Recycled Tissue Roll Craft Tutorials

Now a days everyone loves to use waste materials for home decor, gardening , etc. We have so many waste things around us. But sometimes we missed the things which are used in our daily life. Yes there are so many things. For example tissue or toilet paper roll . Have you ever think about to create something by tissue rolls. Come, here I will show you how you can create unique things by tissue roll.

How To Make Flowers Using Tissue Paper Rolls

Flowers are beautiful creature by god. Generally in home we are using natural flowers, artificial flowers, flower hanging . But have you used tissue paper rolls flower. NO !!! Here we have a simple tutorial to make flowers using tissue paper rolls.

Material Required – Tissue paper rolls, coloured paper, glue, scissors.


  1. Take a tissue paper roll and flattening the paper roll and cut it into 5 equal parts. Here you get a eye shape pieces. Do the same with other remaining tissue paper rolls.
  2. Apply some glue at the one side of this eye shape piece and stick it on the coloured paper. Stick all the pieces on different coloured paper.
  3. Cut the coloured paper accordingly to the shape of paper roll pieces.
  4. Now arrange four petals in “x” shape to make a 4 petals flower. Make a row and column with the 4 petals flower.
  5. Decorate the flower with the pearls or stones.
  6. Your flower wall hanging is ready.

How To Make Minions Box From Cardboard

When we saw a cartoon we get a sweet smile on the face. Some times we cut the cartoon pictures and stick at our work place, pencil holders. Today, seeing this tutorial you can make beautiful Minions holder or box with waste tissue paper rolls.

Material Required – Foam, cardboard tubes or tissue paper rolls, marker, cutter, glue, pencil, ruler.


  1. Take a cardboard tube , measuring 6 cm and cut it. Here you get a bigger tube and 1 small tube.
  2. Take a yellow foam sheet measuring 4.6 cm and cut it . Roll this yellow sheet around the bigger cardboard tube.
  3. Take the left over piece of foam sheet and small cardboard tube , apply some glue on smaller tube and stick the foam sheet piece on it. Arrange both the pieces together.
  4. Take a strip of blue colour foam sheet and cut it in the shape of letter “H” vertically stick it at the bottom part of minions box and cut the excess part .
  5. Put one small pocket at the centre of the blue foam sheet.
  6. Now its time to make eye of minions . Take one white paper circle and stick at the centre of the top part of minions.
  7. Make a black colour paper ring and stick around the white colour paper. Its look like the frame of the glasses.
  8. Stick one circle of black colour paper in the middle of white colour paper.
  9. Take a black colour paper strip and attach it besides the black colour paper ring and round it and close it another opposite side of the ring.
  10. With the help of marker make some details on the minions.
  11. You minions box is ready . You can put on your study table, office desk .

How To Make Coin Purse Out of Toilet Paper Roll

Kids always follows their mother and elders. When mom took her purse kid also want to hold a purse. You have seen so manv different types of purse. Have you seen a purse which is made by tissue paper roll. Here we are going to show you how to make purse from tissue paper rolls.

Material Required – Tissue paper roll, wrapping paper , glue, scissors, spring press stud, pins.


  1. Take a tissue paper roll place it on the piece of cardboard and draw 2 circles. Cut this circles. Cover this circles with printed paper.
  2. Take 2 tissue paper roll and cut the one side of the roll and make it open. From one open roll cut one small strip.
  3. Arrange both the rolls together and fix it with glue make sure the smaller tissue paper roll should be upper part of the purse. Cut the edges into round shape. This portion is front side of the purse.
  4. Stitch one part of the pressed button at the centre of the bottom of flap.
  5. Apply glue on the whole outer surface of paper roll and stick the printed paper on it press the paper carefully. Fold the excess part inside the roll.
  6. Now stitch the other part of pressed button on the other part of purse. Cover the inside part of the purse with coloured paper .
  7. Stick both the circles (step 1) in opposite direction of the roll to covered the space. Apply glue properly.
  8. Put one ribbon at the centre of the flap and your purse is ready .
  9. You can put your coins and notes.

Recycle Idea Using An Tissue Roll

Its always difficult to put natural flowers at home daily. But what you think if you get a flower with dim little . For decoration it is a very beautiful thing. This tutorial show you how you can make lotus flower with dim light by tissue paper rolls.

Material Required – Tissue paper rolls, pen, scissors, glue, Acrylic colours or paint.


  1. Take tissue paper rolls and cut from one side of the roll and make it open. Do the same with other rolls.
  2. Take this open paper roll and trace the petal shapes on it . Cut this petals shapes carefully. Make the petals as per your need.
  3. Paint all the petals with white colour. for making layers in the flower you can paint some petals with the light colour, some petals paint white little darker, some petals are painted with dark shade of colour. This is all depend on your choice. Let it dry.
  4. Take a empty glass jar, apply some glue on it and stick the petals around the jar. Make sure you should start at the top of the jar does not start from cap . Start with lighter colour petals.
  5. Do the same procedure upto the bottom part of the jar . Apply glue and stick the petals carefully.
  6. Here your lotus flower is ready. Put some led light in the jar or you can place the jar as it is.

How To Make Indian Tricolor Pen Holder

Tricolour mostly used as a flag. But can we use the tricolour in different way. It can be also treat as decoration purpose. This tutorial show you how can we make a pen holder with tissue paper roll in Indian tricolours.

Material Required – card stock 30CM× 3 CM(Orange, white, green), Tissue paper roll, fevicol, scissors.


  1. Take strips of orange, white, green colour paper, measuring 30CM×3CM.
  2. Place orange strip and stick the white strip at the bottom of the orange strip. Apply some glue at the bottom of white strip and stick the green colour strip on it
  3. Take a tissue paper roll and stick the circle shaped paper to it. It form a base to the holder.
  4. Stick the flag card stock to the tissue paper roll with the help of glue.
  5. Stick one quilling flower at the centre of the tricolor pen holder.
  6. Your tricolor pen holder is ready you can place this in your cabin or office desk.

So, we can make so many things with waste materials . Try to make some new, creative things and share with us. Thank you for visiting K4 Craft. Happy crafting !!!!.

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