Recycle like a Pro on This Earth Day

Recycle like a Pro: It was in the year 1969 when the Earth day was first convened. The event for this important to take shape was the UNESCO conference in San Francisco in the year 1969. The day first proposed to celebrate the Earth as our home was chosen to 21 March in the wake that it is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. The bloom of life and the burst of colours in the spring made this day a very viable option to be chosen as the Earth Day. But later in 1970 the US Senator Gaylord Nelson chose a different day that is April 22 as an environment teach-in day. That is when the day is celebrated till date.

So we all understand the value of our Mother Earth but do our children value the planet as much? This is a big question and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We need to make the new generation of the present hazards and how to make this a place a better one to live in because we only have this planet to live in. We cannot snatch things from our progeny by being selfish, it is solely our duty to pass on this beautiful planet as we inherited from our ancestors. So that is so for our children. We should try our best to maintain the quality of life on  this beautiful planet and the only way that can be accomplished is by caring for the planet. Reuse, Recycle and Reduce are the 3 R’s to be followed by everyone to save our Mother Earth.

Clothes Recycling : Old Clothes Reuse Ideas

We all have lots of unused old clothes at home and we always try to find ways to dump them. What if you can make something beautiful out of those old unused clothes. They might turn into a masterpiece or even a beautiful pencil holder, a foot mat and other things. A very big requirement in the house is afoot mat, and by controlling its size we can even make it as a table mat or even a mug mat. A denim storage cabin is also something which can be accomplished from the old unused denims. All we need is old clothes, scissors, needles, thread, glue gun, zippers and some embellishing material. So just get ready to empty your old stacked clothes and turn them into beauty. Lookout this video for exact representation and method. Just go on and save the Earth in  a fun way.

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CAUTION: All the needlework must be done under parental supervision.

Best Out of Waste : Amazing Recycling Ideas

We all love to eat ice creams, so why not use ice cream sticks in an innovative way. We can easily make coasters out of used ice cream sticks. Because otherwise all that is done to them is being dumped in the dustbin and that only adds up to the pressure on the Earth. That is actually very much painful and grieving. We can make a very playful stationary holder from an old tissue roll. It is fun making as well as useful thing to be made. Make a beautiful purse out of old unused stuff which keeps lying idle in the house. That might turn into a beautiful purse which can carry your essentials wherever you go. Make Halloween candle stands using just some old boxes, paint and most obviously some candles. This will help you reduce costs of your Halloween preparation as well as helps you care for the Mother Earth. For the procedure watch this video. Enjoy the new artworks that you and your child make.

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Recycle Old Newspapers

We all read newspapers but have we ever thought about recycling them. Things can be made to look beautiful by using newspapers. We can wrap books with newspapers or make something entirely different out of the old newspaper sheets. One such example is this storage box which looks so beautiful and is absolutely fun to make. The cutters must be handled carefully.

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Newspaper DIYs & Hacks

Using more of newspapers. We can even design our photo frames using newspapers. Make beautiful crumpled flowers using newspapers. All you need is newspapers, paints, thread and buttons. They just look so beautiful and can be used to beautify your room or the notice board or nay other place. Make beautiful greeting cards using the painted newspaper crafts. Make beautiful leaf buntings using newspapers. You may even beautify a scrap book using newspaper ideas given in here.

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We have been through many of the ideas but the main motive behind all this is saving our Mother Earth from the harm being meted out. We must instill in our children a feeling of responsibility towards the planet and love for the pace we live in. On this Earth Day I wish that we will be able to move a step ahead towards sustainable growth and a beautiful planet.

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