray, hot glue gun and scissors. Using a pencil trace the clock at the centre of cardboard piece. With the same centre draw a circle with few centimetres greater than the inner circle and cut along the bigger circle. Now it is the fun part! Break the spoons such that we divide the curvy part and the straight parts.  Using the glue gun, stick the curvy part of the spoon along the outer circumference of the inner ring. Stack the spoons in layers in circle all over the cardboard. Now paint the spoons with the metallic spray. Let the spray dry for an hour. Place the clock at the centre and trace tge battery slot on the inner square and cut using the scissors. The artistic clock is ready to decorate your wall with royal look. Check out the video here:

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In the festive season we get many gifts and sweets wrapped with colourful paper and net or in cardboard boxes especially during Diwali. We generally throw away the wrappings but here we are going to use these. The net we get as wrapping and cardboard piece is going to be very useful. To make the hanging we need cardboard, net, scissors, diamond shaped crystals, iron wire, pearl bead chain, white ribbon and an old plastic container like the milk bottle. Let us start the hanging by first cutting the cardboard into shape of dancing girl. To the piece that we have cut using a white thread tie a big crystal. Using the same thread make a knot at the head and to the thread tie small crystals about 5 small crystals at regular intervals. Now it is time to dress the doll. Take the net and cut into a rectangle and fold it into half. Using a needle and thread sew along the folded edge and tie to the waist of the doll. Make 5 of these dolls. For the support cut a ring of little width about 3 centimetres using the plastic milk container.  Tie the dolls to the ring at equal distances. Decorate the ring using the pearls chain. To create a hook to hang from wall use the white ribbons. There we go our beautiful dancing doll hanging is ready. Check out the video here:

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After the bulb goes off, we generally throw it away. Rather than throwing away we can create beautiful terrarium hanging garden. This one is especially for plant lovers like me.

We need 3 bulbs, cutting plier, corkscrew, nail, hammer, soil, succulent, stones, rope and hot glue gun. Take the bulb and gently remove the seal of the bulb using pliers and corkscrew. Now , using nail and hammer carefully tap on the inner broken filament so that it separates from the body of bulb. Make sure that you follow required precautions while performing this task and do not hurt yourselves. Remove the glass filament with caution.

For making the terrarium, take a funnel and add a layer of sand followed by gravel. Now add the succulent or small plant to the bulb. Then add pebbles to decorate the plant. Using a stick arrange all the items inside the bulb. Make three terrariums different foraged materials. Now to hang the bulb, using glue gun stick the rope along the threading of the bulb and hand the bulb from the wall using remaining part. Do the same with remaining two bulbs. Check out the video here:

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This wall hanging is going to be made using old matchboxes. The items required for the wall hanging are empty matchboxes (nine of them), wool, beads, plastic stick for support, hot glue gun, foam sheet, colourful stones for decorating, glitter and needle.  Cover the match boxes with foam sheet and decorate with beads. Colour the sides of match boxes with gold colour. Take a piece of wool and tie a bead at the end. Pass the wool through three matchboxes such that they are placed uniformly. Cut excess wool tie to the plastic stick at the centre. Now take two pieces of wool of equal length and repeat the process with 2 matchboxes and them on either side of the 3 matchbox row. And last repeat the process with single matchbox and place both the rows as last ones. Using the hot glue gun stick the match boxes so that they stay in place and retain the shape. Check out the video here:

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For making the wall hanging using the bangles we need 24 bangles , lace , thin colourful rope , hot glue gun , blue and pink crystals, stones for decoration, fevicryl  glue ,  pearls, thread and cardboard. Initially using the lace wrap the bangle in knot pattern that is make knots along the bangle bangle adjacent to each along complete length. Seal the end using glue gun. Make 12 bangles in this way. Decorate 8 of the lace bangles with stones or kundans. Wrap another 12 bangles with rope in the same way we wrapped with lace. Hang the crystals to the bangles on the inner parts using needle and thread. Repeat the process for the bangles wrapped in rope and 8 bangles that are decorated with kundans.

Take the cardboard and cut it into a frame of 16×16 cm with 3cm thickness. Stick the lace to the cardboard completely using glue. Finally we get a frame uniformly covered in lace. Place 2 rope bangles along each side and 4 lace bangles at four corners. Tie all the bangles adjacent to each other using thread and tie them to the frame also. Now take one lace bangle and tie it to the frame such that it hangs on the inner part of the frame. Take the remaining lace bangles that are decorated and which are not decorated and tie thread and add pearls to them. Tie the bangles alternately to the bangles on the lower portion of frame. Our wall hanging made out of bangles is ready. Check out the video here:

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Dream catcher can be made easily by using an old wooden loop and wool. We need wool of two contrast colours. Let us take blue and white wool. We need feathers and beads to decorate the dream catcher. First step is to neatly cover the wooden loop with blue wool such that it is uniformly wound. Next, take the white wool and make a knot at a point and another at a distance. Make a pentagon pattern on the ring. This will be our first layer. For the second layer make a knot at the centre of one side of pentagon and extend the wool and make knot on centre of adjacent side. Continue the process till all the sides of first layer are covered. Make 2 to 3 layers by following the above process. Now take white wool and make a knot at the centre and pass beads through the wool and make a ring at the centre. For the hanging part of dream catcher, take feathers of different colours and tie them using the white wool and add beads to wool to decorate. Make 3 or 4 of these feather hanging and tie them to the loop on the lower half at regular places. Our dream catcher is ready to be hanged on wall. Check out the video here:

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The items required for making the wind chime are old newspapers, needle, glue, mirrors, scissors, acrylic paints, paint brush, wire and thread. Take the newspaper and roll it against the paint brush and make a long roll using newspaper and glue the end of the stick and remove the paint brush. Repeat the process with all the newspapers. Now roll the newspaper sticks into spiral form. Make 15 of the small spirals. To make big spiral, attach 5 newspaper sticks end to end and roll. After all the spirals are make by pressing at the middle section turn them into cones. To retain the shape of the cone apply glue all over and leave it to dry. Next paint the cones as per your choice. Decorate the large cone using mirrors and the small cones using white paint.

For hanging the piece, take a piece of wire and make a loop at one end. Pass the other end from tip of big cone and make loop on the other side so that the wore does not come out.

Take thread and needle, Make a knot at the end and pass through the tip of small cone. Then tie the small cone to the rim of big cone using the thread. Repeat the same process with remaining cones and arrange so that they cover the complete circle. Make sure that there is difference of 2cm between each small cones thread. Check out the video here:

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Do not let go the summer. Buckle up and renovate your house and room with these amazing DIYs with things that seem to be of no longer use.

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