Thali Decoration Ideas During Navratri

Navratri is an auspicious nine-day celebration which is celebrated before Dusshehra. The nine day are celebrated like a larger than life festival in most of the part of the country. In some parts of the nation the nine days are celebrated like a big dance festival where the whole community comes together and dances together to the beats of folk music.

The Navratri is devoted to God. People pray for all good. Navratri involves a lot of pooja, thus pooja thali devoration is a major decorative item of Navratri. Here, we have listed striking and attracting Thali decoration ideas to make your festival more enjoyable and beautiful.

Thali Decoration Ideas for Navratri

Simplistic banana leaf design

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This beautiful thali design is symplistic and environment friendly. You can easily get a banana leaf and place it inside a plate. Now draw a Swastik on the leaf with kumkum and add flowers and diyas to the Thali to make it look more beautiful. You can also rice along with kumkum. The contrasting colours look beautiful.

Beautiful Kalash designer pooja thali

This is a beautiful kalash designer thali. You can make it on your own. First of all take some broad golden lace and stick it sound the plate rim. Take some red velvet cloth and add patches and lace to it to make it look traditional and beautiful. Now add the kalash in the centre. You can stick it with the help of super glue.

Beautiful beaded pooja thali

This beautiful sequined and beaded pooja thali looks beautiful. You can trace a design at start and then start pasting beads or sequins along the lines of the traced design. This designer thali looks very beautiful.

Golden bead design pooja thali and kalash combo

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This is a very beautiful combination of pooja thali and kalash. You can design them in a similar manner to make them part of a set. Design the rims with golden and silver bead line. Add red and green gems and patches to the red base of the kalash and the plate. You can also add latkan to go with your design.

Indie handicrafts pooja thali

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This is a great Indie Craft idea for a traditional pooja thali decoration idea. You can use a dark and bright coloured plate to start with. Paint the plate with 3D outliner in bright colours which are contrast with the the plate colour. This will ensure that the colours reach their full potential. You can make traditional designs on the plate.

Tribal painting pooja thali idea

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This is a great pooja thali design for Navratri. You can take a dark red coloured plate. This gives a reflection to the tribal sandstone colour. Now start painting this plate with simple designs. Start either from the rims or from the centre of the plate. You can make different kinds of shapes like leaves, leaves, triangles, circles, lines, stick figures, etc. Choose contrasting colours to paint on the red sandstone coloured plate.

DIY craft Navratri pooja thali decoration

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This DIY project to decorate a Navratri thali is a great craft idea. You can make a beautiful designer thali using this idea. Start with a strong base. Cut it in the shape of a plate. Roll a newspaper in a cylindrical shape. Now cover it with a golden lace. Paste this roll all along the circular plate. This becomes the rim for the plate. Now add faux flowers to the plate and bead motifs can be pasted on the painted surface of the thali. Add beads to the top of the rim.

Shell and Mirror work designer Thali designer plate

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This is a beautiful Navratri thali design craft. Take a flat cardboard and cut it in the shape of a plate. Cover it with a yellow coloured sheet. Use an old gift paper to make the rim of the plate. Add cowrie shells in the next inner layer of the plate. Take a subtle lace to use as the innermost layer. Now make a motif using cowrie shells and mirrors. You can make it in a semi-circle or a triangular fashion. Both of them look awesome.

Beautiful glass paint thali design

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First of all use an outliner to define the boundaries of the design on the plate. Fill in the boundaries with glass paibts. You can also use glass paints to make beaded flowers. These beautiful flowers can also be made using small beads. You can add small beaded lace as well. Add a small diya in the middle.

Navratri Inspired Thali design

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This is a very traditional design to make a Navratri pooja thali. Paint the base of the thali in bright red colour. You can also cover it with red coloured paper. Now draw a devi ma figure on the red base using blue, black paint and silver glitter. Paint different sizes of diyas in colours of silver, golden, rust. Now place them strategically along the rim of the plate. This will add more beauty and utility to this Navratri pooja thali.

Devi ma inspired pooja thali design

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This play dough designer thali design is beautiful and the plate can be later used as normal plate. Make the base of the plate in light brown colour. Make the face of devi ma in bright red colour. Add a nose ring to the design. Add sequins to the eyes and bindi of devi ma. Paint some diyas in the base brown colour and brighten the diya rims using golden colour. Fix the diyas along the rim of the plate.

Ornate pooja thali design

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This pooja thali is very beautiful and ornate. take a normal plate and attach cardboard outer rim to it. Now you can decorate this outer rim using beads and gems. You can design the outer rim using different kinds of material. Keep the base of the simple so that you can keep the pooja material easily.

We hope you liked these Navratri Pooja thali decoration ideas We hope these ideas brighten up your Navratri and you have a Happy Navratri! Do check out other craft article at K4craft. Give us your valuable feedback in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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